Person:Robert Allison (28)

Robert Allison
d.24 Jul 1769 Virginia
m. est. 1695-1705
  1. James AllisonEst 1700-1715 -
  2. John Allisonest 1700-1705 - aft 1771
  3. Robert Allison1710 - 1769
m. 1736
  1. Mary Allisonabt 1736 -
  2. John AllisonAbt 1738 -
  3. James AllisonAbt 1749 -
  4. Halbert Allison1750 - 1813
  5. Francis AllisonAbt 1754 -
  6. Agnes AllisonAbt 1756 -
  7. Robert AllisonAbt 1758 -
  8. Janet AllisonAbt 1759 -
Facts and Events
Name Robert Allison
Gender Male
Birth? 1710 Prob. Ireland
Marriage 1736 to Hannah Catherine McClure
Death? 24 Jul 1769 Virginia

Robert Allison was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Robert Allison's land (Borden Tract SW, 279/280 acres, 1742) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009. Land of brother John Allison is located nearby to the southwest and land of father-in-law Halbert McClure is adjoining Robert's tract to the west.

Acquisition of Land:

  • Page 269.--21st May, 1747. Benj. Bordin, &c., to Robert Allison (sold in testator's lifetime); 279 acres, 2 R., 36 P., £8.5.0 current money Virginia, part of 92,100 (Borden Tract); north branch of James; corner to Halbert McClure, James Thompson's land. Witnessed and acknowledged as above.
  • Page 404.--28th May, 1751. Arthur McClure and Frances, to Robert Allison. 254 acres of Benj. Borden's 92,100; John McNabb, on Mill Creek; corner John McNabb, James Thompson's land; corner David Dryden; corner John Stevenson.
  • Page 471. -- 15th March 1757. John Buchanan, gent., and Margaret to Robert Allison, £25, 83 acres on North Branch James, part of 634 acres, part of Borden's 92100; cor. Jacob Anderson

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 95.--15th February, 1748. Robert Allison to Joseph Paxton; James River (# of acres not listed); the Narrows on No. Branch of James. Teste: Thomas Sheals, Robert Alexander.
  • Page 68.--14th August, 1775. Francis ( ) Allison and Hannah ( ) Allison, his mother, to Alexander McCluer, Sr. Delivered: Halbert McClure, son of Alexander McCluer. 10th October, 1793. (

Processioning List of 1748, 1755 & 1765

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settler’s lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:
  • Vol. 2 - Page 14.--12 April, 1748: Processioners' Returns: Robert Huston and Alex. McClure: Processioned for Wm. Hall, Robert Allison present; 20th January, 1747-8, processioned for John McNab, Baptist McNab present; 20th January 1747-8, processioned for Robert Huston; 28th January, 1747-8, processioned for Charles Hays, Andrew Hays present; processioned for Wm. Givens, Andrew Hays present; 29th January, 1747-8, processioned for John Stevenson, Andrew Stevenson present; 29th January, 1747-8, processioned for Andrew Baxter, Nathaniel Evans present; 29th January 1747-8, processioned for Alex. McCleary, Moses Whiteside present; 30th January, 1747-8, processioned for Mathew Lyle, John Lyle present; 30th January, 1747-8, processioned for John Gray, Mathew Lyle present; 12th February, 1747-8, processioned for John Pater Sally, Michael Finney present; 10th March, 1747-8, processioned for John Paul, Roger Kays present.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 151.--1755: David Dryden and Wm. Hall processioned as follows, viz: For Moses McClure, for Alex. McClure, for Ro. Allison, for Moses Trimble, for Robert Huston, for Samuel Lyle, for David Dryden, for Archd. Alexander, for Thos. McSpadden, for Mathew Lyle, for Thomas Paxton, for George Stevenson, for Robert Allison, for Thos. Paxton, Joyner; for Isaac Taylor; for Jno. Davison, for Jno. Robison, for Reynolds's Orphans, for Nathaniel McClure, for William Hall, for Wm. Caruthers, for Samuel Gray, for John Maky, for Baptist McKnab, for Jno. Lowery, for Widow McCleary, for Thos. Paxton, for Moses Whiteside, for John Stevenson, for Wm. Lusk, for John Allison, for Jno. Dule (Lyle?), for John McClure, for Moses McClure, for Danill Dyle (Lyle?).
  • Vol. 2 - Page 385.--15th February, 1765: Reported by Andw. Hall, Jas. Buchanan, viz: For John McCroskey, for Alex. Telford, for Rev. Jno. Brown, for William Patton, for Cap. Saml. McDowell, for James Greenlee, deceased; for Jno. Lyle, deceased; for David McCroskey, for Saml. Dunlap, for Jacob Anderson, for Andrew Hays, for Robt. Allison, for James Buchanan, for Andw. Buchanan, for Wm. Davies, for Wm. Berry, for James McKees, for Wm. Lusk, for Edward Tarr, for James McLang, for Henry McLang, for Isaac Anderson, for John Buntin, for William Young, for James Anderson, for James Thompson, for John Allison; for Alex. McCroskey, Jas. Duncan present; for Saml. Robinson, for Andw. Fitzpatrick.

