Person:Jonathan Heath (2)

Jonathan Heath
b.Est 1726 prob. Maryland
m. Abt 1722
  1. William Heath1725 - 1791
  2. Jonathan HeathEst 1726 - Bef 1803
  3. Wilson HeathAbt 1733 - 1785
m. Bef 1748
  1. Ann Rachel HeathAbt 1748 -
  2. Mary Heath1753 -
  3. Asahel HeathEst 1755 to 1760 -
  4. William HeathAbt 1758 - 1834
Facts and Events
Name Jonathan Heath
Gender Male
Birth? Est 1726 prob. Maryland
Marriage Bef 1748 to Rachel Unknown
Death? Bef 1803 poss. Hardy County, Virginia

Jonathan Heath was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Jonathan Heath in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 198.--July, 1756; September, 1757. Christian Dosher, Dr., to Michael Thorn, account proved in Hampshire County before Jonathan Heath. 1st February, 1769.
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY, 1763 (A). - Hamilton vs. Cunningham.--Hampshire County, to wit: John McCollough, of the said County, being first sworn, deposeth and saith: That he went to Pittsburg the latter end of July in the year 1760, where (when) Patrick Cunningham, of the County of Augusta, kept store for Messrs. Thomas Semen and Philip Bush and that ye current price of rum at that time was sixteen shillings, Pennsylvania money, per gallon in the wholesale way, but this deponent saith that all the spring before he arrived the current price as settled per the General's orders was twenty-four shillings of the same currency per gallon, and that he, this deponent, disposed of as much rum as came to upwards of eighty pounds at the rate of 24 shillings per gallon and as much more after July as came to £5.15.0 at the rate of 16 shillings per gallon. (Signed) John McCullough. 13th November, 1762. Sworn to before me, Jonathan Heath.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1768 (C). McGinty vs. Skidmore.--Dr. Wm. Ginits vs. Joseph Skidmore. Account for schooling, dated Hampshire, 1766. Affidavit before Jonathan Heath.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1768 (C). - 1766. Joseph Skidmore to Dr. William Ginits, Dr. To your subscription for a year's schooling, £5, 0, 0, Hampshire County. Sworn to, 8th March, 1768, by William Ginits, before Jonathan Hath (Heath).
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1769 (C). - Henry Begley vs. James Kelly.--From Hampshire County. Attachment, 12th March, 1765. Samuel Dew, Deputy Sheriff. Henry swears, 15th June, 1769, before Jonathan Heath, that James is removed out of the Colony.

Land Records of Jonathan Heath

  • 1773 - Jonathan Heath sold 400 acres in Green Spring Valley.
  • 1774 - Jonathan Heath sold 400 acres on the North Branch of the Potomac.
  • 1775 - Jonathan Heath sold 400 acres in Green Spring Valley and 416 acres on "Captain John’s Run".
  • 1776 - the land of Jonathan Heath was noted on the head of Turnmill run and Pattersons Creek Mountain,
  • 1780 - Jonathan Heath received 209 acres on the Turning Mill Run, a drain of the South Branch.
  • 1789 - Jonathan Heath acquired 1,395 acres on the waters of the Meadow River between the Meadow River and Gauley River adjoining John Jones.
  • 1792 - Jonathan Heath obtained 206 acres on the South Branch Manor in Hampshire County.
  • 1799 - Jonathan Heath obtained 50 acres on the North Fork of Patterson Creek in Hardy County.

Information on Jonathan Heath

Moorefield, county seat of Hardy County, was charted by the Virginia General Assembly in 1777. The town was located on Conrad Moore's land and named in his honor. Hardy County's first county court meeting took place on February 7, 1786 at William Bullitt's home in Moorefield. Jonathan Heath, Abraham Hite, Robert Pogue, Abel Ruddle, Stephen Ruddle, Felix Seymour, Michael Stump, William Vause, Garrett Van Meter, Job Welton, and Vincent Williams served as Justices of the Peace. Brigadier General Joseph Neville, of Mount Storm, was named County Sheriff. He previously served as Hampshire County's Surveyor and, at a later meeting, was named Hardy County Surveyor as well. Edward Williams was appointed County Clerk. [Source: Hardy County History]


Chalkley's Augusta County Records