Person:Susannah Woods (6)

Susannah Woods
m. 1734
  1. Jane WoodsAbt 1734 - 1812
  2. Archibald WoodsAbt 1735 -
  3. Samuel WoodsAbt 1738 - 1826
  4. David Woods1740 - 1786
  5. Elizabeth Woods1742 -
  6. John WoodsEst 1744 to 1762 -
  7. William (Baptist Billy) Woods1748 - 1819
  8. Mary WoodsEst 1748 to 1763 -
  9. Susannah Woods1751 - 1836
  10. Martha Woods1753 -
  11. Magdalena Woods1755 - 1830
  12. Ann Woods1757 -
  13. Margaret Woods1760 -
  14. Sarah WoodsAbt 1761 - 1851
m. Est 1766
  1. Susan CowanEst 1766 - 1836
  2. John Finley CowanEst 1768 - 1837
  3. David CowanEst 1770 -
  4. Andrew Cowan1772 - Abt 1840
  5. Robert Cowan1776 - 1841
  6. Dorcas CowanAbt 1778 -
  7. Samuel Cowan1780 - Abt 1851
  8. William CowanAbt 1782 -
Facts and Events
Name Susannah Woods
Gender Female
Alt Birth? Abt 1736 Abemarle County, Virginia
Birth[1] 17 Dec 1751 Albemarle, Virginia, United States
Marriage Est 1766
to Robert Cowan, of Jefferson County
Death? 1836 Franklin County, TN
Burial? near Belvidere, TN


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Analysis: Vita Summary for Susannah Woods (6)



ROBERT COWAN – Born 1746 Lunenburg County, Va.; Died after July 24, 1784, Washington County, Tenn. (then North Carolina); Revolutionary War Soldier when resident of Washington County; N.C. by 1780. He married, possibly 2nd:

SUSAN WOODS – Born 1751 or 1761 Albermarle County, VA; Died 1836 Franklin County, Tenn.; Buried near Belvidere, Tenn.; Daughter of Anne and Michael Woods. After Robert Cowan’s death, Susan Woods Cowan married 2nd Samuel Handly. Robert Cowan and Susan Woods Cowan had, among others:

ROBERT COWAN – Born Feb. 26, 1776; Died Sept. 14, 1841; Buried Goshen Church Cemetery. Settled Franklin County early 1800’s. Filed occupant claim for 200 acres in 1807. Served in War of 1812 (Creek War). He married in 1797:

Some sources claim that Susannah Woods was born on 12/17/1751, which if true, she could NOT have been the mother of John, Andrew and David S. Cowan. Perhaps Robert Cowan had a previous marriage? More research is necessary.

Information on the dis-information on this Susannah Woods:

From: "jane vining" Subject: [COWAN-L] Susan Cowan, dau. of Robt. Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 16:01:29 -0000

There has been alot of incorrect information on Susan/Susannah Cowan, the daughter of Robert Cowan and Susannah Woods.

Some people have been saying that Susannah Woods married Samuel Handly after Robert Cowan died. That isn't true. Robert and Susannah's daughter, Susan/Susannah married Samuel Handly.

I am descended from John Handley, the son of Samuel Carroll Handley and Susan Cowan. Their son, John, was their second child, who was born Feb. 22, 1786. The last land deed that was recorded for Robert Cowan in Washington County, TN was on October 26, 1789, meaning Robert Cowan was still alive that day, 2 years and 8 months after Samuel Handley's son is born. So, if Robert Cowan was still alive, why would his wife, marry and have children by Samuel Handley if her husband was still alive. !!!! She wouldn't have. The Susan Cowan Samuel married was the daughter of Susannah Woods Cowan.

John Handly, son of Susan Cowan and grandson of Robert Cowan and Susannah Woods married his first cousin, Nancy Cowan, daughter of Major John Cowan and Agnes Martin.

Tombstones of John Handley and wife Nancy Cowan in Woods-Handly Cemetery, (private property) Belvidere, Franklin County, TN

In Memory of In Memory of Nancy John Handly Wife of John Handly Born Feb 22 1786 May 22, 1794 Died Aug 9 1855 Aug 6, 1854 Age 69yrs 5 mo. 18 D

Also, someone has on their website that Robert and Susannah's dau. was married to a man named Wm. H. Montgomery and she died in Illinois ! Not True. She died in Franklin County, TN.

Her Tombstone is located in the Woods-Handley Cemetery (on private property) in Belvidere, Franklin County, TN.

In Memory of Susan Wife of Samuel Handley Born Dec. 1761 Died Dec. 1836

According to the Franklin County, TN Historical Society, Susan wife of Samuel Handly was the daughter of Robert Cowan and Susannah Woods and sister to Major John Cowan. The information that Major John Cowan is the brother-in-law of Samuel Handly is written in several accounts about Samuel Handly's capture and torture by the Cherokee Indians. He was allowed to write an asked that his brother-in-law, John Cowan bring money to buy him from the Cherokees.

I proved my lineage to both Samuel Handley & Susan Cowan and Robert Cowan and Susannah Woods for DAR a few years ago.

  1. Susannah's father was Person:Michael Woods (2). He lived in Albemarle County from about 1734 to about 1762, near a kinsman person:Michael Woods (1). He married Ann Lambert about 1734, possibly in Pennsylvania, prior to the movement of the extended Woods family to Albemarle. After 1762 the Michael 2 moved to Botetourt County, settling near Buchanan, VA. Daughter Susannah is commonly said to have been born in 1751, though some give her DOB as 1761. In anycase, she would most likely have been born while her parents were living in Albermarle County.