Person:John Doak (1)

John Doak
m. Bef. 1704
  1. Thankful Doak1704 - AFT 1791
  2. David Doakest 1710-1715 - 1787
  3. John Doakabt 1712 - 1770
  4. Nathaniel Doak1713 -
  5. Julia DoakEst 1714-1726 -
  6. Robert Doak1714 -
  7. Samuel Doak, Sr.Abt 1716 - 1772
  8. Anne Doak1720-1723 - Bef 1786
  • HJohn Doakabt 1712 - 1770
  • WMary WilsonBEF 1724 -
m. Bef. 1742
  1. Robert Doakbef 1742 -
  2. Thankful Elizabeth Doak1743 - 1787
  3. David Doakabt 1745 -
  4. James Wilson Doak1746 - 1806
  5. John Doak, , Jr.1747-1755 -
  6. Martha DoakEst 1747-1755 -
  7. William Doak1747-1755 - BEF 1807
  8. Mary Doak1749 - 1833
Facts and Events
Name John Doak
Gender Male
Alt Birth? 1693 Scotland or Ireland
Christening? 13 Aug 1693 Gaston Church, Ayr, Scotland
Birth? abt. 1712 Scotland or Ireland
Marriage Bef. 1742 prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Wilson
Death? 1770 Rowan County, North Carolina

John Doak was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Information on John Doak

Caution: some information appears to be highly speculative. It is doubtful that this John Doak was born in 1693, perhaps a different one?

Born in Ireland, settled in East Nottingham Twp. Chester Co. PA.

Event: Immigrated 1718 Boston, Massachusetts, on "Elizabeth" 2 Event: Moved BET. 1747 - 1748 Lunenburg Co., Virginia 2 PROP: 1720 Nutfield, New Hampshire 2 PROP: 1724 Sold half of NH property to James Doke 2 PROP: 1727 Sadsbury Twp, Chester Co., taxed with mother 2 PROP: 20 AUG 1748 Patent of 354 acres Lunenburg Co. 2 PROP: 1 AUG 1760 Granted 640 a Rowan Co, head of Great Allamance 2 PROP: 25 FEB 1770 Deed (in lieu of will) of various property to Robert 2 Christening: 13 AUG 1693 Galston Church, Ayr, Scotland 2 Residence: 1724 Chester Twp, Pennsylvania, later Lancaster Co. 3 2 Residence: 1760 Rowan (Guilford) Co., North Carolina 2 Event: Record 1742 Augusta Co., Virginia muster roll 2

"John Sr. was born 1693, and his brothers might have been born fairly soon thereafter. I do not have exact birth dates for them. They did seem to be of adult age, or fairly close to adult age, when they arrived in 1718. If they lived as long as 1807, they had to be pretty old birds -- possibly 100 or more."I couldn't agree more. At 1 a.m. this morning, I wasn't thinklng too clearly. The Thankful allegedly born "at sea"--and I know that is unsubstantiated, I was only trying to distinguish her--most likely would NOT have been the sister of William of Guilford County, whose will was probated in 1807, she would have been the sister of immigrant John Sr., born--according to your information, in 1693.The Thankful b. 1743, according to the Mitchell-Doak book, was the sister of John Doak, Jr., and therefore the daughter of John Doak, Sr.But here's the rub: the Mitchell-Doak book lists John Doak (Sr., but it doesn't say "Sr."), born in Ireland, and says he arrived with his parents in America about 1708. Okay so far. "He was in East Nottingham Twp., Chester Co., Pennsylvania on or before 1727. He arrived in Augusta Co., Va., and took up land in the Beverly Tract in 1741. . . . John moved to the Alamance Creek, N.C. area in 1765 [at age 72? brackets mine] receiving a grant of land from the Earl of Granville in April 1765. . . . John had married Mary Wilson in Va. . . . His will was probated in Guilford Co., N.C. June 23, 1806."All of which looks okay and would make him the right age to have been Thankful 1743's father--at age 50. And if his move to the Beverly Tract in 1741 was his initial foray into Virgina, where he married Mary Wilson, that would make his son Robert between 50 and 55 when his will was probated in 1796, and James between 60 and 65 when his will was probated in 1806--assuming Robert and James were not older children from a previous, unreported marriage. But if the book's probate date for his will and your date of birth for him both are correct, John Doak, Sr., was 114 years old when his will was probated.I was in Guilford County last week (for half a day) doing some research and found no will for John Doak, Sr. Was there an error in the reported date of recording of the will? Or was it not probated for some reason until long after John Sr.'s death? Or was it John Doak, Jr. ("no record" in the Mitchell-Doak book) who actually got the grant of land from the Earl of Granville inm 1765?WHERE/WHEN WAS JOHN DOAK, SR's WILL ACTUALLY PROBATED? Finally, my big problem: WHO is the WILLIAM DOAK whose will was probated in 1807? Was he a brother to John Jr., James, Robert, and Thankful 1743? If he died at a normal age, with his will probated in 1807, he would have been the right age to have been their brother...

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 1 - Court Judgements, AUGUST, 1746. - Patrick Hays vs. Samuel Doak.--Defendant brother of John Doak. 17th April, 1746.

John Doak, Brother of Samuel Doak, was in Virginia (Augusta County) April 17, 1746 (Law suit against Samuel by Patrick Hays.) (Chalkley Vol 1, Page 294 August, 1746)

CAUTION! This source claims that this James Doak was a son of Robert Doak, but it appears to contain some problematic dates/information:

Greensboro, N.C. - 1761 to the present.

Original Settler - John Doak b. circa 1695 - son of Robert Doak who arrived 1718

In 1761, John Doak, Immigrant to Boston from Northern Ireland finally arrived at Guilford County, N.C.. We think he died there about 1770. He had come to America in 1718 with his parents, Robert and Margaret and many siblings. He had an amazing life and spent years at Londonderry, N.H., Donegal Pennsylvania (Chester/Lancaster County, Tinkling Springs, Augusta County, Va., then south down the Shennadoah Valley to Guilford County, N.C.. He had a large family of 8 children including three sons. His son James Wilson Doak fought in the Revolutionary War and was rewarded for his efforts with 5000 acres of land in Tennessee. Seven of the children left with their parents to pioneer in Tennessee and only James Wilson stayed in Guilford County where his large family soon had County well populated with Doak Families. There are still Doak's in Greensboro today that are descended from the original Doak family. There are also African American Doak's in the area that are the descendents of the slaves owned by the Doak families, and that were freed after the Civil War. The ex-slaves took their owners last name.

Family Group

Husband John Doak

Born:               - 
Marr:               - VA  
Died:    JUN 1806   - Guilford County, NC

Father: Mother: Other Spouses:

Wife Mary Wilson

Born:               -  
Died:               -   

Father: Mother: Other Spouses:

Children 1. James Wilson Doak

Born:        1746   - VA
Marr:    1775   - Mary Paisley 
Died:  3 FEB 1806   - Guilford County, NC

2. Robert Doak N7104

Born:               - 
Marr:           - Hannah 
Died:               - 

3. John Doak

Born:               - 
Died:               - 

4. Thankful Doak

Born:               - 
Marr:           - William Hall 
Died:  2 AUG 1787   - Sumner County, TN