Person:John Wiley (33)

John Wiley, Sr.
d.BEF 20 NOV 1792 Montgomery County, Virginia
m. 3 OCT 1738
  1. John Wiley1739 -
  2. Peter Wiley1740 - 1805
  3. Alexander Wiley1742 - 1822
  4. Mary Wiley1744 -
  5. Thomas Wiley1745-1760 -
  6. William Wiley1745-1760 -
  7. Elizabeth Wiley1745-1760 -
  8. Sarah Wiley1745-1760 -
Facts and Events
Name John Wiley, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1715 Poss. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Marriage 3 OCT 1738 First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvaniato Catherine Chambers
Death? BEF 20 NOV 1792 Montgomery County, Virginia

John Wiley was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


John Wiley's land (Borden Tract SW, 280 acres acquired in 1750 & 236 acres acquired in 1770) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 764.--23d May, 1750. Benj. Borden to John Wiley. Kerr's Creek; corner Robert McElhenny, 280 acres. Delivered: John Stuart, February, 1758.
  • John Wiley received a patent for 170 acres on Buffalo Creek in Forks of James on 15 June 1760, as listed in the disposition listed below to Thomas Wilson.
  • Page 410.--22d September, 1763. William Davis, of Philadelphia, to Jno. Wiley, £120, 400 acres on east side New River, Francis Riley's line. Acknowledged by William. Delivered to John Wiley, August, 1765.
  • Page 332.--1st January, 1770. Borden's executors to John Wiley, £30, 236 acres, part of 92,100; corner Robert McElhenny on Carr's Creek; corner William McCampbell. Teste: Lew Bowyer. Delivered: John Wiley, 18th October, 1785.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 44.--19th August, 1765. John Willey (Wiley) to Peter and Alex. Wiley, sons of John, £200, 400 acres on New River, Francis Riley's line. Delivered: Pat. Lockhart, September, 1772.
  • Page 213.--14th October, 1765. John Willey (Wiley) to Thomas Wilson, £100, on Buffalo Creek in Forks of James, 170 acres patented to John 15th June, 1760. Delivered: Thomas Wilson, March Court, 1769.
  • Page 537.--19th August, 1766. John Willey to Thomas Wilson, £25, 70 acres, on Buffelo Creek in Forks of James. Delivered: Thomas Wilson, March, 1769. (Note: Chalkley's had £70 listed in transcript instead of 70 acres).

Estate Records of John Wiley

  • Vol. 1 - June 18, 1788.--John Wiley's will: To sons Thomas and William and to all children, viz: William, Thomas, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary. Test: David Humphreys, Rd. Tate, James Henery. September, 1792. Proved by one witness: Humphreys.
  • Vol. 1 - SEPTEMBER 18, 1792. - (182) John Wiley's will partly proved.

Processioning List of 1760 & 1765

"Processioning" was the process or periodically reviewing and agreeing upon property lines between settlers. Processioning Lists can be useful in determining the area of a settler and the neighboring settlers at a specific time period:

  • Page 279.--1760: Processioned by James Trimble, John Maxwell, viz: For Joseph Lapsley (bad state health), for John Moore, for Robert Alexander, for John Wiley, for James Campbell, for Patt Young, for Robert Moore, for Joseph Walker, for John Smiley, for Abraham Brown, for Peter Wallace, for Francis McCoun, for David Tilford, for Robert McKlehaney, for William Hall, for George Campbell, for John Paxton, for Wm. Paxton, for Alex. McKorkle, for James Campbell.
  • Page 385.--1765: Processioned by Collier and McCampbell, viz: For William McCamey, for Jno. Beatty (Samuel Norrad present), for Solomon Whitley, for Wm. Gilmore, for Robt. Erwin, for Jno. McKee, for Andw. McCampbell, for Henry Kirkham, for Edward Fairies, for James Campbell, for Alex. Deal, for John Gilmore, for Moses Cunningham for Robt. Hamilton, for James McCalster, for Hugh Cunningham, for George McConne;for Wm. Moore, Michael Kirkham present; for James Young, for Robert McKelhenny, for Margery Crawford, for Saml. Todd, for Rob. Young, for James Hutton, for James Todd, for George Gibson for Alex. Collier, for Jno. Hanna, for Robt. Talford, for Robt. McHenry, for David Talford, for William Hall, for John McMurtrey, for James Davies, for Robt. McKee, for Jno. Somers, for Jno. Huston, for Jno. Wylie, for Jno. McConne, for Archd. Buchanan, for Wm. Porter, for Jno. Wieley.

