Person:John Paul (14)

John Paul, Sr.
b.Abt. 1716
m. Bef. 1716
  1. John Paul, Sr.Abt 1716 - 1794
  2. James PaulEst 1720-1730 -
  3. Margaret PaulEst 1725-1735 - est 1762-1769
m. bef. 1749
  1. Margaret Paulbef 1749 - 1830
  2. Mary Paul1749 - 1789
  3. Esther (Easter) Paul1754-1780 -
  4. Andrew Paul1754-1780 - BEF 1833
  5. Jean Paul1754-1780 - BEF 1826
  6. James PaulEst 1754-1760 - BEF 1831
  7. John Paul, Jr.BEF 1765 -
  8. Isabella PaulBEF 1772 -
  9. Jennet PaulBEF 1772 -
Facts and Events
Name John Paul, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1716
Alt Birth? 1 JUL 1718
Marriage bef. 1749 to Mary Baxter
Death? 28 Sept. 1794 Rockbridge County, Virginia
Probate? 6 JAN 1795 Rockbridge Co., VA USA
Will? 1 SEP 1795 Rockbridge Co., VA USA

John Paul was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


John Paul's land (Borden Tract SE, 400 acres, 1754) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 244.--10th April, 1754. Borden's executors to John Paul, 400 acres in Borden's tract. Cor. to patent line on the northeast end of a hill by a small run that descends from the house where the said John McDowell and Benj. Borden the younger, dwelt at the time of their decease.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 295.--15th May, 1754. John Paul to Roger Keys. Benjamin Borden, Sr. had agreed to convey to John McDowell several parcels or tracts of land in Borden's tract to John McDowel and McDowell had covenanted to sell 400 acres to John Paul. Borden and McDowell both died, and Paul brought suit to compel a conveyance, which was decreed, but Benjamin, Jr., died before conveyance; but Archibald Alexander and Magdalen did convey to Paul, 10th April, 1754, now, $12, 400 acres where Benjamin Borden, Jr., and John McDowell lived on a small branch of Mary Creek at a corner in patent line; corner to said John Paul's land; corner to said John Paul and Thomas Paxton, joyner.
  • Page 43.--5th June, 1766. Andrew Stevenson and Sarah and John Paul and Mary to Robert Carruthers, £57, 200 acres formerly belonging to Andrew Baxter and bequeathed by him to Andrew Stevenson, his grandson, after the death of Margaret, his wife, by will dated 15th September, 1748, recorded in Augusta, but John Paul and Mary were the true proper heirs of said Andrew Baxter; corner Borden's tract. Teste: Walter Smiley, Joseph Ward.

Will of John Paul

Rockbridge County, VA Will Book 1, p. 500.

John Paul's Will

My wife Mary Paul allowed house and dwelling for her lifetime or more and 200 Acres to raise the family on. At her death land and dwelling to my son John Paul and his heirs. To keep house in decent repair, rest of land being 220 Acres to my son John's two oldest sons John and Andrew (west end of plantation). Wife Mary Paul, 1/3 of moveable property, remainder to the girls, Easter, Jean and Jiney. The old woman 1 Cail hors, and 2 cows, 1/3 of household furniture and what money is due to be collected. To Esbela Beaty, the negro wench; the other 2 to my 3 daughters. The bay mare Calley Romey to Marey Paul. John Direther my clothes and Ambrose and Bostans forfold est. of Man to John. Children to divide the books among themselves. Stock to the girls except necessary for use of farm. Tract of land in the Gassey Valley (which son James gave in Swap of tract at the Missel Shols; I p[aid 6 lbs, and 9 lbs I lent him to purchase the other tract at Holston) I leave the aforesaid to Andrew Paul my son and John Paul, they pay the 9 lbs to Marey Rays children equally. 5 lbs to Esther Raye. Andrew Scott, Samuel Wilson, John Paul, executors.

Signed: John Paul Sr.

Witnesses: Andrew Scott Senr. Andrew Scott, Jr.

1 September 1795, produced in court. James Beatty and wife Isabella Paul Beatty and Esther, Jeane, and Jiney Paul contested will's validity saying decedent was non compos mentes; witnesses testified, court agreed. John Paul, Jr. appealed.

Processioning Lists of 1748 and 1767/8

"Processioning" was the process or periodically reviewing and agreeing upon property lines between settlers. Processioning Lists can be useful in determining the area of a settler and the neighboring settlers at a specific time period:

Processioning List of 1748:

  • Page 14.--12 April, 1748: Processioners' Returns: Robert Huston and Alex. McClure: Processioned for Wm. Hall, Robert Allison present; 20th January, 1747-8, processioned for John McNab, Baptist McNab present; 20th January 1747-8, processioned for Robert Huston; 28th January, 1747-8, processioned for Charles Hays, Andrew Hays present; processioned for Wm. Givens, Andrew Hays present; 29th January, 1747-8, processioned for John Stevenson, Andrew Stevenson present; 29th January, 1747-8, processioned for Andrew Baxter, Nathaniel Evans present; 29th January 1747-8, processioned for Alex. McCleary, Moses Whiteside present; 30th January, 1747-8, processioned for Mathew Lyle, John Lyle present; 30th January, 1747-8, processioned for John Gray, Mathew Lyle present; 12th February, 1747-8, processioned for John Pater Sally, Michael Finney present; 10th March, 1747-8, processioned for John Paul, Roger Kays present.