Will of Robert Allison

From Chalkley's Augusta County, Virginia Court Records:

  • Page 232 - - 24th July, 1769. Robert (mark) Allison's will - - To son James, has received his part; to daughter Mary Davison, has received her part; to son John, 10 shillings; to daughter Agness; to son robert, infant, testator's home plantation; to son, Francis, infant, 250 acres on Mill Creek; to son, Halbert, received his part already; to wife Hannah; to daughter Janet. Teste: Alexander (mark) McClure, Arthur McClure, Joseph Walker, Joseph Walker, Jr. Proved, 15th August, 1769, by all except Joseph Walker, Jr. Hannah Allison, qualifies, with Alex. and John McCluer.
Will of Robert Allison, 24 July 1769
In the name of God, Amen the 24 Day of July 1769 I Robert Allison of the County of Augusta and Coloney of Virginia being sick and weak of Body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be to God therefore and calling to mind my mortalety knowing that is appointed for all men once to die Do make and ordain this my last will and testament and none else and first and princaply I Recommend my Soul to God that give it and my body to the Dust to be Decinlly Intered at the Discretion of my Executors and for Such worldly Estate whereof it has pleased God to give me. I Bequeath and Despose of the Same in manner and form folowing:
First, I order that all my Debt and burial charges be payed by my Executors
Imprimis: I give and bequeth to my son James ten shillings sterling he heveing received his part already.
Item: I give and bequeth to my Daughter Mary Davison ten shillings sterling, she heveing received her part already
Item: I give and bequeth to my Son John Allison ten shillings starling
Item I will to my Daughter Agnes one horse veliable to ten pound and a sedal vialibale to six pounds
Item I will and bequeth the plantation I live on to my Son Robart Allison his heirs or asigns
Item I will the plantation on Mill Creek containing two hundred and fifty acres to my son Frances Allison his heirs or asigns
Item I order and it is my will that if any of my two sons Robert or Frances hereto Die before they com to age that my Son Halbort shall have the land
Item I give and bequeath to my son halbort alison ten shillings starling he heveing receved three horses and three cows already
I order and it is my will that there be thre workhorses kept to laborr the plantation for the maintanance of the famaly till thy com to age and that after the formanshanad legacies are discharged the remainder of my movable Estate be Equally Devided amoungst wife hannah and my son Robert and my son Frances and my Daughter Janet
Lastly I constute my wife hannah and my son Halbert Executor of this my last will and Testmant
(Signed) Robert (his mark) Allison
published and pronounced in the presance
Alexander (his mark) McClure
/Signed/ Arthur McCluer
/Signed/ Joseph Walker Jr.
/Signed/ Joseph Walker
At a Court held for Augusta County August the 15th 1769 This Last Will and Testament of Robert Allison deceased was proved by the Oaths of Alexander McClure Arthur McClure & Joseph Walker three of the witnesses thereto and ordered to be Recorded and on the motion of Hanna Allison & Halbert Allison who made oath according to Law Certificate for obtaining a probat thereof in due form they having with their Securitys entered into & Ack.d their bond According to law.
Know all men by these presents that We Hannah Allison, Alexander McClure & John McClure are held and firmly bound unto John Christian, Israel Christan, James Trimble, Geo. Moffett Trustees in the commision of the Peace for Augusta County for and in behalf of the Justices of the said County in the sum of Two Hundred Pounds To be paid to the Justices & their successors to which payment well & truly to be made we bind ourselves & Each of us our & Every of our Heirs Executor & Administrators jointly and Siverally firmly by these presents sealed with our Seals & Dated this 15 day of August 1769.
The Condition of this obligation is such that if the above bound Hannah Allison Executor of the Last will and Testament of Robert Allison Deceased do make or cause to be made a true & perfect inventory of all and Singular the Goods Chattles & Credits of the sd. Deceased which have or shall come to the hands or possesion of any other person or persons or her and the same so made do exhibit or cause to be Exhibited into the County Court of Augusta at such time as she shall be thereunto required by the said Court & the same Goods, Chattles & Credits and all other the goods Chattles and Credits of the said deceased at any time after shall come to the hands possession or knowledge of these sd. Hannah Allison or into the hands and possession of any other person or persons her do will & truly administer according to Law and further do make a just and true account of her acting and doings therein when thereto required by the said court and also Shall will and truly pay & deliver all Legacies Contained and Specified in the said Testament as far as the said Goods Chattles and Credits will extend and the law shall charge then this obligation to be void and of none effect or else to remain in full force & Virtue.
Sealed and Delivered in the presence of
Hannah (mark) Allison
Alex.d (mark) McClure
John (mark) McClure
At a court held for Augusta County August the 15th 1769 On the motion of Hannah Allison who made Oath According to Law Certificate is Granted her for obtaining a probat thereof in due form She having with Securities entered into & Acknowledged this there bond According to Law
  • Page 378.-- 23d September, 1769. Robert Allison's estate appraised by William Hall, Joseph Walker.

Allison/Ellison DNA Project

The Allison/Ellison DNA Project is located at the this link: [1]

Records of Robert Allison in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 504.--15th November, 1773: To Ye Vestry: Whereas, Joal Millican came to my house in a very low condition, destitute of any help for himself either in body or goods: Therefore provided a bed for him and attended him for nine days and he died. I therefore provided a Coffin and sheet and a gallon and a half of liquor and had him buried in a decent manner according to his station, which I hope you will take into consideration as I am not of great ability to be at so much expense and trouble, which is from your Humble Servant, Widow Allison.