Person:John Walker (217)

John "Gunstocker" Walker
b.abt. 1714 Wigton, Scotland
d.27 March 1797-3 October 1797 Walkers Creek, Rockbridge County, Virginia
m. 15 JUN 1710
  1. Eleanor Walkerabt 1712 -
  2. John "Gunstocker" Walkerabt 1714 - 1797
  3. Alexander "Sawney" Walker1718 - 1783-1785
  • HJohn "Gunstocker" Walkerabt 1714 - 1797
  • WMargaret Cultonabout 1725 -
m. 1743
  1. Joseph Culton Walker1744 - 1815
  2. Mary Walkerabout 1750 -
  3. John Walkerabout 1750 - BEF 1797
  4. James Walkerabout 1752 - 1835
  5. Alexander Walkerabout 1754 - ABT 1820
  6. Samuel Walker1758 -
  7. William Walker1758 - 1837
  8. Jane Walkerabout 1760 - before 1797
  9. Margaret Walkerabout 1762 -
  10. Andrew Walkerabout 1764 -
  11. Eleanor Walkerabout 1766 -
Facts and Events
Name John "Gunstocker" Walker
Gender Male
Birth[2] abt. 1714 Wigton, Scotland
Marriage 1743 probably Augusta County, Virginiato Margaret Culton
Death[1] 27 March 1797-3 October 1797 Walkers Creek, Rockbridge County, Virginia
Burial? Probably Walkerland Cemetery, Walker's Creek, Rockbridge County, Virginia


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Source:White, 1902:566
Document:Will of John Walker (217), written 1797
Source:Chalkley's Chronicles
Transcript.Walkers in Chalkley's Chronicles


List of Records for John Walker in Chalkley's Chronicles
Walkers on Walkers Creek, property boundaries comparison


John Walker I (191)
Person:Alexander Walker (14) John Walker II (190)
John 217
Alexander 26
John III 81 James 126 Samuel 41 Samuel 55
the Orphan
Alexander 28 Joseph 55 Thomas
(81) X
(177) X

Joseph 79
Alexander 16
James 122
John 220
Samuel 64
Andrew 12
William 176 .

John 249
Joseph 71 X

John IV (149)
Samuel 49 .

John 211 .

Samuel 42
James 114
John 202
Joseph 51
Joel 5

James 164
Samuel 68

John 207
William 172
James 120
Alexander 24 X
Joseph 60
Alexander 27
Joseph 60
David 31

William 198 X
John 258 X
Joseph 50
James 127
Samuel 47

Most, but not all, Walkers in Chalkley's Chronicles can be traced to the Wigton Walker line as describe by White 1902. The above is a Summary of Male Descendancy of the Wigton Walker line, based on White, 1902. This includes the Walkers Creek and Natural Bridge lineages. Also included is thethe lines of Samuel the Orphan, known to be related to the Line of John III by YDNA, but also known not to be related to the line of Samuel of Natural Bridge. Not currently shown are the lines of, Alexander the Orphan, and the Letterkenney Walkers, all of which share the Walkers Creek YDNA signature with John III and Samuel the Orphan.) Entries marked "X", indicate individuals who are believed to have "died young", died without children, or about whom nothing is known.


John Walker, known to us as "Gunstocker John", was the son of Alexander I, of Wigton, Scotland. A 25 April 1714 baptismal record for a John Walker, the son of an Alexander Walker and Janet Cowan in Wigton, Scotland, is sometimes identified as that of Gunstocker John, but direct evidence for this is not known. (See Analysis. Family of Alexander Walker of Wigton Scotland). He came to America with his Uncle John in 1726.

