Person:John Tate (28)

John Tate, Esq., Virginia Legislator
d.13 December 1802 Augusta County, Virginia
m. abt. 1740/41
  1. Capt. James Tate1742 - 1781
  2. Lt. Thomas Tate1744 - 1833
  3. Eleanor Tate1747 - 1801
  4. John Tate, Esq., Virginia Legislatorabt 1749 - 1802
  5. Gen. William Tate1753 - 1830
  6. Robert Tate, of Middlebrook, Augusta County, VA1755 - 1832
  • HJohn Tate, Esq., Virginia Legislatorabt 1749 - 1802
  • WJane "Jinney" Berryabt 1756 - 1834
m. abt. 1774
  1. John Tate, Jr.1774 - bef 1814
  2. Nancy Tateabt 1775 - 1803
  3. Mary "Polly" TateAbt 1776 - bef 1820
  4. Isaac TateABT 1778 - AFT 1804
  5. Eleanor "Ellen" Tate1782 - 1852
  6. Drucilla S. Tate1784 - 1859
  7. Elizabeth M. Tate1790 - BEF 1834
  8. Jane Berry "Jenny" Tate1791 - 1854
  9. Clarinda Pinckney Tate1797 - 1834
Facts and Events
Name John Tate, Esq., Virginia Legislator
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt. 26 February 1749 North Mountain, Augusta County, Virginia(probably 1748/9)
Christening? 26 February 1749 South Mountain, Augusta County, Virginia[Bapt. at South Mountain Meeting House by Rev. John Craig]
Marriage abt. 1774 Augusta County, Virginia[Augusta County Suit, Tate's heirs vs. Tate's executors]
to Jane "Jinney" Berry
Burial[2] 1802 Old Providence ARP Church Cemetery, Spottswood, Augusta County, Virginia, USA
Death[1] 13 December 1802 Augusta County, Virginia

John Tate was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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NOT to be confused with Col. John Tate (abt. 1743-1828) of Botetourt, Fincastle, Washington and Russell Counties, Virginia, who married Mary Bracken.

Will Abstract

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 252.--18th April, 1801. John Tate's will--To wife and children, whole estate to be kept together for their benefit. Executors, wife Jinney, friends Robert Tate, Samuel Finley, Isaac Tate. Teste: John Tate. 3d; James Henry, Wm. Fulton, Geo. Berry. Proved, 27th December, 1802. Jinney, Robert, and Sam. qualify.

Identity of John Tate's Wife

Several researchers have believed that the wife of this John Tate was a Jane "Jenny" Steele, but recently, after examining the Revolutionary Pension Application and Statement of John Berry, it appears that John Tate's wife was actually Jane "Jenny" Berry, the sister of John Berry, both children of George Berry (est. 1725-1804) of Augusta County, Virginia. In his Revolutionary War Service Statement, John Berry clearly states that he served for one month in the place of John Tate, his brother-in-law, and served under [then] Capt. William Tate, who appears to be the brother of this John Tate, as follows:
That also he (John Berry) volunteered for two months which tour he served out under Capt Thos Smith [Thomas Smith] in the fall of the year seventeen hundred and eighty who went from Staunton Virginia. The other officers not recollected. that also, he went as a substitute for his brother in law John Tate and served one month. This tour was seved in the fall about Sept. shortly previous to Cornwallises capture in Oct’r. 1781 [Cornwallis, 19 Oct 1781] under Capt. William Tate in Colo Boyers regiment again with Major Long – Gen’l Layfayette Gen’l Wayne – Gen’l Mulenburgh [sic: Lafayette, Anthony Wayne, Peter Muhlenberg] regular officers were along and commanded but this declarant was more under the immediate command of Gen’l [William] Campbell who was a militia officer & died on this Expedition Major [Thomas] Armisted is also recollected as a regular officer. that he served several minor tours as a volunteer besides the foregoing – particulars of which are not sufficiently recollected to set them forth that on the second Expedition above named he marched from Augusta County Va. to Richmond where he staid in service the ballance of s’d tour.
It should also be noted that George Berry, John Tate's apparent father-in-law, was a witness to John Tate's will, listed above, also adding additional support to John Tate's wife being a Berry instead of a Steele.
In addition, Based on the research by the Berry Family Research Team, they also feel fairly confident that John Tate Esquire's wife was Jane 'Jinny' BERRY, a daughter of George Berry (c1720-1803).. Their research is at the following website:
Genealogy of the Berry and Associated Families

