Person:Thomas Gordon (22)

Thomas Gordon, of Beverley Manor, Muddy and Linville's Creek, Augusta County, VA
  • HThomas Gordon, of Beverley Manor, Muddy and Linville's Creek, Augusta County, VAAbt 1719 -
  • WSarah Poage1723 - 1770
m. 1739
  1. Jean Gordon1739 - 1814
  2. John Gordon1740 - 1782
  3. Gresil 'Gracy Ann' Gordon1741 - 1840
  4. George Gordon1743 - Aft 1791
  5. Martha 'Mattie' Gordon1744 -
  6. Sarah Gordon1746 - aft 1801
  7. Margaret Gordon1748 -
  8. Mary GordonBef 1748 -
  9. Thomas Gordon1752 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Gordon, of Beverley Manor, Muddy and Linville's Creek, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt. 1719 of Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 1739 Augusta County, Virginiato Sarah Poage

Thomas Gordon was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Thomas Gordon's land (Beverley Manor NE, 265 acres, acquired from Robert Poage in 1743) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pages 403-406. 4-5 April 1743. Robert Poage of Augusta County, farmer, to Thomas Gordon of same, farmer. Lease and release; for ₤10 current money. 265 acres being part of the Mannor of Beverley... at the foot of high hills on the south side of Lewis's Creek... in Robert King's line... to Jno. Smith's corner... Robt. Poage. Wit: James Trimble, John Hogshead, John Hart. 25 Aug. 1743. Acknowledged by Robert Poage. [Orange County Deed Book 7, pg. 63].

Other Land Acquisitions:

  • Page 89 - Land Survey, Thomas Gorden, 32 acres, Muddy Creek. Adjoining Shanklin, Gilmores. December 15, 1790. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 127].

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 121.--Daniel Stringer and Elizabeth, his wife, 21st November, 1753 to Thomas Gorden, 278 acres. Line of James Wood's land on west side of a branch of Muddy Creek. Daniel (his mark) Stringer. Eliza (her mark) Stringer.
  • Page 91.--10th April, 1755. Jacob Green, farmer, and Sarah ( ) Green to Thomas Gorden, farmer, £22, 165 acres on head springs of Linwell's Mill Cerek. Teste: Ephraim Love, Thomas Shanklan, Isaiah Shipman. "Sent by P. Grant, August, 1760."
  • Page 451.--14th June, 1757. John Taylor and Esther ( ) to Thomas Gordon, £20, 120 acres cor. Wood's and Green's land on head Muddy Creek; cor. Jno. O'Neal's land. Teste: Geo. Bigham, Elijah Clery. Delivered: Thos. Gordon, April, 1771.
  • Vol. 1 - 130 acres in "Cooks Creek" patented to Thomas Gordon, 19th August, 1758, (Rockingham County Court, 12th September, 1801, as listed below)
  • Page 354.--21st June, 1763. Jacob Gum and Sarah to Thomas Gordon, £20, 165 acres patented to Jacob. 16th August, 1756, on head spring of Linville's Creek. Teste: Ephraim Love, James Green, John Hopkins.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 142.--22d May, 1755. Thomas Gorden and Sarah, to Rev. Jno. Craig, £125, 265 acres in Beverley Manor on So. Side Lewis Creek; Robert King's line; John Smith's corner. Delivered George Craig, 6th March, 1788.

Processioning Lists of 1755 & 1760

"Processioning" was the process or periodically reviewing and agreeing upon property lines between settlers. Processioning Lists can be useful in determining the area of a settler and the neighboring settlers at a specific time period:
  • Page 150.--1755: Thos. Moore and David Robson processioned as follows, viz: For Adam Reader, present Arnold Custard, Alex. Painter; for Adam Burd; for Nicholas Cane, present his son, Daniel Cane; for John Miller; for Wm. Pickins; for Jno. Porting; for Wm. Caslberry; for Wm. Hopkins, present Thos. Shanklin; for Francis Green; for Thomas Gordon; for James Beggs, present Uriah Humble; for Jacob Bare; for Jacob Trumbo, present Amrode Lamb; for Rees Thomas, present Jno. Thomas; for John Bare; for Thomas Moore, present Francis Hieghl; for David Robson.
  • Page 295.--1760: Processioned by John Hopkins, David Ralston, in Capt. Ephraim Love's Company: For Thomas Gordon, for Francis Green, for Jeremiah Harrison, for Daniel Love, for Daniel Callkin, for Robert Cravens, for Thos. Harrison, for Ephraim Love, for Widow Johnston, for Alex. Herring, for Edward Shankling, for Widow Logan, for William Logan, for John Cravens, for Widow McDonel, for Joseph Cravens, for Wm. Hopkins, for John Hopkins, for Thomas Shankling, for Alex. Miller, for Mathew Black, for Thos. Campbell, for Daniel Harrison, for Daniel Harrison, Jr., for Samuel Harrison, for Robert Harrison, for Pat. Guin, for Wm. Snoding, for John Fowler, for David Nelson, for Samuel Briges, for John McGill, for Christopher Thompson, for John Wright, for Archibald Hopkins.

