Person:Samuel Price (18)

m. bef. 1748
  1. Maj. Samuel Price1748 - 1840
  2. Jacob Price1750 - 1841
  3. Thomas Price1752 - 1823
  4. William Price1755 -
m. abt. 1774
  1. Sarah 'Sally' Price1775 - 1860
  2. Mary 'Polly' Price1777 - 1856
  3. Samuel Priceabt 1780 - 1836
  4. William Priceabt 1782 -
  5. Nancy A. Priceabt 1787 - bef 1870
  6. James Price1792 - 1837
m. 22 June 1797
  1. Margaret Black1798 - 1853
  2. Catherine Black
  3. Elizabeth Black
  4. John Black
Facts and Events
Name Maj. Samuel Price
Gender Male
Birth? 1748 prob. Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage abt. 1774 Prob. Greenbrier County, Virginiato Margaret 'Peggy' Black
Marriage 22 June 1797 Augusta County, Virginiato Margaret Black
Death? 1840 Greenbrier County, Virginia

Samuel Price was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Samuel Price in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 30.--20th November, 1771. Warranty bond for title deed, p. 26 above, signed by John Madison, Jr., Thomas Madison; mentions two plantations belonging to John Ramsey, Sr. Teste: Samuel Price, Richard Mathews. Delivered.
Note: the record above is referencing the following record:
Page 26.--19th November, 1771. John Madison, Jr., to John Black. Delivered: James Black, January, 1773.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - ____--________ __, Saml. Price and Saml. Black, surety. Saml. Price (widower) and Margaret Black, daughter of Samuel Black, deceased. (Note: this record appears between two records dated 10 December 1798 and January 20, 1798, and proves Samuel had a prior marriage to Margaret Black).
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage in Augusta County - 1797, June 22d--By Rev. John McCue: Samuel Price and Margaret Black.
  • Page 206.--15th September, 1801. Receipt to William Black, executor of Samuel Black, by the legatees, viz: John Black, Mathew Alexander and wife Jane, Samuel Price and wife Margaret, William Black and wife Mary, William Black, Jr.; Martha Black, Samuel Black, Nancy Black, James Black. [Note: Samuel Black was the father-in-law of Samuel Price]
  • Vol. 2 - Luddington vs. Stuart--O. S. 332; N. S. 120--Bill, 1812, by Francis Luddington of Greenbrier, that on 4th August, 1787. Patrick Lockhart obtained 2 patents, one "A" for 400 acres and one "B" for 449 acres. "A" was as assignee of Jno. Tillery, in whose name survey was made 1780; "B" was in his own right on a survey in 1784. Orator surveyed in 1793 tracts adjoining and conflicting with above. After 1793 Lockhart contracted with George Reider (Rader) to sell him "B." Orator sold to Eli Perkins to whom patent issued, and he sold to John Carroll, who sold to Adam Nicely. After the sale to Reider, Lockhart sold "A" to John Stuart, 5th June, 1795, who ejected Nicely. Lockhart is dead. John Stuart answers he came to Greenbrier in 1769. The country was then uninhabited. He had then in his employ Abraham Jinkings, who (after the custom of "them" times) took up the 449 acre tract and sold to Patrick Lockhart, who made a survey in 1774. Wallace Bristan came to Greenbrier in 1772, took up the 400 acre tract and made survey in 1774 and sold to John Tillery. These and all other surveys made in Greenbrier in 1774 were made under the grant for the Greenbrier Company, but the Revolutionary War interfering, no plats issued on those surveys, nor did any organized government exist in Virginia from that time until after the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The Convention of Virginia directed a new mode for taking up unappropriated lands, and it became necessary for all persons to re-survey under the New Government, and in 1780 John Tillery made a re-survey and afterwards sold to Lockhart. Lockhart made a re-survey for the 449 acre tract. Grants issued to Lockhart for the two tracts 4th August, 1787. In 1795 Lockhart lived in Fincastle. Lockhart in 1784 bought 40 acres of survey made for Robert Armstrong in 1784. In 1791 he made an entry between Tillery and Fipher. Philip Wolfenberger deposes, he lived near the land from 1789. In 1793 he saw James Hudgins cutting still house logs. Zur Combs deposes, 1817, he lived near the land 1790-1800; he came to the country in 1790, and left in 1800. John Phifer deposes, he was a citizen of Greenbrier and lived near the land for several years prior to 1793. Thos. Edgar was surveyor of Greenbrier in 1780. The survey was made 1774 by Richard May. Josiah Shanklin was also a surveyor. Robert Mathews deposes, he aided Adam Nicely to improve his land. In 1793 George Reader moved from Shenandoah to Greenbrier and Robert Armstrong moved to Kentucky. John Craig deposes, he was raised in Greenbrier. He was born September, 1782. Thos. Masterson deposes, John James lives on the Tillery place. Conrad Daring deposes, he was distiller for Francis Luddington in 1794. George Rader deposes, his father moved to Greenbrier in 1793. Abraham Malone deposes, he has lived near the land since 1783. John Craig was born September, 1784. Deponent cleared a path for the Methodist preachers who traveled through there in 1791. Adam Rader deposes, has known the land since 1794, mentions his father as being in Greenbrier. Samuel Price deposes, 1818, is oldest justice in Greenbrier, has been a justice over 20 years. Alexander Rader deposes, in Bourbon County, Ky., 20th August, 1813. Son of George Rader (signed in German Räder).