Source:White, 1902 tells us that:

John Walker ... came with his Uncle John from Ireland to America. Soon afterwards he m. Mary Culton. They are both buried in a graveyard on the hill in front of his cousin, Alexander Walker's home, which is about one mile from where he settled on Walker's Creek. The farm is now [1902] owned by a Mr. Whitmore. John Walker was a member of the New Providence Church and was an upright, conscientious man. From his occupation he was called "Gunstocker John," and many of the guns he assisted in making were used in the Revolutionary War. [3]


John owned several tracts in the Walkers Creek area of what is now Rockbridge County and one in Botetourt County. Extracts of the land transactions believed to be his follow:

Orange County, Virginia, Deeds
Original land purchases by members of the Walker family on Hays Creek, later Walkers Creek
Original land purchases by members of the Walker family on Hays Creek, later Walkers Creek

Deed Bk 7: 285-289, 15 Apr 1743: Benjamin Borden of Orange County, Va, to John Walker, farmer, of same; 213 acres in Augusta County or that part of Orange County called Augusta on Hays Creek; bounded by land of James Walker and the patent line of Benjamin Borden. Witnesses: John Hart, James Moore, John Walker, James (his X mark) Robinson.

Augusta County, Virginia, Deeds

Deed Bk 4: 509-512, 28 Aug 1752: Joseph Culton, Gent, of Augusta County to John Walker of same; 100 acres on Moffet’s Creek for 20 shillings and 6 pence. Witnesses: Frances Beatey, Robert Coulton, Alexr. Walker. Recorded: 15 Nov 1752.

Deed Bk 5: 154-155, 19 Mar 1753: Benjamin Borden of Augusta County, heir-at-law and one of the Executors of the last will and testament of Benjamin Borden, dec’d of Orange County, to John Walker Junior of same; 302 acres on Moffets Creek for 27 pounds 5 shillings; bounded by Capt. Joseph Culton. Witnesses: James McCrosky, William McCrosky, Archibald Buchanon, Alexander McMullen. Recorded 21 March 1753. [In the margin noted “Examined & Delivered Alexander Walker Oct 1775”]

Deed Bk 17: 151-155, 21 Feb 1771: Arthur Grimes (signed Graham) and his wife Mary of Augusta County to John Walker of same; 61 acres, part of tract where Grimes now lives, for 20 pounds. Witnesses: Alexander Walker, Joseph Walker, James Walker, John Walker. Recorded 21 Mar 1771.
Deed Bk 21:289-293, 19 Aug 1776: John Walker of Augusta County to his son Alexander Walker of same; 402 acres on both sides of Moffets Creek “formerly two tracts one… had by deed from Benjamin Borden containing 302 acres the other… had of Joseph Culton by deed which contains 100 acres said tracts adjoin each other” for 100 pounds. No witnesses. Recorded 20 Aug 1776.

Land transactions of the Walker family on Walkers Creek from 1743 to 1763
Land transactions of the Walker family on Walkers Creek from 1743 to 1763

Botetourt County, Virginia Deeds

Deed Bk 2: 90-92, 13 Mar 1775 (Deed of Release dated 14 Mar 1775): William Thompson and William Preston, executors of James Patton late of Augusta County to John Walker of Botetourt County; 392 acres on “a branch of James River called Cavel (Caval?) Run. No Witnesses.
Deed Bk 5: 191-192, 13 Jan 1795: Joseph Walker, attorney of John Walker of Rockbridge County, to William Moore of Botetourt County; 60 pounds; 170 acres on the waters of Graveyard Run the waters of Spreading Spring Branch branch of James River; joining James Moore; Peter Harkley, and John Chambers. Witnesses: Saml. Walker, James McPheeters, Thos. Rowland.
Land transactions of the Walker family on Walkers Creek from 1763 to April 1780. Note the legend above is in error. Number 3 was sold to "Gunsmith" John Walker not his father "Gunstocker" John Walker
Land transactions of the Walker family on Walkers Creek from 1763 to April 1780. Note the legend above is in error. Number 3 was sold to "Gunsmith" John Walker not his father "Gunstocker" John Walker

Rockbridge County, Virginia, Deeds

Deed Bk A;250-251, 4 Apr 1780: Anthony Kelly and Elizabeth his wife of Rockbridge County to John Walker of same; 95 acres on a branch of Walkers Creek for 1800 pounds. No witnesses. Recorded: 4 Apr 1780.
Deed Bk A: 273, 5 Sep 1780: John Walker and Margaret his wife of Rockbridge County to Hugh Kelso of same; 42 acres on a branch of Walkers Creek being part of a tract of 95 acres formerly belonging to William Kelly for 900 pounds. No witnesses. Recorded: 5 Sep 1780.
Deed Bk C:105, 17 Sep 1794: John Walker of Rockbridge County appoints his son Joseph Walker his lawful attorney to sell land in Botetourt County adjoining James Moore, Peter Hartley, and John Chambers. Witnesses: Samuel Houston, Polly Moore, John Rodgers, William Davison. Recorded 7 Oct 1794.

