Person:John Summers (21)

John Summers
d.27 March 1806 Mason County, Kentucky
  • F.  Summers (add)
m. bef. 1705
  1. Elizabeth Summers1705 - bef 1781
  2. John Summersabt 1712 - 1806
m. bef. 1760
  1. John Summers, Jr.1760 - AFT 1837
  • HJohn Summersabt 1712 - 1806
  • WIsabella Todd1733 - Abt 1818
m. June 1761
  1. Mary SummersBET 1762 AND 1768 - 1807
  2. William Summers1765 -
  3. Isabelle Summers1770 - 1850
  4. Samuel Summers1771 - 1847
Facts and Events
Name John Summers
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt. 1712 poss. Fairfax County, Virginia
Alt Marriage BEF DEC 1748 to Elizabeth Kirkham
Marriage bef. 1760 to Elizabeth Kirkham
Marriage June 1761 Augusta County, Virginiato Isabella Todd
Death[1] 27 March 1806 Mason County, Kentucky
Alt Death? 27 March 1806 Barren County, Kentucky

John Summers was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


John Summer's land (Borden Tract SW, 440 acres, 1768) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 69.--17th March, 1768. Same (From Borden's executors) to John Summers, £40, 440 acres of 92,100, William McKee's corner in the patent line; corner James Davis; corner Samuel Willson and Hugh Cunningham; corner Samuel McMurty. Teste: James and Samuel McDowell, Moses Trimble.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 392.--9th June, 1769. John ( ) Summers and Isabella, of the Forks of James River, to James McMath and Susanna, his wife, of said Forks, £60, 440 acres in Forks of James; corner Wm. McKee's on Borden's patent line; corner James Davis; corner Samuel Wilson, Hugh Cunningham's line; corner Samuel McMurtry.( Teste: James Davies, John McMurtrey. John Young.

Two Wives of John Summers

Records in Augusta County support John Summers having two wives: first to Elizabeth Kirkham, daughter of Robert Kirkham. She must have died shortly after the birth of their son John, born in May 1760, as John Summers had married second, Isabella Todd, widow of Patrick Young, in about June 1761.

Records of John Summers in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 146.--14th December, 1748. Robert Kirkham's will--Wife, Sarah; son, Henry; daughter, Nancy; daughter, Elizabeth; daughter, Margaret; daughter, Sarah. Debt to be paid to Elizabeth Sommers. Executrix, wife Sarah. Teste: Jno. and Ro. Moore, Saml. McCluer, James Trimble. Presented 17th May. 1749, by Sarah, and proved by all witnesses. (Note: this record appears to indicate that John Summers had married Robert Kirkham's daughter, Elizabeth prior this date. The "Elizabeth Sommers" referred to in Robert Kirkham's will could possibly also be John Summer's mother, if still alive and named Elizabeth).
  • Page 215.--18th September, 1759. John ( ) Coyler (Coyler, Collier, Colyer) and Sisely ( ) to Robert Huston, £25, 95 acres on a branch of Bufflow Creek called Colyer's Creek patented to John, 16th June, 1756, on creek; corner Jno. Summers. Teste: Wm. Lusk, John ( ) Alleson, John McClung.
  • Page 403.--27th October, 1760. John Colyer's will--To wife Sisley; to son Alexander, 400 acres adjoining James Davis; to son John, place testator now lives on (infant); to son Moses, tract called Boyd's Entry; to son Aaron; to son (daughter?) Margaret. Executors, wife Sisley and James Gilmore. Teste: Jno. Summers, Jno. Wiley. Proved, 20th August, 1765, by the witnesses. Cicely (her mark ) qualifies, with Jas. Trimble, John Summers.
  • Page 109.--29th June, 1761. William Brown's estate, appraised by John Summers, Wm. Hall, Jas. Davis.
  • Page 249.--18th November, 1762. John Summers' bond (with Jas. McDowell, Jas. Trimble) as guardian (appointed) to Sarah, James, Jannet and Alex. Young, orphans of Patrick Young. (Note: John Summers had married (as his second wife) Isabella Todd, widow of Patrick Young (who died May, 1761)).
  • Page 405.--6th March, 1765. Henry Kirkham's will--Wife, Mary; son. Robert, the land at the Great Spring; son, Samuel, a mare bought from Edward Gill; son, Michael, 50 acres between John Collier (Colyer) and John Wiley; son, John, 100 acres near John Collier's (Colyer) on the Dry Creek side; sons, Henry and Joseph, infants, land testator lives on to be divided by Richard Woods and Jno. Summers; to daughter Jane; to infant in wife's womb; daughters, Margaret and Elizabeth. If any of the heirs by former wife die infants. Executors, wife, Peter Wallace and Jno. Summers. Peter Wallace has authority to bind son John to his brother Samuel. Teste: Robt. Kirknam, Alex. Collier, Michl. Kirkham. Proved, 30th August, 1765, by Robert and Michael Kirkham. Peter Wallace refuses to execute. Others qualify, with Alex. Dale, Wm. Scott, Robt. Young. (Note: Henry Kirkham was the brother-in-law of John Summers).
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1766 (A). - Summers vs. Campbell.--John Summers and Isabella, his wife, late Isabella Young, complain of James Campbell and Richard Woods. Bond dated 23d June, 1761.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 18, l768. - (495) John Summers, James Gilmure and Moses Colier, to view a road from George Gibson's at the House Mountain to John Hanna's Mill.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 21, 1769. - (84) Constable: John Summers, vice Alexr. Dale.
  • Page 226.--5th August, 1769. Dr. the estate of Henry Kirkham in account with John Summers and Mary Evans, late Mary Kirkham, administrator c. t. a.--Cash paid Ann Long, Saml. Todd, Alex. Collier, John Wiley, James Bambridge, Abram Brown, John Hickman, Saml. Kirkham's legacy; Paul Whitley, for malt for the vendue; James Beats, for stilling liquor for the vendue; Robert Shannon, for crying for vendue. By Saml. Sharp's bond; Saml. Mann's account. By Jeremiah Seeley's note, insolvent. By Israel Burnley's note, insolvent.
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