Person:John Montgomery (62)

John Montgomery
m. 1715
  1. Mary Montgomery
  2. Robert Montgomery1717 - 1789
  3. Hugh Montgomery1720 - 1779
  4. Margaret MontgomeryEst 1721 to 1735 -
  5. Samuel Montgomery1721 - 1797
  6. William Montgomery1723 - 1785
  7. John Montgomery1725 - 1805
  8. Capt. James MontgomeryEst 1729 - 1809
  9. Anne Montgomery1731 - 1808
  10. Joseph Montgomery1733 -
  11. Elizabeth Montgomery1737 - 1775
m. 28 Nov 1753
  1. Esther Montgomery1755 - 1841
  2. James MontgomeryBet 1757 & 1759 - 1813
  3. John Montgomery1758 -
  4. Samuel Montgomery1760 -
  5. Joseph Montgomery1762 -
  6. Anne Montgomery1767 - 1841
  7. Elizabeth MontgomeryAbt 1769 -
  8. Catherine MontgomeryAbt 1772 - 1833
Facts and Events
Name John Montgomery
Gender Male
Alt Birth? 1717 Donegal, Ireland
Birth? 1725 Ulster Donegal Ireland
Marriage Contract 20 Nov 1753 Augusta County, Virginiato Ann Agnes Crockett
Marriage 28 Nov 1753 Augusta County, Virginiato Ann Agnes Crockett
Death? 14 Aug 1805 Fort Chiswell, Wythe, Virginia

John Montgomery was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Information on John Montgomery

(4) From "Notable Southern Families" by Zella Armstrong, at the Library of Congress, vol V, (Crockett Family and Connecting Lines) page 159, children of John Montgomery and Agnes Crockett (m 28 Nov 1753) according to "old Montgomery Bible" included Samuel (b 18 Jan 1760), et al. [8 sons and 6 daughters]. The father, John Montgomery (1717-1802), is the subject of an article by Agnes Riley, published Fall, 1967, by the Historical Society of Washington County (VA)

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Husband's Name


Born:  1717  Place:  Donegal, , Ireland 
Died:  1802  Place:  Fort Chiswell, Wythe Co., VA 
Buried:  Abt 1802  Place:  Crockett Ceme, Ft. Chiswell, Wythe, VA 
Married:  28 Nov 1753  Place:  , , VA 

Father:  James MONTGOMERY (AFN:1Z00-8BG)    
Mother:  Anne (AFN:1Z00-8CN)   

Wife's Name

Ann Agness CROCKETT (AFN:Q1VC-HL)    

Born:  1736  Place:  Of, Augusta, VA 
Died:  1812  Place:  Ft. Chiswell, Wythe, VA 
Married:  28 Nov 1753  Place:  , , VA 

Father:  Samuel CROCKETT (AFN:C9VV-K6)    
Mother:  Esther THOMPSON (AFN:C9VV-LC)   


1. Sex Name

F  Catherine MONTGOMERY (AFN:Q1VC-JR)    

Born:  16 Jan 1780   Place:  , Montgomery Co., VA  
Died:  18 Jan 1833   Place:  , Wythe Co., VA

Montgomery, John

Born about 1725, Donegal, Ireland, son of James Montgomery (1690 Ireland-1756 Augusta Co., VA [s/o Hugh Montgomery and Jane Hamilton]) and Anne Thomson 1750s - Captain in French and Indian War; Received 3000 acres in payment in 1780. 1770 - Justice of the Peace, Botetourt Co., VA 25 May 1771 - Bought 646 acres near Buffalo Lick on Reed Creek in present day Wythe Co., VA from Thomas Walker. 1 August 1771 - Wife Agnes sold 135 acres of 25 May land to William Montgomery for 100 pounds. 1773 - On committee for setting up Fincastle County. Served as a Justice of the Courts of Chancery and Oyer and Terminer. 1774 - Lord Dunmore's War - In William Herbert's Company. He was switched to Walter Crockett's company, according to the pay lists, and it appears from the number of days served (108) that he and William and Robert Montgomery were present at the Battle of Point Pleasant (all in Crockett's company).

1782 Montgomery Co., VA personal tax list 1 tithe, 4 slaves, 5 horses, 40 cattle; quite a number of other Montgomeries on the tax list, James 1-8-10-27 and Joseph 1-2-28-25 and Samuel 2-0-14-24 and Thomas 1-1-10-19 and William 1-0-12-29 all being fairly well to do as well as a number of others less well to do (sons probably). Died 1802 Fort Chiswell, Wythe Co., VA

John was married 28 Nov 1753, Augusta or Botetourt Co., VA to Ann Crockett (b. 1736 Augusta Co., VA, d. 1798 Wythe Co., VA, daughter of Samuel Crockett 1694 Ireland [s/o James Crockett and Martha Montgomery] - 1749 Augusta Co., VA and Esther Thompson) Their children: Esther 1755 (d. 1841 Gerrard Co., KY m. Robert Montgomery b. 1752 s/o Robert Montgomery b. Donegal, Ireland and Mary White); John 1758; James 1757 or 1759 (d. 1813 Gerrard Co., KY m. Jane Lindsey) ; Samuel 1760; Joseph 1762; Anne abt 1766 (m. James Craig); Elizabeth abt 1769; Catherine 1772 (d. 1833 Wythe Co., VA m. Samuel Crockett b. 1767 VA s/o Samuel Crockett b. 1735 [s/o Samuel Crockett and Esther Thompson] and Jane Steen Armstrong); Silas 1773; William 1776; Rachel 1779 (m. Samuel Graham); Nancy 1782.