Records of John Wiley in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 278.--28th November, 1750. Francis McCown's bond as guardian of James McCord, orphan of William McCord, with surety Jno. Weiley. James chose his guardian.
  • Page 313.--18th May, 1756. James Campbell and Elizabeth ( ) to James Crawford, £18. 181 acres, part of tract where James Campbell now liveth in Fork of James. Cor. Ro. McElheney, John Wiley's line; cor. James Campbell.
  • Page 535.--15th March, 1758. Borden's executors to James McKee, £5, 310 acres, part of 92100; cor. Samuel Norwood on Kerr's Creek, Jno. Wiley's line. Delivered: Wm. McKee, April, 1764.
  • Page 403.--27th October, 1760. John Colyer's will--To wife Sisley; to son Alexander, 400 acres adjoining James Davis; to son John, place testator now lives on (infant); to son Moses, tract called Boyd's Entry; to son Aaron; to son (daughter?) Margaret. Executors, wife Sisley and James Gilmore. Teste: Jno. Summers, Jno. Wiley. Proved, 20th August, 1765, by the witnesses. Cicely (her mark ) qualifies, with Jas. Trimble, John Summers.
  • Page 418.--18th November, 1760. Jacob Cunningham's appraisement, by Jno. McCown, Jno. Willey, Andrew Hays--The following notes against Daniel and Samuel Lyle, Edward Fearis, Wm. Davis, Jno. Delap, James Brains, Francis McCown, Robert Moore, Francis Randall, Neaiell McClister, Robert McKeney, David Tallford, James and John Gilmer, Jno. Dunlap, French McKown, Wm. Olley, Richd. Brush, Samuel Horad, Alex. Dell, Edward Bovill, 1 neager fellow.
  • Page 64.--9th June, 1761. Patrick Young's appraisement, by Richd. Woods, Wm. Hall, John Paxton, John Wiley.
  • Page 423.--19th September, 1765. Henry Kirkham's estate appraised, by Jno. Wiley, Peter Wallace, Wm. McKee.
  • Page 271.--8th October, 1765. James McKee and Lydia ( ) to Thomas Kilpatrick, £68.10, 300 acres on Kerr's Creek; corner Samuel Norwood on Kerr's Creek, John Wiley's line. Delivered: Thomas Kilpatrick, 4th January, 1772.
  • Page 506.--12th January, (prob. 1766 or 1767) . Joseph Crockett's will, farmer--Executors, sons Walter and Joseph; wife, Jean, one-third of land he lives on on South Fork of Roanoke joining Mr. Matteson's line; son, Hugh; son, Walter; son, Joseph; son, Samuel, survey on Cedar Run above Willey's plantation; son, Robert, tract on head of Peak Creek, and a tract on head of Camp Run above Saml. Mountgomery's; to Walter and Joseph and Robert, tract on head of South Fork of Holston River; to daughter, Martha; daughter, Elizabeth; daughter, Agness; daughter, Mary. Teste: Phil Love, James Bryan, Joseph Colven. Proved, 17th March, 1767, by Love and Bryan. Walter Crockett qualifies (Joseph refuses), with Wm. Christian. David Looney, Thos. Barnes.
  • Page 1.--15th May, 1767. James Davis' estate appraised, by Jno. McCollon et als. Neal Casedy's bond; Martha Goldbreath; Robt. Shannan's bond; bonds of, viz: Jno. Neeley, Jno. Wiley, Andw. Smithers, Moses Coiler (Collier?).
  • Vol. 2 - FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT - 1768: page 91, John While, Forks, (May).
  • Vol. 2 - FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT - 1769: page 139, John Wiley, New River, (June), recording Wiley's deeds to you;
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 15, 1768. - (491) Hemp certificates: Jonathan Cunningham, James McCown, James Campbell, John Thompson, John Willey, Alexr. Deal, James Thompson, Thos. Kilpatrick, John Nickle.
