Person:John McClung (8)

John McClung, "Curly John" of Bath County, VA
b.abt. 1731
m. Abt. 1726
  1. John McClung, "Curly John" of Bath County, VAabt 1731 - 1830
  2. Thomas McClung, of the Battle of Point Pleasantabt 1734 - bef 1784
  3. James McClung1736 - 1790
  4. William "Grandfather Billy" McClung1738 - 1833
  5. Joseph "Sinking Creek Joe" McClungabt 1740 - 1836
  6. Capt. Samuel McClung, of Muddy Creek1743 - 1806
  • HJohn McClung, "Curly John" of Bath County, VAabt 1731 - 1830
  • WSarah McCutcheonabt 1751 - 1833
m. 1770
  1. Jane McClungABT 1772 -
  2. Margaret McClung1772 - 1860
  3. Hanna McClung1773 - 1848
  4. Robert McClungABT 1778 - 1860
  5. John McClung1785 - 1827
  6. Nancy McClung1788 - 1873
  7. Sarah McClungABT 1789 - BEF 1850
  8. Mary Dorothy McClung1790 - 1862
  9. William McClung1793 - 1865
Facts and Events
Name John McClung, "Curly John" of Bath County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1731 [Chalkley's records]
Marriage 1770 Augusta County, Virginiato Sarah McCutcheon
Death? 1830 Bath County, Virginia

John McClung was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 212.--21st November, 1759. Robert Houston to Samuel McDowell, John McClung, John Lyle (Lisle) Wm. Alexander and John Thomson, trustees, appointed in name of trustees of Presbyterian Congregation of Timber Ridge, 5 shillings, 1 acre and 9 perches, part of Robert's plantation upon which acre, &c., the Presbyterian Meeting House is erected. Teste: Archibald Alexander, Mathew Lyle, John McClung, Jr.
  • Vol. 2 - BOOK MARKED "RECORDS. Page ___-- John McClung, Senior, aged 73, deposes, 15th July, 1805. [Note: this record, and the following records establishes John McClung's birthdate in abt. 1730/31, and his arrival to [then] Augusta County in abt. 1744/45].
  • Vol. 2 - Page 113-BOOK MARKED "RECORDS FROM SEPTEMBER, 1789, TO APRIL, 1793," DISTRICT COURT. -John McClung, Sr., aged 73, deposes, same time and place [at Brownsburg, July, 1805,].
  • Vol. 2 - Dunn vs. Pandall and West--O. S. 249; N. S. 87--In 1794, Levi Dunn (orator) bought 150 acres in Rockbridge from James Dougherty by deed recorded there, part of Borden's 92,100. James bought from Dominick McKann in 1778, who had a deed from Borden's executors in 1763. Andrew Fitzpatrick resided on the land in 1745, as shown by depositions of John McClung and William McCampbell, two of the oldest and most respectable of early inhabitants of Borden's grant. Andrew sold to Dominick McMourn. On 7th February, 1806, orator sold to Gabriel Pendal (Pandel). Deed, 8th September, 1780, by Dominick Moran and Elizabeth of Rockbridge, to James Dougherty, 150 acres. Recorded in Rockbridge, 3d April, 1781. (This name is endorsed McMourn. In the deed from Borden it is "Moren.")
  • Vol. 2 - BOOK MARKED "RECORDS. Page ___- [undated abt. 1806] - John McClung, aged 75, deposes, ditto. He settled in Borden's grant shortly before fall of 1744.
  • Vol. 2 - BOOK MARKED "RECORDS.". Page ___--John McClung, Senior, deposes, 14th December, 1807, has known the land 63 years. Downey lived on it. Believes Downey was a hunter, from seeing bear skins hang about the house. Deponent lived in Borden's grant 63 years; he is now 77 years old.
  • Vol. 2 - BOOK MARKED "RECORDS. Page ___-- John McClung deposes, 6th of September, 1811, he came to Borden's grant in 1745. Dominict Moren and Andrew Fitzpatrick lived on the land. Is in eightieth year.
  • Page 130-BOOK MARKED "RECORDS FROM SEPTEMBER, 1789, TO APRIL, 1793," DISTRICT COURT. -- John McClung deposes, 6th September, 1811, Andrew Fitzpatrick and Saml. Davis were relations. John came to the grant in 1745. John is in 80th year. [Note: appears to be a duplicate record for the above].

Will Abstract

Will of John McClung, dated June 28, 1830
Witness: Jesse and James Thomas
Executors: Son Willliam and John Sloan
To wife, Sarah, Negro woman Caty; all horned cattle, 1 horse, household and kitchen funiture
To Grandson, William Harvey McClung (son of John, deceased) the home plantation, lines marked by William Sitlington and balance of movable property
To Son Robert, the plantation he lives on
To Son William, the plantation he lives on known as Big Spring
To daughters Peggy Musson, Jenny Thompson, Hannay Henderson, Sally Wilson, Nancy Cummons and Polly Sitlington $1 each


John MCCLUNG [Parents] 1, 2 was born in 1733 (???) in , Ireland. He died in 1830 in , Bath, VA. He married Sarah MCCUTCHEON.

Sarah MCCUTCHEON 1, 2.Sarah married John MCCLUNG.