Person:William Gilmore (17)

William Gilmore
b.abt. 1724 Northern Ireland
d.aft. 1776
m. 11 JAN 1721/22
  1. James Gilmore, of Borden Tract and Rockbridge County, VAAbt 1722 - bef 1783
  2. John GilmoreABT 1723 - BET 1781
  3. William Gilmoreabt 1724 - aft 1776
  4. Thomas Gilmoreabt 1725 - 1763
  5. Isabella Gilmoreabt 1730/31 - 1793
  6. Agnes Gilmoreabt 1731 -
  1. Nancy Gilmore1763 - 1832
  2. William Morgan Gilmer1767 -
Facts and Events
Name William Gilmore
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt. 1724 Northern Ireland
Death[1] aft. 1776

William Gilmore was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 34.—16th May, 1758. John Gilmor. Sr., and Agness ( ) to Wm. Gilmore, yeoman, £10, 350 acres on Tees Creek in Fork of James, part of the tract John now lives on containing 500 acres. Teste: Wm. McKemey, Jno. Gilmer. Sent to Wm. Gilmore. May, 1769. (Note: this transaction from John Gilmore to his son William seems to have been handled after the death of John Gilmore, Sr.)

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records: (unless otherwise listed)

  • Page 280.--20th September, 1763. William Gilmore's bond (with Jas. Gilmore, Alex. Dale) as administrator of Wm. Culberts.
  • [Before] 15 Nov 1764, the list of returned prisoners included Elizabeth Gilmore, Elizabeth Gilmore, Jr.[her daughter, "Nancy"] and a John Gilmore, who were released by the Shawnee Indians. Elizabeth was the wife of William Gilmore. In some records, William is reported as having ransomed his wife and daughter.
  • Page 435.--21st October, 1765. Sale bill recorded of William Culberts, by Wm. Gilmore, administrator, to, viz: Mary Brown, Margaret McCown, Patrick Denny, Andw. Fitzpatrick, Mary Boyls, Mary Ann Crawford, Jas. Logan, Wm. McCanless, David Guin, Jane Scot, Wm. Ooley, Jno. Selone, Jas. McCampbell, Richard McGee, Jean Muldrach, Alex. Dale, Chas. Boyles. Paid William Naper, Jannet Gilmore, Samuel Norwood, Blakeley Brush, Isabell Summers, Elizabeth Woods, Mary McCown, Sarah Davis, John Hays, Cryer of Vendue; James McNabb.
  • Virginia Gazette, Rind, May 11, 1769, Publisher: Rind Pg 4, Col 1 - Augusta County, Virginia March 24th 1769 "WILLIAM CULBERTSON late of this county, who was killed the late Indian War, which was in the year 1763, being then indebted to me, and I being allowed to admniffter on his effate, this is to inform this relations, or heirs, if any there be, that there is excis of his effate in my hands than is fufficient to ditcharge my debts. (signed) William Gilmore."
  • August 1774 Augusta Co Records: Wm. Gilmore and Alex. Brownlee qualified Constables. Robert Curry qualified Captain of Militia.
  • [abt. 1774] - William and John Gilmore to be surveyors of road from head of Carr's Creek to North River--new road established.
  • Washington Co. 1778 - William Gilmore Appointed commissioner to locate road from north side of Clinch Mountain. . . to James Logan's. . . . Russell Co. VA Deed Book 1, pp 157-160: William was acquiring land as early as 1756 (F. Strampe]

Information on William Gilmore

From post:

From: <> Subject: Re: Nancy GILMORE - Albemarle Co., VA Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 07:50:39 EDT

William Gilmore born about 1724 was the son of John and Agnes Gilmore. John married Elizabeth Anderson, daughter of Isaac and Martha Anderson. They resided in Lexington (Rockbridge County) Virginia on Kerr Creek. Elizabeth and her daughter, Nancy, were captured by Indians in a massacre in 1763 at Kerr Creek and later redeemed. In 1776 William and Elizabeth sold their land in Rockbridge (then Augusta County). They were in Washington County, VA by 1778 when William was appointed one of the commissioners to locate a ro from the north side of Clinch Mtn in Washington County.

William and Elizabeth had two children, Nancy Gilmore b. 1763 d. 1832 married John Cowan and William Morgan Gilmer 1767-1841 m. 1) Martha Edmiston; m. 2) Elizabeth Wright; and William m. 3) Elizabeth Necessary.

I have no information on Nancy and John Cowan but would like to know their children.

Freda Strampe

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    4. William2 Gilmore (John1)25 was born ca. 1724, and died Aft. 1776. He married Elizabeth Anderson, daughter of Isaac Anderson and Martha Anderson.