Records of Thomas Gordon in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - Muster List of 1742, No. 1 - Captain John Smith's List: John Smith, Captain; John Moffet, Lieutenant; William Anderson, Ensign; Daniel Daniston, Sergeant; Sam Hogshead, John Hogshead, Will Hogshead, Dan. McAnear, Math. Edmeston, John Finley, Walter Trimble, John Francis, Robert Ralston, John Young, Alex. Blair, Alex. Craig, Thomas Gillespy, And. Erwine, Benj. Erwine, John Erwine, Edw. Erwine, John Trimble, James Trimble, Rob. Moffett, James Wright, Rob. King, Jam. Armstrong, John Pattison, Jas. Lesley, Felix Kanady, Thomas Gordon, And. Mitchell, Jas. Robertson, Gabrl. Pickins, Rob. Leeper, Sam. Moore, John Miller, James Miller, Patr. Quine, Mat. Armstrong, John Ramsey, Dan. Daniston, Sam Northward, Rob. Renick, John Archer, Sampn. Archer, Jam.'s Sayers, Thos. McCulough, George Anderson, John Anderson, Rob. Poage, Rob. Patterson, Jas. Craford, Will Baskins.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 1.--On __ _____, 1746, Commission from Gooch to the Sheriff to Elect Twelve of the most able men of the Parish to be sworn a Vestry, the Sheriff caused to come to the Court House all the Freeholders and Housekeepers, who elected James Patton, John (S) Buchanan, John Madison, Patrick Hayes, John Christian, John Buchanan, Robert Alexander, Thomas Gordon, James Lockhart, John Archer, John Mathews, John Smith, who qualify.
  • Page 265.--21st May, 1747. Benj. Borden, &c., to Nathaniel McClure (sold in testator's lifetime); 180 acres, £5.7.6, part of 92,100 acres patented, &c., on North River, Worm Run; corner to Moses McClure, on east branch of Mill Creek. Teste: Jno. Bramham, Jr.; Thos. Gordon, John Finley. Acknowledged, 21st May, 1747.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 19, 1747. - (248) John Pickens and Wm. Bell to be overseers of the road (see p. 239 above) from Co. Ho. to Picken's Mill, with these tithables: Wm. Lewis, James Robertson, Thomas Gordon, Wm. Baskins, James Lasley, James Wallis, Danl. Deniston, Daniel Deniston, Jr., William Bell, Jr., John Poge, Geo. Crawford.
  • Page 74.--21st September, 1748. Isaac McCullagh to John Coulter, 230 acres in Beverley Manor; corner ye Christians, James Caldwell, John Davidson. Teste: Wm. Henderson, Thos. Gordon, Margaret, wife of Isaac.
  • Page 505.--27th February, 1749. Deed for the Glebe. Robert Campbell, Gent., to James Lockhart and John Madison, Church Wardens, and the other vestrymen, viz: James Patton, John Buchanan, Patrick Hays, John Christian, John Buchanan, Robert Alexander, Thomas Gordon, John Archer, John Mathews, John Smith, 200 acres in Beverley Manor. Corner James Clarke. 350 acres conveyed to Robert by Beverley, 24th July, 1740. Teste: Patrick Cook, John Risk, Matthew Wilson, Nathan Patterson, Samuel Walker.
  • Page 349.--18th May, 1751. James Crawford's appraisement, by Robt. Poage, Thomas Gordon, Saml. Henderson, John Anderson.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 27, 1751. - (202) Grand Jury--James Trimble, James Caldwell, Wm. Baskins, Wm. Henderson, Robert Patterson, Alexr. Thompson, Andrew Russell, Mathew Armstrong, Archibald Hamilton, Thos. Gordon, Wm. Bell, James Robinson, Patrick McCullow, James Callison, Alexr. McFeeters, Thomas Waters.
  • Vol. 1 - 1751-1752 - Certificate of Patrick Crawford that he is willing that John Poage shall get license to marry his sister, Mary Crawford, 30th May, 1751. Thomas Gordon. Rebekah Gordon.
  • Page 527.--Rev. John Craig and Isabella Hellena to John Crawford, 1753, Craig's Creek. Teste: Thomas Gordon and Wm. Basken. Delivered: Wm. Ritchey, 7th April, 1778.
  • Page 7.--27th November, 1753. Robert Breckinridge's bond as sheriff with sureties Robt. McClenachan, Thos. Gorden.
  • Page 198.--18th August, 1757. John O'Neal's appraisement by Ephraim Love, Thomas Gordon, Daniel Love.
  • Page 233.--20th November, 1758: Vestry met: Thomas Gordon resigns and Col. John Smith elected.
  • Page 333.--21st November, 1759. William Stephenson's appraisement, by John Malkem, Thos. Gordon, Ephraim Love.
  • Page 289.--26th November, 1759. Mathew Campbell to Adam Stephenson, £27.10.0, 250 acres on North Branch of South River, Shanando. Teste: Abraham Smith, Thos. Gordon, Ephraim Love, Wm. Cravens.
  • Page 418.--__ _____, 1760. Anthony Strother and Mary, of Spottsylvania, to Randal Lockhart, £325, 552 acres purchased by Anthony of John Pickens, 22d March, 1753, beginning at patent Thomas Gordon's, now Rev. Jno. Craig's on Lewis Creek, Wm. Baskin's lines. Delivered: Randal Lockhart, August, 1762.
