Person:Thomas Maxwell (30)

Thomas Maxwell
m. 1723
  1. John MaxwellAbt 1723 - Bef 1798
  2. Virginia Maxwell1726 -
  3. Bazaleel Maxwell1727 - bef 1808
  4. Robert Maxwell1731 -
  5. William Maxwell
  6. James Maxwell - bef 1819
  7. Edward Maxwell1744 - 1828
  8. Thomas Maxwell1746 - aft 1795
  9. Anna Maxwell1762 -
  10. David Maxwell - 1794
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Maxwell
Gender Male
Birth? 28 Feb 1746 Albemarle, Virginia, United States
Death[1] aft 7 October 1795 Madison, Kentucky, United States


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Source:Maxwell History:474


From Source:Maxwell History:474 with slight paragraphreformatting to improve clarity.

Thomas Maxwell (son of Bezaleel and Rebecca (Boyd) Maxwell. See Virginia records) d. 1795 in Madison County, Kentucky. He emigrated from Albemarle County, Virginia, to southwest Vir- ginia. After a few years he moved to the Province of Hardin. He served under Shelby against the Indians and British before and after he settled in what is now Madison County, Kentucky, and gave freely of his time and money for the building of forts and homes for the protection of the less fortunate settlers against the Indians. He was one of the foremost founders of the first schools and churches of that locality.

The Paintlick Presbyterian Church was organized in 1784. with Thomas Maxwell an elder. In 1790 Silver Creek Church was organized, with Mr. Maxwell a member and one of the first elders. These two churches are seven miles apart. A call from Silver Creek (a Kentucky settlement from Virginia) to Cary Allen in 1792, signed by Thos. Maxwell, Woods Mackey, Hender- son, Cochran, Young and Dickey.

His will is dated October 7, 1795, Madison County, Kentucky.
Wife Agnes, one-third
eldest son, Bezaleel, dwelling, my plantation of two hundred acres;
to son Thomas, two hundred acres bought of William Anderson;
to son Robert, one hundred acres;
daughter, Anna Maxwell, a horse;
to my three daughters,
Mary Terrell,
Rebecca Schot and
Anna Maxwell, two hundred acres of land;
wife Agnes, eldest son BezaIeel and Major Edmund Terrell, executors.
Test: James Partin, William Morrison and James Denver.
January 5, 1796. [Presumed probate date]. December 23, 1811. A quit claim deed from Agnes Maxwell, widow of Thomas Maxwell, of her dower in the lands of Thomas Maxwell to Bezaleel Maxwell. He married Agnes, who died 3-8-1812.


  1. Source:Maxwell History:474; will written 7 October 1795. Estate was probated January 5, 1796, fixing date of death as between 7 Oct 1795 and 5 Jan 1796.