Records in Greenbrier County, VA

  • 10 August 1789 - Samuel Price witnessed the will of James McClung (d. 1790 in Greenbrier County).
  • 28 September 1790: At a Court held for Greenbrier County the 28th Day of Sept. 1790. Samuel Price and John McClung, Two of the witnesses to the written Will proved and same and its ordered to be continued for further proof. [Signed] John Stuart. [Greenbrier County Order Books, Vol A-C, 1780-1797,]
  • 28 September 1790: 28 September 1790 - Greenbrier Court Orders: On the motion of Agness and William McClung administrators of the Estate of Thomas McClung dec'd It is ordered that William Craig and Samuel Price examine, state and settle the accounts of the administration of the said decendents Estate, and make report thereof to the Court. [Greenbrier County Order Books, Vol A-C, 1780-1797,]


From "A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri", by William S. Bryan and Robert Rose, 1876:

Major Samuel Price, a soldier of the Rev. war died in Greenbriar Co., VA. in his 93rd year. He was of Welch descent. He was married twice, and the names of his children were Jacob, Samuel, William, James, John, Catharine, Polly and Margaret. James settled in Callaway Co., O., in 1828. He married SARAH MCCLENTIC, and they had Albert, Jane, Robert, Margaret, James, Samuel and Sarah. Mr. Price was a soldier in the war of 1812. William Price married SARAH WALKER, and settled in Callaway Co. in 1830. He also was a soldier of the war of 1812. His children were Margaret, Joseph, John, Elizabeth, Sarah and William.


From Genforum Message Board:

Samuel PRICE (1748-1840) - wives & children
Posted by: Kay Schmidt (ID *****4906) Date: March 13, 2006 at 19:06:10 of 15946
There is much conflicting data about the mothers and birth order of Samuel PRICE's children. For one thing, Samuel married two women with the same name who were first cousins once removed. For another, many of the Price descendants in the 2nd and 3rd generations had the same first names. And finally, the children were born during the late 1700s and early 1800s when records were few and before the census listed entire families by name.
Based on what other researchers have learned, census data, and online information, I present my best guesses and conclusions about the family of Samuel PRICE. Comments and corrections, hopefully with documentation, are welcome.
First wife: Margaret BLACK d/o Rev. Samuel BLACK & Catherine SHAW. Assuming she was born about 1749, they could easily have married by 1773.
1) Sarah PRICE – 17 Jun 1775 at Cloverdale, VA; married 1795, at Greenbrier county, (W)VA, Michael Bright; died on 17 Sep 1860 at Callaway county, MO.
Research Note: Fairly certain of birth date and husband.
2) Mary 'Polly' PRICE – 1777 at VA; married 26 Mar 1799, at Greenbrier county, (W)VA, William E. Black; died 30 Aug 1856 at Hatton, Callaway county, MO.
Research Note: Somewhat sure of birth date; certain of other info.
3) Samuel PRICE Jr. – say 1780 at Greenbrier county, (W)VA; married 4 Dec 1805, at Greenbrier county, (W)VA, Hannah Wolfenbarger; died before 1830 at Greenbrier county, (W)VA, when his wife Hannah appeared there on the census as head of household. Hannah and all their children went to MO.
Research Note: The 1820 census showed 3 Samuels in Greenbrier county: Samuel Esq (probably his father); Capt. Samuel (this man); and Samuel son of Jacob (his cousin). His age was 26-45 for a birth range of 1775 to 1794. Assuming he was older than his wife who was 50-60 in 1830, his birth was probably between 1775 and 1780.
4) William PRICE – say 1785 at Greenbrier county, (W)VA; married 21 Jun 1809, at Greenbrier county, (W)VA, Sarah Walkup; died before 1850 at Callaway county, MO, when he was not there on the census or 1839.
Research Note: His birth date has been reported as 1787 and 1792 but those conflict with the dates for other known children. No William in the 1830 Greenbrier census fits, but the family may have been on their way to MO. Some say he died in 1839, but he is probably the William in Callaway co, MO in 1840. If so, his age was 50-60 for a birth date between 1780 and 1790.
5) Nancy A. PRICE – circa 1787 at Augusta county, VA; married 10 Jul 1808, at Greenbrier county, (W)VA, Joseph Walkup Sr; died before 1870 at Walkers Meadow, Greenbrier county, (W)VA, when not on the census.
Research Note: Her birth date appears to be about 1787 based on being 63 in the 1850 census. She was 26-45 in 1820 therefore born before 1794; 40-50 in 1830 therefore born before 1790. Her age of 55 on the 1860 census must be an error. Most sources place her as a child of Samuel's 2nd wife, but that is impossible if she was born before their marriage in 1797. It is unlikely that Nancy married Thomas BEARD as sometimes stated because he was married to someone else and she appears consistently in the census with Joseph Walkup.
6) Jacob PRICE – 11 Jul 1788 at Greenbrier county, (W)VA or ~1781; married 9 Oct 1809, at Botetourt county, VA, his cousin Sophia Montgomery Price; died 9 Sep 1848 at Botetourt county, VA.
Research Note: If Samuel's son Jacob was the one in Botetourt, he was 26-45 in 1820, 40-50 in 1830, and 50-60 in 1840 suggesting a birth date between 1780-90. It also means he has more than the 3 children sometimes shown. The census of 1820 showed 2 boys & 4 girls; of 1830 showed 3 boys & 7 girls; in 1840 showed 3 boys & 3 girls.
7) James PRICE – 18 Mar 1792 at Greenbrier county, (W)VA; married 16 May 1816, at Greenbrier county, (W)VA, Sarah McClintic; died 6 Apr 1837 at Callaway county, MO.
Research Note: He was 26-45 in 1820 and 40-50 in 1830 suggesting a birth date between 1780-90.
Second wife: Margaret BLACK, d/o Samuel3 BLACK & Jane PORTER and a 1st cousin once removed from Samuel PRICE's first wife, 22 Jun 1797, at Augusta county, VA. Records supporting her identity and their marriage include: A) a marriage bond dated 22 Jun 1797 for Samuel Price (widower) and Margaret Black, daughter of Samuel Black, deceased; Samuel Price and Samuel Black, surety; B) the wills of both Samuel Black and his wife Jane PORTER mention their daughter Margaret PRICE.
8) Margaret Black PRICE – 30 Apr 1798 at VA; married 30 Jan 1817, at Greenbrier county, (W)VA, Archibald McClintic; died on 3 Jan 1853 at Hatton, Callaway county, MO.
9) John PRICE – 28 Aug 1799 at Greenbrier county, (W)VA or ca 1806; married 29 May 1821, at Greenbrier county, (W)VA, Elizabeth Dickson/Dickinson; died 28 Feb 1848 at Greenbrier county, (W)VA.
Research Note: Facts for John are unproven and his common name makes tracking him in the census difficult. No John of his age was found in 1820 probably because he did not marry until 1821 and may have been with his father Samuel. The 1830 census of Greenbrier had a John D and a John L of the right age.
10) Catherine PRICE – ca 1800.
Research Note: No further data to confirm birth date. Conflicting information about her husband: two sources say he was Haptenstall/Hamptenstall, perhaps Abraham; others say Jacob Walkup. Since nothing confirms the Haptenstall marriage. I'm thinking she might be the Price female who married Jacob Walkup.
11) Elizabeth PRICE – say 1802 at Greenbrier county, (W)VA.
Research Note: Some say she married Jacob Walkup, but I have found no verification of that marriage and think she might have married Thomas BEARD and died before 1805 when he married again. Or it's possible that the husbands of these last two daughters could be switched.