Processioning List of 1767/8

  • Page 450.--1767-68: Processioned by Wm. McElhenny and Paul Whitley: For Samuel Walker, John Maxfield, Wm. McClenachan, David Cloid, Edley (Audley) Paul, James Cloid, William Hall, Christian Vingard, John Bouers, John Logan, Benj. Estill, Wm. McElhenny, Henry Bouns (Bonns), Henry Cartmel, Samuel Gibson, James Bates, Paul Whitley, Jonathan Whitley, Wm. Logan. Processioned by John Pall, John Lyle: For John Keys, John Parks, Robert Caruthers, Roger Keys, Jno. Paul, John Hays, Thomas Willson, David Williamson, Jno. Boid, Thomas Boid, Walter Smiley, Jno. Clemans, James McClung, Wm. Alexander, John Lusk, James Ritchey, Jno. Sloan, Joseph Alexander. Processioned by James Hugart: For Charles Donelly, Jno. Cartmill, Robert Stewart, Thomas Galespie, Jno. McCashling, Mary Moore, James McCay, Wm. McCay, Ralph Laferty, John Galespie, James Hugart.

Records of John Paul in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 51.--18th August, 1747. George Hays' appraisement: By Jno. Stevenston, John Paul, Nathl. Evans.
  • Page 699.--1st February, 1749-50. Benj. Borden to Thomas Paxton, joyner; corner Wm. McClung in John Stevenson's old line; corner George Stevenson, John Paul's corner; corner Andrew Stevenson, William McLung's line. 410 acres. Delivered: Wm. McClung for Thos. Paxton, June, 1752.
  • Page 819.--9th June, 1750. Benj. Borden to John Karr. 336 acres, David Karrs line; corner Francis Beatty. Teste: Jno. Paul, Wm. Whitesides, Robt. Cilpatrick, Saml. Woods.
  • Page 202.--26th August, 1751. William Paul's will--To daughter Margaret, all estate; to son John, 5 shillings; son James, 5 shillings. Executors, Charles Hays, James Moore. Teste: James Lee, Samuel Linsey. Proved, 16th November, 1757, by the witnesses. Chas. Hays qualifies with James Trimble, Saml. Linsey. (Note: William Paul was John Paul's father).
  • Page 232.--1st December, 1757. William Paul's appraisement, by Andrew Hays Joseph Culton, Alexander Walker.
  • Page 102.--20th May, 1755. Borden's executors (Magdalen Bowyer, relict and administratrix of John McDowell, late of Orange County, and mother of Samuel McDowell, an orphan under 21 years, being eldest son and heir-at-law of said John McDowell to said Samuel McDowell under the tuition of his guardian, Richard Woods, Gent.). Benjamin, Sr., had agreed to sell in his lifetime to Jno. McDowell. John entered the land under the agreement. John was killed by Indians. John had had the land surveyed by Borden's surveyor, John Hart; contained 1,359 acres; of this, John McDowell had covenanted to sell to John Paul 400 acres, whereupon Paul and others brought suit, vs. Samuel, for title. Decree, 22d August, 1752. Conveys all residue of the 1,359 acres whereon John lived; Roger Key's land: John Lyle's line; Mathew Lyle's corner, 959 acres. Delivered: Samuel McDowell, March, 1764.
  • Page 294.--17th October. 1763. William Adair's will--Daughter, Sarah Keys; to Roger Keys; to John Keys; to Saml. Keys; to Benj. Keys; to Sarah Keys; to Margaret Keys; to Wm. Wilson, Ann Poage, Nancy Wilson, the note of James Park, the money due by David Dredan; to Alex. McMolan; to Wm. McMolan; to William Wolson; to Ann Poage and Easter McMolan, Easter McMolan Poage, Ann Poage Baxter; to John Rays, whom I appoint executor. "Wolison on ye Sacrament." Executors, Roger Keys. Teste: John Paul, Sarah Keys, Margt. Keys. Proved, 15th November, 1763, by the witnesses. Executor qualified, with John Paul.
  • November, 1767 - Page 428.--Processioners appointed, viz: John Lyle, David Gray, Wm. Caruthers, John Paul, from North River to Beveriey's Line on South Side of Burden's land road that leads to John Paxton's.
  • MAY 17, 1774. - (457) John Paul, vice Robert Feoris--road surveyor.
  • NOVEMBER 18, 1777. - (244) Francis Allen complains of his master, John Paul, for bad usage. (undated, abt. 1795) John Paul vs. James Beaty and Isabel, his wife; Hester, Jane and Jinny Paul--Contest over will of John Paul, Rockbridge, 6th January, 1795. Isabella, daughter of John, testator.
  • APRIL, 1795 (K to Z). - John Paul vs. Alexander Smiley--Slander, Rockbridge, 1st September, 1790.
  • Vol. 2. - (undated, approx. 1804-1806) - Porter vs. Paul--O. S. 87; N. S. 29--Deed by John Paul, of Rockbridge, to William Porter and John Porter, Jr., of Rockbridge, dated 17th February, 1804. Releases all claim as legatee under will of John Porter, Sr. Bill states, few years ago, John Porter, father of orators, William and John, died, leaving widow and children, viz: orators and a daughter; wife of John Wilson, and several grandchildren, sons and daughters of daughter who had married John Paul and who died before her father.
  • Vol. 2 - (undated, approx. 1804) Paul vs. Paul--O. S. 107; N. S. 36--Petition for a new trial at law from Rockbridge. Bill, 1798. In May, 1798, decree was entered in Rockbridge County Court at suit of Andrew, Easter, Jean, Jennet Paul, James Beaty and Isabella, his wife, Joseph Weir and Margaret, his wife, heirs of John Paul, deceased, upsetting John Paul's will. Orator here is John Paul. Mary Paul was John's widow. Bill was filed in Rockbridge 1795. John Paul died in 1794, very aged. John Paul's will dated. Wife, Mary; son John and his two eldest sons, John and Andrew; daughters, Easter, Jan, and Jenney, Isabella Betsy, (Mary Paul, John's daughter?) son, James; son, Andrew; Mary Ray; Ester Ray, granddaughter. Dated 11th May, 1794. Offered in Rockbridge 6th January, 1795, but Court refused to allow it to be recorded, but 1st September, 1795, by order of District Court it was recorded in Rockbridge. Answer says John Paul, Sr., died 28th September, 1794, 78 years old. (Note: this establishes John Paul's birthdate in 1716 (1718 according to some sources)).