  • Page 226.--5th August, 1769. Dr. the estate of Henry Kirkham in account with John Summers and Mary Evans, late Mary Kirkham, administrator c. t. a.--Cash paid Ann Long, Saml. Todd, Alex. Collier, John Wiley, James Bambridge, Abram Brown, John Hickman, Saml. Kirkham's legacy; Paul Whitley, for malt for the vendue; James Beats, for stilling liquor for the vendue; Robert Shannon, for crying for vendue. By Saml. Sharp's bond; Saml. Mann's account. By Jeremiah Seeley's note, insolvent. By Israel Burnley's note, insolvent.
  • Page 235.--17th August, 1769. The estate of Col. James Patton, Dr.-- To William Thompson, an executor, 1757, cash paid Col. Wm. Walker, cash paid Col. Green, cash paid Richard Vernon, James Coyle. 1762, February 10th, by to Banyans appraised. Cash of Doctor Walker on account of Jacob Harmon in full of the Horseshoe bottom. Cash of John Roerty, Andrew Haislip, Jacob Larton, Jacob Shull, James Hollis, Daniel Brown. By cash of Thos. Henry, rent of land in Louisa; Jno. Sprout, John and Christian Bigaman, Wm. Ledford, Jno. Ledford, Michl. Dougherday, Hugh Mares, Wm. Lepperd and Jacob Dye. James Hutton, Jno. Wiley for Jno. Ruckman, John Douglas for a tract of land in Louisa since Col. Patton's death.
  • Page 305.--17th March, 1770. John Patterson's will--To wife Jane; to grandson John Patterson, son of son Robert; to son John; to son William; to son James; to son Robert; to daughters Agness, Rebecca, Elizabeth. Teste: George Taylor, John Wiley. Proved, 28th March, 1770, by the witnesses. 19th June, 1770, Jane Patterson is granted administration and qualifies (mark), with Thos. Patterson, John Allison.
  • Page 28.--28th April, 1773. Henry ( ) Dawson and Mary ( ) to Neil Adair, on South Mountain at Reed's Gap, patented to Henry, 1770. Teste: Walter Davis, James Best, Samuel Love, John ( ) Wiley.
  • Vol. 2 - Jno. Wiley vs. McCampbell--O. S. 79; N. S. 27--Bill, 1804. John Wiley bought land on Carr's Creek from Borden and got deed in 1770, which he divided between his sons John and Andrew. The description calls for the lines of William McCampbell. Edward Gaylor deposes that in 1753 he lived with Frank McCown on the land in dispute. (Note: since this John Wiley did not appear to have a son named Andrew, this record may be for John Wiley, Jr.. More reaserch necessary).

Information on John Wiley

It is believed that John Wiley was born ca 1720 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From the research of Laurie Gerber, we have found that John married Catherine Chambers 3 Oct 1738 which was recorded at the 1st Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

John's children were all baptised at the church aforementioned:

Son John was born 15 Jul 1739 and baptised 1 Aug 1739.
Son Peter, born 12 Oct 1740 and baptised 29 Oct 1740 at Phildelphia Pennsylvania.
Son Alexander was born 29 Aug 1742 and was baptised 13 Sep 1742.
Daughter Mary was born 10 Jul 1744 and was baptised 2 Aug 1744.

There are more children, but these are the only ones listed through the church. John Wiley was quite a landowner. On 19 Aug 1765, John deeded 400 acres of land to sons Peter and Alexander. John's will was proven 20 Nov 1792 by John Davis and John Wiley Jr. It was written 3 Jan 1792 and divided his estate between sons John, Peter and Alexander. He signed it John Wylie. His date of death is listed as 1 Sep 1792 in Kentucky.