Person:John States (1)

John States
b.ABT 1715
  • HJohn StatesABT 1715 - BEF 1758
  • WMary LidyardABT 1722 - AFT 1788
m. ABT 1749
  1. Ann Statesabt 1750 - 1810
Facts and Events
Name John States
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1715
Marriage ABT 1749 Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Lidyard
Death? BEF JAN 1758 Augusta County, Virginia

John States was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - 1748, May 18th--John Stats, 150 acres joining Brock's land in the Gap.
  • Page 9.--9th August, 1748. Wm. Walling to Jno. States. Teste: Peter Schall, Samuel Newman, David Stewart. William's wife was Mary Catharine. (Note: this deed is for "100 acres on North River, Shenando, above the Gap". (Listed in "Fitzwater vs. Hughes", 1808, Chalkley's)).
  • Christian Tosher (Dasher) transferred 200 acres to John States on Apr. 1, 1755, the land lying in Augusta County, on the South Fork of the south Branch of Potomac.

John States Killed by Indians in 1758

John States is included in the list from Chalkley's of Indian Attacks of 1755-1759 in Augusta County of settlers killed by "the enemy" (most likely Shawnee Indians being spurred on by the French) in Augusta County:

  • 1758, January.-- John States, at Brooks Gap, killed.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 42.--21st May, 1747. Abel Westfall qualifies executor of John Bougard, with sureties Thomas West and John States. Teste: Samuel Portcus.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 21, 1747. - (198) Saml. Delap appd. Constable, vice Nath. McClure; John Spear, Constable, vice Jno. Trimble; James Galespy, Constable, vice Wm. Wright; Ro. Ramsey, Constable, vice Thos Black; Alexr. McCroskie, Constable, vice Charles Hays; John Erwin, Constable, vice James Hogshead; James Hogart and Wallace Ashton, Constables, vice James Maies; Thos. Cohoon and David Miller, Constables, on Roan Oke; Archd. Hamilton and David Stevenson, Constables, vice Danl. Deniston; James Slone, Constable, vice James Hony; Geo. Draper, Peter Rentfro and James Cohoon, Constables, vice Humb. Lyon; John Ramsey, Constable, vice Wm. Guy; James Beard and John Maggot, Constables, vice Adam Miller; Andrew Scot, Constable, vice John Ramsey; John Campbell, Constable, vice Ro. Givin; John Leath, Constable, vice Elisha Job; Valentine Sevear, Constable, vice Wm. Carroll; John States, Constable, vice James Robinson; Ro. Montgomerie and John McClintin, Constables, vice Wm. Scot.
  • Vol. 1 - APRIL 20, 1748. - (3) Wm. Waldon, John State, Geo. Forbush and Chas. Daley, appraisers.
  • Page 106.--26th August, 1748. Samuel Adams' appraisement by George Forbush, John States, Wm. Walling.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 24, 1750. - (373) Road ordered from County line to John States' mill.
  • Page 252.--2d July, 1750. Richard Ticktom's will--Wife, Rose, the mare that was Frederick's; son, Joseph; son, Richard; daughter, Mary; daughter, Nanny (the horse at John Miller's, and cow at Ben Hass). Teste: Wm. Miller, Thos. West, John States. Presented by Rose Ticktom, 28th August, 1750, and witnesses summoned. Proved, 20th February, 1750, by States, and Rose qualified administratrix, with sureties Daniel Love, James Hamilton. (No bond here.)
  • Page 377.--24th August, 1751. Inventory of Richard Ticktum from the gap of the North Mountain upon Shannadore, by Charles Dayly, John Steats, Uriah Humble, all of the place aforesaid.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 16, 1753. - (9) Wm. Leeper appointed Constable on New River, vice Adam Harman. John States and Alexr. Painter appointed overseers for a new road from North Mountain Gap, called Brock's Gap, near Thomas Mish, to the mouth of Lost River, leading to North Mountain.
  • Page 104.--20th January, 1755. John Glass' will--Wife, Sarah; children, Samuel, John, William, Elizabeth, Sarah and Mary. The 100 acres lying between Joseph Glass and John Bukket; gives testator's part to John Bukket. The 150 acres lying between David Glass' line and Mr. Wood's, also to John Bukket. Executors are Wm. Wright, wife Sarah, Richard Pillson. Teste: James Caldwell, Andrew Alexander, John States. Proved, 21st May, 1755, by all witnesses, and all executors qualify.
  • Vol. 2 - List of Persons Killed by the enemy (Indians) - 1758, January.--John States, at Brooks Gap, killed.
  • Vol. 2 - John Ulrick Spore vs. Wood, &c.--O. S. 181; N. S. 64--Bill 1809. Previous to 1st April, 1755, Christopher Tosher (or Dasher) contracted with James Wood, Wm. Russell and Wm. Green for 200 acres on So. Fork of So. Br. Potomac (now Hardy County) and received a title bond in 1757. On 1st April, 1755, Christopher (Christian) transferred to John States, who died before 22d August, 1772, on which day Ann Willson (formerly Ann States, John's only child, who had married Isaac Wilson) transferred to John Gardner. On 21st November, 1777, Gardner sold to Zacharias Smith, who on 11th September, 1779, sold to Martin Gryder, who on 22d February, 1780, sold to orator. James Wood, William Green, Willm. Russell, Christian Dasher and John Gardner are dead. Wood's heir-at-law is James Woods, living in Virginia, and Dasher's heir is Christian Dasher.

Information on John States

John States purchased two hundred acres from Christian Tosher on April 1, 1755*, the land lying in Augusta County, on the South Fork of South Branch of Potomac. The South Fork is now known as Moorefield River and it winds through a very narrow valley on the eastern side of Shenandoah Mountain. John States was killed at Brook's Gap within four months after the purchase and, on August 22, 1775, "Ann Wilson, formerly Ann States, John's only child who had married Isaac Wilson --- conveyed said land to John Gardner".1 It may be noted that the date of sale was eight days after Joseph Wilson sold his land interests to Charles, Junior.

  • - Note: this source incorrectly stated this date as April 1, 1775, was actually in 1755.