Person:John Gordon (74)

Facts and Events
Name John Gordon
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1740 Tinkling Spring, Augusta County, Virginia
Baptism[1] 2 NOV 1740 Tinkling Spring Church, Augusta County, Virginia
Death? 19 Aug 1782 Possibly killed by Indians at Licking Creek, Kentucky

John Gordon was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land in Augusta County:

  • Page 118 - Land Survey for John Gordon, 318 acres, Muddy Creek. Adjoining Thomas Shanklin, Archibald Hopkins, James Woods, and his own land. NOvember 25, 1768. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 43].

Records of John Gordon in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 57.--19th November, 1770. James Green and Mary ( ) to Benjamin Kinley, £80, 260 acres on a branch of Muddy Creek, near John O'Neal's lands. Harrison's lands. Teste: John Hinton, Michael Waren. John Gordon. Delivered: Benj. Kinley, 21st September, 1771.
  • Page 443.--17th June, 1771. Ephraim Love to John Hopkins, on head branches of Muddy Creek, part of tract whereon said Love now lives. Teste: Silas Hart, Daniel Smith, Jno. Grattan, Jno. Steed, Jno. Gorden.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1787--February 1, James McLaughlin and John Moore, surety. James McLaughlin and Elizabeth Woolwine, daughter of Elizabeth Wolvine (consent). Teste: G. Cordell, John Gorden.
  • Page 183.--4th January, 1788. Robert Jones and William Forbes to John Phillips, patent to John, 5th July, 1774. Teste: Robert Stuart, George Moore, John Patterson, John Gorden, Peter Eagle.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1788--September 20, Ralph Wandless and John Clayton, John Gorden, sureties. Ralph Wandless and Crissey Nickoles, daughter of Levan Nickoles (consent). Teste: Nicholas Doucy (Doncy?), John White.
  • Vol. 3 - Page 403.--9th January, 1790. Organization of Staunton Fire Company. W. Bowyer, Michael Bowyer, Alex. St. Clair, Ro. Gamble, James Lyle, Jr., Robert Stuart, Daniel Donovan, A. Stuart, Wm. Abney, R. Douthat, W. Chambers, Jno. and Samuel Boys, P. Heiskell, Jacob Peck, Ro. McDowell, Michael Garber, Michael Sifort, Jacob Geiger, Adam Bickle, James Megongal, A. Waterman, Robert McCullough, J. Holmes for Robert Astrop, Joseph Dickey, John Gorden, Michael Garber, Jr., A. Mustoe, Alex. Humphreys, Geo. Harden, Jno. Fleiger, Sol. Wolfort, Jno. Price, Hugh McDowell, Wm. Forbes, Jno. ( ) Moore, Margt. Reed, Wm. Sharyer, Andrew Cutler, Jno. Gunn, Wm. McDowell, North and Mathews, Alex. Nelson, Jr., Jno. Bosang, Chr. Grove, James McLoughlin, Jno. ( ) Gates, Smith Thompson, Francis Huff, Michael Cawley, Christian Mummer, Nicholas Faulkler, Samuel Merrit, Daniel Kidd, Jno. Tennant, Geo. Weifford, Isaac Ong, Charles Hedrick, Joshua Parry, Henry, Spering, Anthony ( ) Ingleton, Jno. Backenst, James Kenner.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1792--January 3, James Johnson and Isabella Jenkins; surety, John Gorden.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1795--August 14, John Coruthers and John Gordan, surety. John Coruthers and Mary Elliott (of age), daughter of Wm. Elliott, deceased.
  • Vol. 3 - Page 339.--17th July, 1798. Subscribers form themselves into a fire company--James Edmonson, Wm. Breckinridge, J. Bowyer, Michael Garber, Sr.; Peter Elliott, Joseph Dickey, John Gorden, Robt. McCullock, Geo. Grant McIntosh, John McCausland, Vincent Tapp, Abraham Teebo, Jacob Leas, Philip Hopkins, David Griener, John Moore, John Fackler, Alex. St. Clair, H. Paul, Jacob Swoope, Samuel Clarke, W. Herren, W. Chambers, Geo. Mitchell, Thos. Barry, David Parry, Joseph Cowan, Hamp Keyes, Cornelius Baldwin, Smith Thompson, John Backenstoe, Jno. Wayt, Jno. Johnston, Robt. McDowell, Jno. Wise, James McGongal, Joseph Points, Ro. B. St. Clair, Andrew Haveouf, Jno. McDowell, Jacob Kinney.
