Person:Burroughs Kincaid (1)

Burroughs Kincaid
d.Bef 20 Sep 1763 Augusta County, Virginia
m. Bet 1728 and 1729
  1. Hobson KincaidEst 1728 -
  2. Joseph Kincaid1730 - 1821
  3. Burroughs Kincaid1735 - Bef 1763
  4. John Kincaid, of Albemarle County, Virginia1736 - 1795
  5. Elizabeth KincaidAbt 1743 -
  • HBurroughs Kincaid1735 - Bef 1763
  • WAnn CalvertEst 1733 - 1803
m. Abt 1760
  1. David Kincaid1760 - 1829
  2. Phoebe Kincaid1763 - 1858
Facts and Events
Name Burroughs Kincaid
Alt Name Burrough Kinkead
Alt Name Burrows Kinkead
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1735 Albemarle County, Virginia
Marriage Abt 1760 Virginiato Ann Calvert
Death? Bef 20 Sep 1763 Augusta County, Virginia[Killed by Indians]

Burroughs Kincaid was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Estate Records

  • Page 276.--20th September, 1763. Ann Kinkead's bond (with Thomas Stevenson, Joseph Kinkead) as administratrix of Burrows Kinkead.
  • Vol. 1 - SEPTEMBER 20, 1763. - (215) Ann Kinkead qualified admx. of her husband, Burrough Kinkead.
  • Page 315.--20th March, 1764. Burrow Kinkead's appraisement (by Saml. Steel, Jno. Finley, Wm. Christian). Recorded.

Record of son David

After the death of Burroughs Kincaid in Augusta County in 1763, his widow Ann married Robert Williams abt. 6 July 1765 in Augusta County [Chalkley's Vol. 2, Marriage Bond]. In the will of Robert Williams, he mentions Ann's son David Kincaid (and possibly an un-named sister*), as follows:
And further, I appoint and nominate my wife Ann, her son David Kinkead, and David Kinkead her sister's son (sic) to be my sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament, making void all other Wills and Testaments heretofore made.
  • - the wording of Robert William's will regarding "David Kincaid her sister's son" is referring to David Kinkead, son of Rebecca Calvert (Anne's sister) and her husband Joseph Kincaid, brother of Burroughs Kincaid.
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