In his 1797 will, John left "the plantation that I now live on, containing two hundred and seventy-one acres, be the same more or less" to his son William. This 271 acres was presumably composed of the original tract of 213 acres he purchased from Benjamin Borden in 1743 and an adjoining 61 acres purchased from his son-in-law and daughter, Arthur and Mary (Walker) Grimes/Graham, in 1771. Unaccounted for are the remainders of the 392 acre tract he owned in Botetourt County and 95 acre tract he purchased from Anthony and Elizabeth Kelly in 1780. It is possible the deeds disposing of this property during John's lifetime were overlooked when the records of these counties were consulted. It is also possible these lands are part of the remainder of his estate he directed to be divided between his children and grandchildren after his debts and funeral expenses were paid. These deeds may be outside the higher end of the period reviewed which was about 1800. There is also the third possibility the deeds selling these two tracts were not recorded. Whatever the case, reviewing the land records and extending the time period covered needs to be done to sow up these loose ends in his land ownership history.

There are also several deeds for a John Walker purchasing property on Walkers Creek in 1778. Initially these were thought to be purchases made by Gunstocker John, however in reviewing the timeline of these purchases and their subsequent dispositions these are now thought to involve his son John who died shortly before him.


White says John's occupation was gunstocking and that appears to be correct. He is identified as "Gunstocker John Walker" in the 1780 patent of his son John Walker's land adjoining his on Walker's Creek as well as in some Rockbridge County tax list. As a gunstocker, John practiced the art of carving gun stocks from wood and attaching them to barrels. But this was not his only skill, the Rockbridge County tax lists also refer to him as a blacksmith which was probably his primary profession and one shared by his brother "Sawney" Alexander, his cousin Alexander, and several of his sons. Gunstocking would have been a nice compliment to his smithing and it may be he was exceptionally skilled at it since he was known predominantly as a gunstocker and not as a blacksmith. A ledger covering the years 1788-1795 for a John Walker who was a blacksmith in Rockbridge County is in the collection of the Wisconsin Historical Society. This was probably Gunstocker John's ledger. His son John, also a blacksmith but known as a gunsmith, died in 1794 leaving his father as the only candidate in the area. John would have been close to 80 years old in 1795, a rather advanced age for a man to still be working as a blacksmith. It is possible by the time period the ledger covers John had taken on more of a managerial role of his blacksmith shop with his adult sons doing the actual work. The ledger records the repair of everyday household items for his customers as the crafting items such as: gate hinges, fire dogs, broad axes, "plow shields," "tommy hawks," and, of course, gun barrels.


1. Complete documentation

2. Discussion of birth order of children


  1. White, Emma Siggins. Genealogy of the descendants of John Walker of Wigton, Scotland: with records of a few allied families, also war records and some fragmentary notes pertaining to the history of Virginia, 1600-1902. (Kansas City, Missouri: Tiernan-Dart Printing Co., 1902).

    Date and probate of will, transcribed in Source:White, 1902:568

  2. This year is probably based upon a 25 April 1714 baptismal record for a John Walker, the son of an Alexander Walker and Janet Cowan in Wigton, Scotland. There is no evidence this records is for "Gunstocker" John Walker.
  3. YDNA evidence has shown that White's presentation of the Wigton Walker family is fundamentally in error. Specifically, there are two separate family lines of Walkers that have been conflated. We do not know which of the two lines actually descend from John I of Wigton Scotland. See: Analysis. Wigton Walker YDNA