  • Vol. 2 - Susannah Smith Madison, Agatha Strother Madison, children and heirs of William Madison, deceased, by Elizabeth Madison their mother and next friend, vs. Andrew Lewis--O. S. 19; N. S. 6--Bill filed 10th March, 1800. In 1779-1780 Wm. was entitled to 1,000 acres military lands in Kentucky, called Boon's Creek or Gordon's Station. His brother, Rowland Madison, sold it without authority to John Gordon and offered to give Wm. a tract in Botetourt called Vanse's, which their father, John Madison, proposed giving them. John died about 1784. William died 1782, intestate, leaving Elizabeth, his widow, and Susannah and Agatha his only heirs. Andrew Lewis married a sister of William and Rowland. Rowland married a sister of Andrew before 1784 and lived in Kentucky, but returned and lived on Vose's. William Lewis deposes at the Mermaid Tavern in Botetourt, 28th June, that he married a sister of Rowland Madison, and Rowland married his sister. William was married early in the summer of 1787. Rowland went to Kentucky in October, 1790. Gabriel Madison deposes at Nicholasville, Ky., 19th July, 1802. Rowland died about four years ago. Gabriel was a brother of Rowland and William, and moved to Kentucky in spring of 1780. Andrew Lewis and Rowland's sister were married in 1778. Col. Hugh Crockett was very intimate with the Lewises, and a very talkative man. William Walton deposes at Mermaid Tavern on Roan Oak, Botetourt County, 28th June, 1802, that he kept the books of Andrew Lewis when Andrew had a store at the place where Mr. Sherman now resides for about two or three years and about one and one-half years, when he was in partnership with William Lewis and myself, about the latter part of which period Rowland moved to Kentucky. Copy of John Madison's will in Botetourt, dated 19th December, 1783. Col. James Barnett deposes at house of David Wade in Montgomery County, 3d February, 1802, that on an expedition against the British in spring of 1781, William Madison and deponent, expecting to go into battle the next day, stepped aside privately in the night and made their verbal wills and called upon witnesses to testify the same.
  • Vol. 2 - Thomas Berry vs. Rebecca Berry--O. S. 414; N. S. 150--Bill by Rebecca Berry of Rockingham, daughter of Henry Berry, who bought 212 acres from 213 acres from George Homrickhizer. Oratrix had brother John and brother Henry and brother Thomas. Deed was made to Thomas. In 1818 Thos. sold 20 acres to Thos. Gilmore. Henry, Sr., died 1810, intestate, leaving wife, since dead, and children, viz: Thos., Henry, Sarah McCloud; Jane, who married Jno. Gladen; John; Margaret Smith, deceased; Elizabeth McClure, deceased, leaving son Joseph McClure McKey (McChee?); oratrix. Oratrix has lived on the land 24 years. In 1827 John H. Campbell received deed from Thos. Berry. Geo. Berry deposes in Harrisonburg, June, 1828, Henry Berry was his apprentice and Henry Berry and Charles Spracher about 12 years ago. Geo. is 63 years old and Thos. Berry is five years younger. Rebecca was 20 years old when the land was bought from Humbrickhouser. At that time she had a bastard child. Witness knew Thos. Berry before he came to Virginia. George came with Henry's family. They came 10-11 years before purchase from Humbrickhouser from the Jerseys. Thos. Berry married daughter of Jno. Gordon, who deposes, Gordon with Thos. Berry is about to move to Western Country. Gordon McWilliams deposes, he was a waggoner to Fredericksburg. George Gordon had lived on the Humbrickhouser place. John Berry, son of Henry, Sr., deposes, Henry came from New Jersey, about 10 miles from Monmouth Court House; they moved to Virginia when the troops were ordered to the Whiskey Rebellion. Thomas was then about 23 years old. Jane married John McKay about 1797, and afterwards John Gladwell. Sallie McCloud moved to the West Fork of Potomac. At age 13 John Berry was put to learn blacksmith trade and went to Kentucky and was gone 6 months. Henry, Sr., died 16 years ago last April. Thomas Gordon lived in Muddy Creek in 1812.
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