Person:Joseph Kincaid (10)

Joseph Kincaid
b.28 Nov 1730
m. Bet 1728 and 1729
  1. Hobson KincaidEst 1728 -
  2. Joseph Kincaid1730 - 1821
  3. Burroughs Kincaid1735 - Bef 1763
  4. John Kincaid, of Albemarle County, Virginia1736 - 1795
  5. Elizabeth KincaidAbt 1743 -
m. 8 Jan 1752
  1. David Kincaid, "Short David"1750 - 1829
Facts and Events
Name Joseph Kincaid
Gender Male
Birth? 28 Nov 1730
Marriage 8 Jan 1752 prob. Albemarle County, Virginia[source unknown, marriage date conflicts with birth date of son David]
to Rebecca Calvert
Death[2] Nov 1821 Woodford County, Kentucky

Joseph Kincaid was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 366.--18th May, 1762. William Armstrong and Mary ( ) to Joseph Kincaid, £100, 242 1/2 acres on South Fork of Christian's Creek, part of 485 acres, on which Wm. now lives, Wm. Christian's line. Acknowledged and privy examination. Delivered to Wm. Kinkaid, June, 1777.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 366.--26th August, 1777. Privy examination of Rebecca, wife of Joseph Kinkead, of Washington County (deed to Martin Shearman, 24th June, 1777) before Arthur Campbell and William Edmiston.
  • Page 369.--Above deed, 242 acres, part of 485 acres formerly belonging to William Armstrong, whereon said Martin now liveth. Teste: Charles Hunt. (Note: immediately follows record above, provides information regarding land deeded to Martin Shearman in 1777).
  1.   Rootsweb Message Boards.

    A John D. Kincaid was executor of the will of Joseph Kincaid in 1822 in Woodford County, KY.

  2. Clift, Garrett Glenn, and Anita Comtois. Kentucky Obituaries, 1787-1854. (Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1977).

    The (Lexington, Ky) Reporter Dec. 3, 1821 for Joseph Kincaid of Woodford Co. died Nov. 1821 at an advanced age.

Land Records in North Carolina/Tennessee

Sullivan Co.NC/TN Deed Book 1 pg.152 Oct 23 1782 North Carolina No.67 to Joseph Kinkade for the sum of 50 schillings for every 100 acres, 250 acres in Sullivan Co.on the south side of the Holston River opposite to the mouth of the North Fork of Holston River. Begin S 320 poles to Bays Mountain.W 80 poles to the river, up the river N 50 W 304 poles opposite to the mouth of the North Fork of Holston up the said river to the beginning. Alexander Martin Governor by; J Glasgow Sec.
Sullivan Co.NC/TN Deed Book 1 pg 226 Nov 10 1784 North Carolina Grant No.288 to Joseph Kincade for the sum of 50 schillings for every 100 acres, 970 acres in Sullivan County in Carters Valley. Begin on Robert Williams line, then N 76 poles W 14 poles N 106 poles N 76 W 49 poles.S 460 poles along James Coopers line, then to the beginning. Alexander Martin Governor by W Williams D Sec Reg.June 26 1787
Sullivan Co.NC/TN Deed Book 3 pg.50 Dec 9 1795 North Carolina Grant No.688 to Joseph Kinkead for the sum of 50 schillings for every 100 acres, 700 acres in Sullivan County on the south side of the River Ohio.Begin N 60 W 122 poles along William Armstrongs line then contiguous with said Armstrongs line N 138 poles to Benjamin Looneys corner,N 17 W 10 poles to said Looneys corner,with his line N 47 E 60 poles,N 30 E 120 poles,E 74 poles N 30 poles S 60 E 300 poles contiguous with William Snodgrass line, S 54 W 499 poles to the beginning. Samuel Ashe Governor by; J Glasgow Sec. Reg. May 30 1796.
Hawkins Co. Dec 6, 1822 Grant 124 to David Kinkead No.8570 Entry No.5660 dated Dec 6 1822, found on warrant No.1735 issued by John Carter to Joseph Kinkead for 400a dated Feb 8, 1780, the whole amount assigned to said Kinkead, the enterer, tract of 170 acres in Hawkins Co.TN, in Carters Valley, adjoining land of Kinkead and John Cooper, it being surveyed April 28 1820.