Person:Archibald Reagh (1)

m. 27 Apr 1687
  1. William ReaghAbt 1687 - 1777
  2. Matthew Campbell Reagh, IIAbt 1689 -
  3. Archibald ReaghBet 1690 & 1692 - 1763
  • HArchibald ReaghBet 1690 & 1692 - 1763
  • WAnn Unknown
m. Abt 1715
  1. William Rhea1716 - 1802
  2. Robert Rhea1718 - 1779
  3. Archibald Rhea, Jr.Est 1720 to 1730 - Bef 1804
Facts and Events
Name Archibald Reagh
Alt Name Archibald Rhea
Gender Male
Birth? Bet 1690 and 1692 Derry, Ireland
Alt Birth? 1692 Fahan, Conegal, Ulster Ireland
Marriage Abt 1715 Irelandto Ann Unknown
Death? 17 Jul 1763 killed by Indians in the 2nd Kerr's Creek Massacre, Augusta County, Virginia
Alt Death? 1763 Cape Frea, Norfolk, Virginia

Adchibald Rhea was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Kerr's Creek Massacres

According to multiple sources, Archibald Rhea was killed by Shawnee Indians in the "2nd Kerr's Creek Massacre" on 17 July, 1763, which is confirmed in the deposition of William Patton (listed below). Additional information is listed in the following article:

The Kerr's Creek Massacres 1759-1763

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - 1753-1754, Pt. 1. - To the Worshipful Court of Augusta now sitting: We, the inhabitants of this County, have long felt the smart of the great indulgence the ordinary keepers of this County have met with in allowing them to sell such large quantities of rum and wine at an extravagant rate, by which our money is drained out of the County, for which we have no return but a fresh supply to pick our pockets. We, your petitioners, humbly pray your worship to put a stop to the said liquors, which would encourage us to pursue our laborious designs, which is to raise sufficient quantities of grain which would suffciently supply us with liquors and the money circulate in this County to the advantage of us, the same. We hope that your worships will discover to us that you have a real regard for the good of the County, and lay us under an obligation to pray for your prosperity: Archibald Reah, (listed among many others).
  • Page 528.--15th March, 1755. Borden's executors to John Wallace, plantationer, 895 acres in two tracts, part of 92,100, 645 acres on Walker's Creek; corner Wm. Reagh; corner Archibald Reagh. 250 acres adjoining above, including the Pond Spring, the Barrons. Delivered: John Buchanan, weaver, 19th September, 1755.
  • Page 538.--18th March, 1755. John Wallace, plantationer, to James Rutherford, plantationer, £20, 322-1/2 acres of Borden's tract on Walker's Creek: corner Wm. Reagh; Archibald Reagh's corner. Livery, &c. Delivered: John Buchanan, weaver, September, 1755.

Archibald Rhea, by the following account, was apparently killed by Indians in Augusta County during the 2nd Kerr's Creek Massacre in 1763:

  • Page 145--Wm. Patton, aged 64, deposes, in Rockbridge, 7th November, 1806, he has lived in Rockbridge 56 years since last May. After the Revolution there was a rapid increase of immigration from the North. James Wardlaw and deponent's father were intimate. James had a son Hugh and a son Robert. There were Indian troubles for about 10 years. Fifty years ago there was a fort at McClung; the last incursion was 43 years ago, when 16 or 17 people were killed. Deponent helped bury them and they were attacked at the burial. These were very early settlers, viz: James, Alexr. Saml. Walker, James Moore, Saml. Coalter, Jno. Wallace, ARCHD. RHEA, James Rutherford, James Buchanan, Andrew and Charles Hays. Deponent was born September, 1742. McDowell was killed Christmas or New Year's, after his birth.

Information on Archibald Rhea

Husband: Archibald RHEA
Born: BET. 1690 - 1692 at: Derry, Ireland
Married: BEF. 1715 at: Ireland
Died: 1 JAN 1763 at: Augusta Co VA
Father: Matthew Campbell RHEA
Mother: Janet Barten BAXTER
Born: ABT. 1695 at: Ireland
Died: at: VA
Name: William RHEA
Born: 1716 at: Donegal, Ireland
Married: 1749 at: Beverly Manor Plantation in VA, Augus
Died: 25 APR 1802 at: Bath Co VA
Spouses: Elizabeth CLARK

12. Archibald RHEA was born 1692 in Fahan, Conegal, Ulster Ireland, and died 1763 in Cape Frea, Norfolk, Virginia. He was the son of 24. Matthew Campbell RHEA and 25. Janet BAXTER.

Child of Archibald RHEA is:6. i. Robert RHEA was born 1718 in Cumberland County Pennsylvania, and died 1779 in Washington, Virginia. He married Sarah BINGHAM ABT 1751 in Augusta County. Virginia, daughter of John BINGHAM and SARAH. She was born 1730 in Beverly Manor, Augusta, Virginia, and died AFT 1765 in Virginia.