Source: Worldconnect (especially note in John Branaman database)

From old Montgomery Bible published in 1747 in the possession of Mrs. Nannie Montgomery Graham.

John Montgomery and Agnes (Crockett) Montgomery was married, Nov 28, 1753. Esther Mongtomery was born the 8th day of Fabury at 1 o'clock in the afternoon in the year 1755. James Montgomery was born 29th day of January in the year 1759 at 8 o'clock in the morning. Samuel Montgomery was born January 18th at twelve o'clock in the day 1760. Joseph Montgomery was born April 25, 1762 at 10 o'clock in the fornoon. Silas Montgomery was born the 27th day of May at 5 o'clock & forty minutes in the morning th 6 Day of the Moon's age 1773. Stephen Montgomery was born the 20th day of January 1775, at 5 o'clock & 8 minutes in the morning, the 20th Day of the Moon's age. William Montgomery was born the 22 day of September 1776 at 9 o'clock in the afternoon, the 10th day of the Moon's age. Rachel Montgomery was born the 2nd day of October in the year 1779, the 23rd day of the Moon's age, on a Saterday. Nancy Montgomery was born Jany the 10th day, being Thursday in the year 1782, at 2 o'clock in the morning the 13th day of the Moon's age. John Montgomery Jr. born 1758 there were three other children recorded according to Fanny Montgomery Graham a descendant of Nancy Montgomery. The will of John Montgomery mentions four others; Robert, Catherine, Anne and Elizabeth.

Will of John Montgomery In the name of God, Amen. I John Montgomery Sr, of the county of Wythe, being of sound mind and disposing memory and calling to mind the uncertainty of human life and being desirous to dispose of all such worldly estate as it has pleased God to bless me, I give and bequeath the same in manner following, that, 1st. I give to my wife Agnes Montgomery my negro man named Jack, also woman named Lydia and her children named Eddy and Rachel during the term of her natural life, but in case the said named above prove disobedient or unfaithful she may dispose of herself and such of my children here in after named as have not yet received their part of my estate. I likewise give to my wife one bed with furniture for the same together with my other household furniture and the use and benefit of my cattle for her support during her life time and said negroes and the other part of my estate to be bequeathed(?) ____to be disposed of as she may order and direct for the benefit of my children as above mentioned. And I give also to my wife one black horse called Poddy(Polly?) to be her sole and proper use, and as long as she may choose to live with my son William, it is my wish that she be sufficiently supported by him from the benefits arising from his part of the land here in mentioned. 2nd. Having sold a tract of land on Reed Creek adjoining the lands of John Gibbs the price of which to wit, forty-five pounds in cash. I have already given to my son James as and for his full part of all my lands, I have likewise given him his part of all my stock of different kinds. 3rd. I have likewise already given to my daughters, Esther Montgomery and Elizabeth Friel their full parts or shares of my estate. 4th. I give to my sons John, Samuel, Robert, Joseph and William, to them and their heirs forever, all of the lands I now possess including a tract of one hundred and three acres lying south of the plantation whereon I now dwell, granted by patent to my son John, to be divided to each of my said sons, John, Samuel, Joseph, Robert and William and equal share according to quantity and quality, allowing to Joseph his part where I am now living in consequence of the improvements he has made thereon, and I order that my son William get share of the Lick, but if Salt-shares be made at the said Lick I allow all my sons an equal share of the profits therein arising according to their several conditions therein. 5th. And if my land should not be divided before my decease I do hereby authorize and empower my executors hereafter named or either of them to execute deeds to my said sons, Joseph, Samuel, John, Robert and William to these and their heirs forever respective parts thereof. 6th. I give and bequeath to my daughter Ann Craig my negro girl named Jenny at my decease. 7th. I give to my daughter Catherine my negro boy named Jeremiah and a bed and furniture for the same. 8th. I give to my daughter Rachel my negro girl named Mary and one bed and furniture for the same. 9th. I give to my daughter Nancy a negro boy named Jeremeal(?) son of Edith(or Iadel) 10th.I give to my son John my Bible with marginal notes. 11th. I give to my son Robert, Burkett's Commentary of the New Testament. 12th. I give to my son William all my farming implements and tools the better to enable him to support his mother in the feebleness of age, and lastly, I do hereby constitute and appoint my friends(?) Robert Crockett, John Crockett Samuel Crockett and sons of Samuel Crockett, executors of this last will and testament by me hereto made. In witness thereof I have herein set my had and affix my seal the Fourth day of July, in the year of one thousand seven hundred and ninety-eight. John Montgomery, (Seal)

Signed, seal, published and recorded as and for the last will and testament above named John Montgomery in the presence of us: David Friel Manassas Friel Robert Sayers

At a Court continued and held for the County of Wythe on the 14th day of Aug, 1805. The last will and test ment of John Montgomery Sr., deceased was exhibited in court and proven by the oaths of Manassas Friel, and Robert Sayers, two of the witnesses thereto subscribed and the same is ordered to be recorded. Test. John P. Mathews, D. C.