  • Page 10.--29th March, 1762. Thomas Neal (O'Neal, Peel) to John Hamilton, £30, tract between Thomas Gordon and John Megery that John Neel formerly lived on, now the property of Thomas Neal, his only son. Mortgage.
  • Page 15.--20th August, 1762. Randal Lockhart to Sampson and George Mathews, merchants, £410, 550 acres purchased by Randal of Anthony Strother, 1760; cor. Thos. Gordon, now Pey. John Craig's; cor. on Lewis' Creek; cor. land sold by John Pickens to William Baskins.
  • Vol. 2 - 1766--Supernumeraries: Thomas Gordon, 2.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 24, 1767. (468) Ordered that Thos. Lewis, Thos. Gorden and Abraham Smith lay off dower of Margaret Gregg, late widow of Arthur Johnston, deceased, in 237 acres of her late husband.
  • Vol. 2 - 1766--Supernumeraries: Thos. Shanklin, 1; John Deniston, 2; James Bruister, 1; Perunia Regen, 1; John Taylor, 1; Chas. Powers, 1; Aaron Hughs, 1; Martin Shoemaker, 1; Thomas Gordon, 2; John Barley, 1; Philip Crites, 1; Geo. Conrod, 1; John Shanklin, 1; Adam Raeburn, 1; James Crawford, 1; Mich'l Shorley, 1; John Black, 1; Joel Robinson, 1; Thos. Frames, 1; Mich'l Mildeberger, 1; Thos. Hutcheson, 1; Ephraim Love, 3; Mark Rigs, 1; Charles Parsons, 1; Andrew Bushong, 1; David Keal, 1; Francis Hughes, 1; Henry Shoemaker, 1; John Stalp, 1; Sam Nicholas, 1; Wm. Lewis, 1; Jno. Slavin, 1; Boslin Nosier, 1; John Hopkins, 2; James Bell, 2; Geo. Shoemaker, 1; Geo. Jordan, 1; Adam Kelvie, 1; Edw'd Beard, 2; John Stephenson, 5; Petter Assomsis, 1.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 22, 1768. - (444) John Shanklin, Charles Callachan, John Hopkins--to view road from Thomas Gordon's to Aaron Oliver's.
  • Page 475.--16th August, 1769: John Boyd, son to _____ Boyd, bound to Thomas Gordon.
  • Page 301.--15th April, 1774. Thomas Shankland's (his mark) will, farmer--To wife, Eleanor, tract adjoining Thomas Gordon; to grandchildren, viz: Of son Robert's children, viz: Thomas, William, Robert, son John, son _____; son Thomas' son Thomas; to oldest son, Robert. Executors, sons Robert and John. Teste: William and Archibald Hopkins, George Baxter. Proved, 17th January, 1775, by Archd. Hopkins and Baxter. Executors qualify with Archd. Hopkins, Geo. Baxter.
  • Vol. 1 - Rockingham County, 12th September, 1801. By order of Rockingham County Court, surveyed for Benjamin Harrison, 1,129 1/2 acres on both sides of Cook's Creek (including the spring of the main branch of said creek), including the ten following tracts, viz: 83 1/2 acres, part of 100 acres, part of 1,264 acres, patented, 26th March, 1739, to McKay, Hite, Duff and Green, and conveyed by deeds, 18th June, 1749, to Robert McKay, Jost. Hyte, Robert Green, and Robert Green, sole heir of the will of William Duff to Samuel Wilkins, and by him to Daniel Harrison, 27th February, 1749; ____ acres patented to ____ Harrison, 25th September, 1746; ____ acres patented to Daniel Harrison, 10th September, 1755. These three tracts willed by Daniel Harrison to said Benjamin Harrison by will, 8th June, 1767. 165 acres patented to John Edwards, 20th September, 1768, and by him willed to Benjamin Harrison, 31st October, 1775. 130 acres patented to Thomas Gordon, 19th August, 1758, and by him deeded to Benjamin, 20 January, 1793. 32 1/2 acres, new survey, dated 21st February, 1801, as assignee of Alexander Herring, of George Lang, Jr., of George Picket, part of said Picket's warrant for 3,000 acres, dated 13th August, 1763. 38 3/4 acres, a new survey, dated 21st February, 1801, for 16 acres as assignee of Alexander Herring, of William Russell, part of said Russell's warrant for 1,000 acres, dated 13th February, 1782, and for 23 3/4 acres as assignee of Jacob Bare, part of his warrant for 1,000 acres, dated 27th June, 1783. 16 1/2 acres, a new survey, as to 11 1/2 acres, assignee of John Harrison, part of his exchange warrant for 750 acres, dated 29th May, 1800. One acre, new survey, by warrant for 3,000 acres, dated 13th August, 1783, assignee of Alexander Herring, of George Lang, Jr., of George Picket. 421 acres, new survey, dated 20th March, 1801, by these warrants, for 50 acres he is assignee of Alexander Herring, of William Oliver, of William Russell, part of his warrant, 13th August, 1783; for 371 acres he is assignee of John Harrison, part of his warrant, 8th May, 1800. 41 acres surplus bond by warrants, viz: For 29 acres he is assignee of John Harrison, part of his warrant for 752 acres, dated 8th May, 1801. For 12 acres he is assignee of Alexander Herring, of George Lang, Jr., of George Pickett, part of his warrant for 3,000 acres, dated 13th August, 1783. Of the whole, plat and metes and bounds.

