Person:Robert Rhea (5)

m. ABT 1715
  1. William Rhea1716 - 1802
  2. Robert Rhea1718 - 1779
  3. Archibald Rhea, Jr.Est 1720-1730 - bef 1804
  1. Ann RheaBET 1750 AND 1760 - AFT 1837
  2. Isabella Rhea1751/52 - 1803
  3. Robert Rhea, Jr.abt 1763 - 1850
Facts and Events
Name Robert Rhea
Gender Male
Birth? 1718 Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Marriage Virginiato Sarah Elizabeth Bigham
Death? 1779 Washington County, Virginia

Robert Rhea was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Robert Rhea's land (Borden Tract NW, 175 acres, 1754) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. (Note: land acquired by Archibald Rhea, Jr., brother of Robert Rhea, is adjoining this tract to the southwest, and land acquired by William Rhea, another brother of Robert Rhea is just past Archibald Jr.'s tract also to the southwest). (Note: this tract is listed as "118 acres" in the Chalkley's records below).

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 264.--__ day, 1754. Same (From Borden's Executors) to Robert Reagh, carpenter and joyner Covenant as above. 118 acres on Hay's Creek. Cor. Widow Smiley.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 10.--2d May, 1758. Robert Reagh (Reah, Reaoh), carpenter and joiner, and Sara to Archibald Reah, Jr., yeoman, £60, 118 acres on Hays Creek; corner widow Smyley. Teste: Win. Reah. Delivered: Archibald Reah, 23d March, 1768.

Records of Robert Rhea in Augusta County, VA

  • Page 331.--21st August, 1754. Joseph Kennedy (his mark), Gent., and Elizabeth, to Samuel Buchanan, James Walker, Robert Reagh, John Logan, Alexander Miller and William Kennedy, trustees appointed and chosen by the Presbyterian Congregation of New Providence in Augusta County for and on behalf of themselves and the rest of the said Congregation and their successors adherents to the Squad of New York of the other part. Consideration: The sincere regard, good will and affectionate love which he beareth unto the said Congregation, and with an eye to encourage the worshipers of the most Blessed and Glorious Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who is God over all, and Blessed forever, Amen; and for and in consideration of the sum of six pence sterling; for public use and benefit of the said Congregation for a Presbyterian Meeting House to worship Almighty God in and for a burying place and graveyard to them and such as shall hereafter joyn with them the said Congregation of New Providence a certain moiety piece or parcel of land whereon the said Congregation hath already began to prepare and build a meeting house containing 3 A., 1 R., 27 P., on west side Moffet's Creek in Borden's tract; said Kennedy's and Francis McCown's line being a line of land now in possession of Andrew Duncan. Delivered to Samuel Buchanan, 21st June, 1758.

Information on Robert Rhea

Robert Reagh: both he and wife, Sarah Bingham were born in Ireland, according to a granddaughter of their daughter, Elizabeth. she was a daughter of John and Sarah Bingham of Beverly Manor ( a large land grant), just north of Borden Grant. Robert purchased 118 acres on Hays Creek, a bit northeast of William and Archibald's land, getting title in 1754. He was a carpenter and joiner and owned silversmithing tools when he died. He was active in the Presbyterian Church. In 1758 sold his land to brother Archibald Jr and moved to Mecklenburg County, North Carolina (Charlotte) where Reverend Craighead had fled from Windy Cove in now Bath county, VA along with church members to avoid attacks by Indians. Mecklenburg became a center of Presbyterian activites. Son, Robert, was born there. Because it is said that daughter Elizabeth was born at an "uncle" Archibald's house near Raleigh in 1765, Robert may have traveled to the east central area of NC prior to locating by 1768 along Long Cane River in now Abbeville Co, SC, according to "Citizens and Immigrants - SC". Then the District was called Granville. Daughter Isabella apparently met her husband, James McCleskey there. By 1771 Robert was in now Wyeth Co, being on W. Crockett's 1771 list of titheables near the head of the Holston River in Virginia. By 1773 was in now Wyeth Co, Virginia. A 1775 survey of 150 acres along Cripple Creek was done for Robert and an adjacent 100 acres for son Archibald. Robert died in Washington Co, VA in 1779 (will entered in court on 16 Nov 1779). Seven children:

Robert Reagh b: e1718 Ire d: 1779 VA
Sarah Bingham b: Ire d: VA
Par: John and Sarah Bingham, Augusta Co, VA
p32) Isabella b: 14 Jan 1752 VA d: 20 Jan 1803 AL
p33) John b: e1754 VA d: TN?
p33) Archibald b: e1756 VA d: TN
p35) Ann b: e1759 NC d: TN
p35) Robert b: 1763 NC d: 15 Feb 1850 TN
p35) Elizabeth b: 10 Nov 1765 NC d: VA


From submission:

6. Robert RHEA was born 1718 in Cumberland County Pennsylvania, and died 1779 in Washington, Virginia. He was the son of 12. Archibald RHEA.

7. Sarah BINGHAM was born 1730 in Beverly Manor, Augusta, Virginia, and died AFT 1765 in Virginia. She was the daughter of 14. John BINGHAM and 15. SARAH.

Child of Sarah BINGHAM and Robert RHEA is:3.   i. Isabella RHEA was born 14 JAN 1752 in Augusta County, Virginia, and died 22 JAN 1803 in Jackson County, Georgia. She married James MCCLESKEY 17 FEB 1782 in South Carolina. He was born 20 JAN 1755 in York County, Pennsylvania, and died 20 OCT 1842 in Hall County, Georgia.