Paul Marriages in Rockbridge County, VA

Paul Marriages - Rockbridge Co., VA:

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Paul Marriages - Rockbridge County, VA

Annie Maria Paul age 35, single, d/o A.J. and M.I. Paul, married Albert Cristin Davis age 38, single, born in Champagne Co., OH, lives in Cleveland, OH, a furniture packer, s/o Wm. A. and Deborah Davis, 30 Jul 1914. J.H. Davis officiating. Marriage Register 2A, p. 24

Andrew Paw age 21, single, a farmer, s/o Benjamin and Nancy Paw, married Martha Ann Robinson age 18, single, 10 Jul 1865. Wm. S. White officiating. Marriage Register 1A, p. 115

Eliz. Paul married Asher Defries, 18 Aug 1876. Rev. Samuel Houston officiating. Marriage Register 1, p. 51

Eldon Maurice Pauley age 29, single, born in Monroe, W.V. lives in Kanawha Co., Eskdale, WV, a saloon keeper, s/o A.T. and A.C. Pauley, married Blanche E. Harlow age 21, single, d/o R.M. and M.E. Harlow, 27 Oct 1906. Chas. Manly officiating. Marriage Register 2, p. 338

Geo. M. Paul married Sally Wilson 15 Jan 1818. A.B. Davidson officiating. Marriage Register 1, p. 175

Isabella Paul married James Beatty 27 Jan 1789. Rev. Wm. Graham officiating. Marriage Register 1, p. 20 (Note: Isabella Paul was the daughter of this John Paul).

John Paul and Agnes Porter received a marriage bond 5 Mar 1785. Marriage Register 1, p. 570 (Note: John Paul was the son of this John Paul).

James M. Paul married Susan Kiger 23 Dec 1845. Rev. T.T. Castleman officiating. Marriage Register 1, p. 396

Jenny Paul and James Harries (s/b. Harris) received a marriage bond 27 Sep 1790. Marriage Register 1, p. 569 (Note: Jenny Paul was the daughter of this John Paul).

Jenny Paul married James Anderson 6 Mar 1806. Danl. Blain officiating. Marriage Register 1, p. 102

John Paul married Elizabeth Reid 12 Mar 1823. Saml. Houston officiating. Marriage Register 1, p. 207

John Paul married Elisabeth Hall 4 Nov 1857. Marriage Register 1, p. 475

James A. Paul age 43, single, a farmer, son of Andrew and Jane Paul, married Martha Jane Hight age 25, single, d/o Andrew and Sarah Hight, 10 Jul 1873. F.H. Shipley officiating. Marriage Register 1A, p. 266

Margaret Paul and John Walker received a marriage bond 30 Jul 1782. Marriage Register 1, p.571 (Note: Margaret Paul was the daughter of Audley Paul).

Rebekah Paul and Cawffield Taylor received a marriage bond 24 Nov 1778. Marriage Register 1, p. 568 (Note: Rebekah Paul was the daughter of Audley Paul).

Samuel Paul married Phoebe Bates 1 Mar 1796. Rev. Elijah Vanstadt officiating. Marriage Register 1, p. 49

1801--July 20, James Paul and James Frazer, the elder, surety. James Paul, widower, and Isabella Hillanah Frazer, widow of Saml. Frazer, deceased. (Note: James Paul was the son of this John Paul).