Information on Thomas Gordon

Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

Husband's Name

Thomas GORDON (AFN:KBW9-2M)    

Born:  Abt 1719  Place:  , Augusta, VA 
Died:    Place:  Rockingham Co., Virginia 
Married:  1739  Place:  , , Augusta County, Virginia 


Wife's Name

Sarah POAGE (AFN:KBW9-HV)    

Born:  1723  Place:  Of, Augusta Co., VA 
Died:  1770  Place:  Rockingham Co., Virginia 
Married:  1739  Place:  , , Augusta County, Virginia 

Father:  Robert POAGE (AFN:KBW9-FJ)    
Mother:  Elizabeth PRESTON (AFN:KBW9-GP)   


1. Sex Name

F  Mary GORDON (AFN:9731-53)    

Born:  1750   Place:  Augusta Co., Virginia  

2. Sex Name

M  John GORDON (AFN:KBW9-55)    

Born:  1740   Place:   
Christened:  2 Nov 1740   Place:  Tinkling Springs, Augusta Co., Va., Rev. J. Craig  
Died:  19 Aug 1782   Place:  Poss.Licking Cr., Kentucky, (Poss. Indians, Aug.19, 1782?  

3. Sex Name

M  George GORDON (AFN:KBWB-7M)    

Born:  1743   Place:  Augusta Co., Virginia  
Died:    Place:  To Leave State, Fr Botetourt Co., March 10, 1791  

4. Sex Name

F  Martha GORDON (AFN:KBW9-8N)    

Born:  1744   Place:  Augusta Co., Virginia  
Christened:  10 Mar 1744   Place:  Tinkling Springs, Augusta Co., Virginia, Rev. J. Craig  

5. Sex Name

F  Gracy Ann GORDON (AFN:KBWB-6G)    

Born:  1741   Place:  <Augusta Co., Virginia>  
Christened:  30 Aug 1741   Place:  , Augusta, VA  
Died:  13 Jan 1840   Place:   

6. Sex Name

F  Sarah GORDON (AFN:KBW9-9T)    

Born:  1746   Place:  Augusta Co., Virginia  
Christened:  23 Mar 1746   Place:  Tinkling Springs, Augusta Co., Virginia, Rev. J. Craig  
Died:  10 Mar 1806   Place:  Augusta Co., Virginia  

7. Sex Name

F  Margaret GORDON (AFN:KBW9-B1)    

Born:  1748   Place:  Augusta Co., Virginia  
Christened:  3 Apr 1748   Place:  Tinkling Springs, Augusta Co., Virginia  

8. Sex Name

M  Thomas GORDON (AFN:KBWB-CB)    

Born:  1752   Place:  Augusta Co., Virginia  
Died:  2 Apr 1814   Place:  Muddy Creek, Augusta Co., Virginia  

9. Sex Name

F  Gresil (Gracy Ann) GORDON (AFN:KW85-QQ)    

Born:  1741   Place:  Augusta Co., Virginia  
Christened:  30 Aug 1741   Place:  Tinkling Springs, Augusta Co., Virginia, Rev. J. Craig  

10. Sex Name

F  Jean GORDON (AFN:KBW9-VR)    

Born:  1739   Place:  , Rockingham, VA  
Died:  28 Aug 1814   Place:  Rockingham Co., Virginia
  1. IGI Record.