Person:John Carlisle (10)

John Carlisle, of the Calfpasture - Augusta County, VA 1720-1730
m. 1695
  1. John Carlisle, of the Calfpasture - Augusta County, VAbet 1720-1730 - 1796
  2. Robert Carlisle, of Bullpasture - Augusta CountyABT 1721 - bef 1802
  3. Elizabeth Carlisle1725-1735 -
  4. James Carlisle, Jr., of Bath County, VA1725 - bef 1802
  • HJohn Carlisle, of the Calfpasture - Augusta County, VAbet 1720-1730 - 1796
  • WMargaret UnknownBef 1738 - 1807
m. 22 Nov 1783
Facts and Events
Name John Carlisle, of the Calfpasture - Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? bet. 1720-1730
Marriage 22 Nov 1783 Calfpasture, Augusta County, Virginiato Margaret Unknown
Death? 1796 Augusta, Virginia, United States

John Carlisle was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land in Virginia:

  • John Carolile, 50 acres, Bullpasture River. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 78].

Will of John Carlisle

  • Page 233.--15th June, 1796. John Carlile's will--Negro Ned set free; to wife, Marparet; to Robert Carlile, son of Robert Carlile, of the Bullpasture; to John and William Carlile, sons of brother James Carlile. Executors, Rev. John Montgomery, and Robert Carlile, son of Robert of B. P. Teste: Thomas Layton, John Fernnill, Nelly King. Proved, July Court, 1796, by Thos. Clayton and John Fennell. Executors qualify.
  • John Carlile's will (Margaret Wanless' husband) was proved, July Court, 1796, by Thos. Clayton in Augusta Co. [vol 3, p.209]
  • Page 325.--John Carlile's (of Calf Pasture) estate appraised by Adam Bratton, Samuel Lockridge, Thos. Phillips--18th August, 1796, vendue bill of above estate dated 15th August, 1796, sold, viz: To Lindsay Marshall, Thos. Layton, Peter Fitch, Leroy Newman, Jacob Acord, Jno.

Fennell, Thos. Ricket, Elizabeth Smith.

Processioning List of 1767-68

"Processioning" was the process or periodically reviewing and agreeing upon property lines between settlers. Processioning Lists can be useful in determining the area of a settler and the neighboring settlers at a specific time period:
  • Page 451.--1767-68: Processioned by Samuel Hamilton, in Cowpasture, from his house down the river to James Baird's: For Samuel Hamilton, Andw. Sutlington, John Dickenson, William Sprowel, John Donaly, Hugh Caffey, Joseph Watson, Andw. Muldrough, Wm. Dougherty, John Clendenning, William Maze, James Beard. Processioned by John Botkin (on the Bullpasture): For Samuel Wilson, Abraham Haptonstall, Robert Duffield, James Burnsides, Robert Carlyle, Richard Botkin, John Carlyle, Samuel Black, Edward Hynds, John Botkin, David Bell.

Records of John Carlisle in Augusta County, VA

  • Page 54.--22d August, 1766. John Carlile and Mary ( ) to Thomas Adams, of the County of New Kent, £117.10, on both sides of Great River of Calfpasture, 200 acres, bounded according to the ancient known and reputed bounds, purchased by John of Gilliam. Delivered: Sampson Mathews, 19th March, 1772.
  • Page 85.--16th August, 1768. John Campbell ( ) and Ann ( ) (the name is also written Mary, but signed Ann) to John Carlisle, £75, 202 acres on the Calf Pasture, part of tract Jacob Clemons formerly lived on, corner William Campbell; also 50 acres joining said land, the way the Big Creek runs, if divided. Teste: J. Murray, William Hamilton, Robt. Brown.
  • Page 138.--9th December, 1770. John Carlile. of the Calfpasture, to Thomas Adams, gent., of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, £100, 250 acres purchased by John from John Campbell, on Great Calfpasture. Delivered: Sampson Mathews, 19th March, 1772.
  • Page 171.—19th March, 1772. John Carlisle and Mary ( ) of the Calf Pasture to Thomas Adams of Parish of Saint Peter and County of New Kent, £100, tract purchased by said John Carlisle of John Campbell, 250 acres on Great Calf pasture.
  • Page 14.--11th March, 1773. John Carlile, Sr., and Elizabeth ( ), and Robert ( ) Carlile and Nancy ( ), to John Carlile, Jr., tract, 300 acres, on Bullpasture, patented to John and Robert, 10th August, 1759. Teste: John Hicklen, Bond Estill, Thomas Hicklen, east side of the Indian Draft.
  • Page 17.--11th November, 1773. Same to George Carlile.
  • Page 20.--11th November, 1773. John Carlile and Elizabeth ( ) to Robert Carlile, on Clover Creek, now called Bull Pasture, being one-half of tract, 10th August, 1759.
  • Page 23.--11th November, 1773. Robert ( ) Carlile and Nancy ( ) to John Carlile, one-half of above tract.
  • Page 25.--11th March, 1773. John Carlile, Jr., of Bullpasture, to Robert Carlile, Jr., his brother, of said pasture, conveys above, p. 23.
  • Vol. 2 - Clayton et ux. vs. Carlile--O. S. 368; N. S. 133--Bill, 15th December, 1821, by John Clayton and wife, Margaret, who was daughter of Margaret Carlile, who died 1807, testate, widow of John Carlile, who died, testate. Will dated 15th June, 1796, and appointed Rev. John Montgomery, one of executors. Previous to marriage with Carlile, Margaret was widow of _____ Wanless. At her death she left children (besides oratrix), viz., Mary, wife of Abel Armstrong, which Mary is since dead; Ralph, and Stephen Wanless, of Bath. Her will was not recorded. Power of attorney, 26th November, 1806, by John Carlisle, of Warren County, Kentucky, to James Carlisle, of Green County, to receive share of John Carlisle's estate. Letter, 1st December, 1797, from York County, South Carolina, from Lilias Smith to her cousin, Robert Carlile, on the Bullpasture, near Staunton, Virginia. Margaret Carlisle's will dated 9th February, 1807. Granddaughter, Elizabeth Black; granddaughter, Peggy Clayton; daughter, Margaret Clayton; grandson, Ralph Clayton; children, Ralph and Stephen Wanless, Margaret Clayton, Mary Armstrong. John Lewis deposes, 18th June, 1823, he has known Robert Carlisle since John was fifteen years old, which is more than forty years.