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 177.--3d October, 1780. James Tate's will--To wife and children. estate to be kept together for their support and education. Executors, wife Sarah, Benj. Stuart, John Tate, Jr., William Tate. Teste: Thomas Tate, John Tate, Jr., Jenny Tate. Proved, 21st August. 1781. by Thomas and Jane Tate. Executors qualify. [Note: James Tate was John Tate's brother, he named John as an executor and he and Jenny were both witnesses]
  • Page 93.--26th January, 1801. John Tate's bond as executor of estate of Abraham Belew pending a contest of his will.
  • Page 96.--19th August, 1797. Abraham Belew's will--To wife, Ann; to Jenny Tate, daughter to John Tate; to David Fulwider, son to John Fulwider. Executors, John Tate and John Fulwider. Teste: C. Berry, Thos. Burns, George Fullwider. Presented 26th January, 1801, and proved by Berry and Burns. Recording is contested and continued to next Court. And at February Court, 1801, objection is withdrawn and ordered recorded. John Tate qualifies. [Note: the relationship between Abraham Belew and John Tate has not been determined].

The following suits in Augusta County helps to detail the family of this John Tate:

  • Vol. 2 - Tate's heirs vs. Tate's executors--O. S. 144; N. S. 50--Bill, 28th July, 1803. Complainants are, viz: Thomas, John, Isaac, Mary Tate, Andrew Steel and Elizabeth, his wife, and Sarah Tate. In 17__ a contract was made between John Tate, father of Thomas, of one part and Thomas and his brother, James Tate (deceased), of other part, by which Thomas and James were to assist in building a mill. John, Isaac, Mary, Elizabeth and Sarah are children and legal representatives of James. John died testate, devising part of mill to his son John, part to orator Thomas, and remainder to orators John and Isaac. James Tate died 178_ testate. John Tate, Jr., lately died testate. Suit against executor of John Tate, Sr., and of John Tate, Jr., for accounting. Thomas Tate removed to Holston. Answer 1804 by Jane Tate, widow and executrix of John Tate, Jr., and by Samuel Finley, who married Polly Tate, daughter of said John. Jane married John about 1774. Samuel married Polly about 1796-1797. John Tate, Sr., died March, 1801. Deposition 23d July, 1804, of Hugh Fulton in Flemingsburg, Ky. Hugh did not marry the widow of James Tate. Charles Tate deposes in Washington County, 9th March, 1805: Is son of Thomas Tate and grandson of John. Nancy Tate deposes ditto, is daughter-in-law of John Tate. James Tate was killed at Battle of Guilford, 1781. Hugh Fulton, Sr., deposes in Augusta, aged 77 years. The contract about mill was made prior to 1774. Alexander Hall deposes ditto, was brother of James Tate's wife. William Tate deposes 27th June, 1804, in Washington County, brother of Thomas and James. William moved from Augusta in 1782-83. Alexander Stuart deposes 28th January, 1804, in Augusta, aged 70. James Tate died 1780. His wife, Sarah, married Hugh Fulton in 1785, and they moved to Kentucky about 1781. Peter Alexander deposes 25th October, 1805, in Woodford County, Kentucky.

Which John is Which?

During his lifetime, this John was known as John TATE Jr in Augusta County tax lists from 1792 through 1790 to distinguish him from his father and as John TATE, Esq. from 1791 to 1801.

Information on John Tate

14. John Tate (1749-1802) married c1774 Jane (Berry or Steele) (1755-1834) State Legislator.
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Family Group Record
John Tate
Birth: 26 FEB 1748 , Augusta, Virginia
Marriage: About 1769 , Augusta, Virginia
Death: 13 DEC 1802 , Rockbridge, Virginia

Jane Steele
Birth: About 1755 , Augusta, Virginia
Marriage: About 1769 , Augusta, Virginia
Death: 1834 , Augusta, Virginia


1. Nancy Tate
Birth: 1771 , Augusta, Virginia
Death: 29 APR 1803 , Augusta, Virginia

2. John Tate
Birth: 03 NOV 1772 , Augusta, Virginia
Death: 01 AUG 1854 , Callaway, Missouri

3. Isaace Tate
Birth: About 1778 , Augusta, Virginia
Death: After 1800 , , Kentucky

4. Elenor Tate
Birth: 14 MAR 1782 , Augusta, Virginia
Death: 1852 , Wilkes, North Carolina

5. Drucilla S Tate
Birth: 1787 , Augusta, Virginia
Death: Before 1870 , Rockbridge, Virginia

6. Jane Berry Tate
Birth: 1791 , Augusta, Virginia
Death: 21 NOV 1854 , Augusta, Virginia

7. Elizabeth M Tate
Birth: 1790 , Augusta, Virginia
Death: Before 1834 , Augusta, Virginia


Info from DAR lineage:

3. John Tate, Jr. (1749/1803), Soldier-Virginia Unit/wife: Steele, Jane (?-5th G’GrandUncle/Aunt)

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