Person:Sarah Brookman (13)

Sarah Brookman
m. 14 Dec 1834
  1. Sarah Brookman1835 - 1908
  2. Maria Brookmanabt 1837 -
  3. Mary Ann Brookman1840 - 1879
  4. Daniel Brookman1842 -
  5. Elizabeth Miriam Brookman1844 -
  6. Jane Brookman1847 -
  7. Jemima Brookman1849 - 1852
  8. Emily Ansell Brookman1852 - 1932
  • HPeter Roney1828 - 1912
  • WSarah Brookman1835 - 1908
m. 8 Jun 1856
  1. Dan Roney1858 - 1927
  2. Annie Jane Roney1860 - 1920
  3. Harry Roney1862 - 1931
  4. Emily Maria Roney1864 - 1915
  5. Sarah Alice Roney1866 - 1944
  6. Catherine Winifred Roney1868 - 1934
  7. Ellen Louisa Roney1870 - 1940
  8. Michael Gabriel Roney1872 - 1946
  9. Elizabeth Miriam Roney1874 - 1876
  10. George Patrick Roney1876 - 1933
  11. Valentina Mary Roney1878 - 1963
  12. William Roney1880 - 1880
Facts and Events
Name Sarah Brookman
Gender Female
Birth[3] 28 Sep 1835 Knightsbridge, Greater London, England
Christening[3] 27 Dec 1835 Harmondsworth, Middlesex, EnglandSt Mary's Church
Residence[4] 1841 Southwark, London, England
Emigration[1][5] 25 Mar 1853 Liverpool, England
Immigration[1][9] 1 Jul 1853 Hobson's Bay, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Marriage 8 Jun 1856 Kyneton, Victoria, AustraliaChurch of England Parsanage,
to Peter Roney
Residence[7] 1870 Diggora West, Victoria, Australia
Death[6][8] 25 Oct 1908 Longwood, Victoria, AustraliaAge: 77
Burial[6] 28 Oct 1908 Longwood Cemetery, Longwood, Victoria, Australia
Occupation? Domestic Servant

Being a featured page was very beneficial as User:RichardK looked at the information and did some research which changed what we know of the family Sarah was born into. From 2 siblings, Richard's research made it known that she was the eldest of 8 children.

About Sarah Brookman

Sarah Brookman grew up in London, England prior to moving to Victoria, Australia during the gold rush years. She had a stately and quiet disposition with an abundance of auburn crisp curly hair.

Sarah was born on the 28th September 1835 in Middlesex, England and she was baptised in Saint Mary's church in Harmondsworth on the 27th December 1835. Sarah was one of three known girls to James Brookman and Ann Caley. Amongst family researchers there have been variations recorded on who Sarah Brookman's Parents were so an article has been created to discuss the various options. The Brookman Surname also has some guessed at variations as too where and how it originated.

Sarah arrived in Victoria, Australia on the 1st July 1853 via the sailing ship Genghis Khan 1853 Voyage to Australia aged 18. The ship departed Liverpool, England 25th March 1853 and came by the Great Circle route.

From the 8th July 1853 Sarah was working as a domestic servant, governess for Mr Townsend in Russell St, Melbourne earning wages of 25 pound for 3 months, with rations.

I read that anecdotal evidence states that Sarah returned to England and later returned to Australia.

Sarah’s religion was initially Church of England and she later become Catholic. Her husband, Peter was a Catholic and it is likely that either his influence or the fact that the catholic church did not recognise marriages conducted in other churches possibly had something to do with this conversion.

In the Roney family bible there is a list which was most likely started by Sarah and has been added to since. It includes their twelve children, grandchildren and great grandchildren including birth and death dates. The bible remained in the family and has passed down through Catherine's line and it is currently looked after by Mary McCormack (South).


Image Gallery
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    About Brookman, Sarah
    Sarah Brookman arrived in Victoria 1st July 1853 on the ship Gengis Khan aged 18 years Departed Liverpool 25th march 1853 Captain Dyer Bond, Crew of 51 all English, Agent Marshall Kirk. Religion Cof England (later become catholic) Occupation Domestic Servant for Mr Townsend Russell St Melbourne. Wages 25 pound 3 months with rations from 8th July 1853 Sarah Brookman was stately and quiet disposition with an abundance of auburn crisp curly hair. This image of the Brookman clan is easily recognised in any genaration

    Immigration Notes
    Sarah Brookman emmigrated from Liverpool England on the Ghengis Khan working as a domestic servant Governess in Melbourne. anecdotal evidence states she returned to England and later returned to Australia

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    I have lost my copy of that original record.

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    Place: Butlers Place
    James Brookman 25 Draysman
    Ann 30
    Sarah 5
    Maria 3
    Mary Anne 1

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