Person:John Armstrong (70)

John Morgan Armstrong
m. Abt 1750
  1. Amos Armstrong1750 - 1799
  2. John Morgan Armstrong1759 - 1821
  3. William Armstrong, of the Little Calfpasture, Augusta County, VA1759 - 1853
  • HJohn Morgan Armstrong1759 - 1821
  • WAgnes Erwin1764 - Bef 1828
m. Bef 1780
  1. Elizabeth Armstrong1780 -
  2. William Armstrong1783 -
  3. Jared Armstrong1785 - 1865
  4. Jane Armstrong1787 - 1857
  5. John Armstrong1790 - 1865
  6. Mary Armstrong1792 -
  7. Margaret Armstrong1792 -
  8. James Armstrong1795 -
  9. George Armstrong1797 -
  10. Thomas Armstrong1799 -
  11. Nancy Armstrong1802 - 1855
  12. Samuel Armstrong1804 -
Facts and Events
Name John Morgan Armstrong
Gender Male
Birth? 1759 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage Bef 1780 Virginiato Agnes Erwin
Death? 1821 Pendleton County, Virginia

John Armstrong was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Note: this John Armstrong has been confused with another John Armstrong that married Mary 'Polly' Crawford, daughter of William Crawford. This is a different family, as detailed in "The History of Highland County, VA" by Oren Frederic Morton, and in the letter written below [in the Notes section] and posted on Rootsweb:

Will Transcript

In the name of God Amen, I John Armstrong of Pendleton County and State of Virginia being through the abundant mercy and goodness of God, though weak in body yet of sound and perfect understanding and memory do constitute and appoint this my last will and testament and desire it to be received by all as such.
I give my body to the earth from where it was taken in full assurance of its Resurrection from thence on the last day, as for my burial I desire it may be decent without pomp or state at the discretion of my Dear wife and my Executor hereafter mentioned who I doubt not will manage it with all requested prudence, as touching my worldly estate that it hath pleased God to help me with I will and positively order that all my just debts be paid.
I will to my beloved wife Agnes Armstrong, the plantation I now live on her lifetime or during her widowhood and her choice of my horse beasts and three head of cows her choice out of my stock and eight head of sheep, and at her own disposal except the plantation that is to fall to my two sons Thomas and Samuel Armstrong and their forever as it is laid off for them. The Mowry? Place as it is cald I will to my two sons James & George Armstrong and their heirs forever but if ??????? of them should die without any lawful heir then his division of land to fall to the place it was taken from.
Four years after my death my son Thomas is to pay each of my two daughters Mary and Nancy a good horse worth sixty dollars and fifty dollars in money and their beds and bedding if they should require it and they are to live on the plantation with their mother her lifetime unless they should marry and if not married at my wifes death they are to live with my son Thomas side? and a good living with him with their assistance.
And for my son Jared Armstrong I allow him to pay to my Grandson Able Armstrong, who lives in the state of Ohio fifty dollars, out of the ninety dollars that he is due me when he comes to age, and the balance he may keep to himself.
As for my two daughters Jane Hiner and Margaret Cromet I will each of them ten dollars to be raised out of my Estate and my little Grand daughter Margaret Armstrong Hiner I will her to have Twenty five dollars to be raised out of my Estate against she comes to age.
I desire there shall be a sale made as soon as convenient for to raise the sum of one hundred pounds, with what paper money I may have at my death.
For my son John Armstrong who lives in the State of Ohio if he should be living when we hear from him. If he should be dead, I will to each of his heirs fifty dollars. If he has any when they come to age and if he has no heirs, his widow is to receive fifty dollars, all to be raised out of my estate and I do constitute and appoint my three sons Jared, James and George Armstrong or any two of them as they may think fit, Executors of my last will and testament.
In the witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the eight day of June in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty.
(Signed) John Armstrong
Acknowledged and signed in the presence of us.
John Hiner
Jacob Eye
John Hiner
All my moveable estate that is left after my sons Thomas has paid of the legatees, the balance of my moveable if there should be any left to fall to my son Thomas.
At a Court held for Pendleton County this 7th day of August 1821. This last will and Testament of John Armstrong deceased was presented to Court and proved by the oaths of Jacob Eye and John Hiner and ordered to be recorded.


Letter written to Augusta Co. Va Historical Society

December 28, 1993

P.O. Box 306 Madison, Va 22727 (703) 948-4620

This letter is in regard to a book in the Staunton Library that has an error that is worthy of correction - maybe an errata sheet placed in the front or back. Page 344 of Early Western Augusta Pioneers by George W. Cleek has John Armstrong and Mary (Polly) Crawford's family as: Elizabeth, William, Jared etc. This is in error. The family listed there is the family of Agnes Erwin of Highland County, Va (formerly Pendleton Co. & Augusta Co.) see attached page 260 from Morton's A History of Highland County Virginia.

It is true that a John Armstrong married Mary Crawford in Augusta County 10 Dec 1790 (see attached page 12 of First Marriage Record of Augusta County Virginia), but Jared Armstrong was born in 1785 according to Morton, Highland County 1850 census and Jared Armstrong's death recors:

The 1850 census by Matheny, page 79 has Jared and Agnus (Agnes) ages 65 and 58 respectively. Both were born in Pendleton.

The Book by John Matheny, lists the following for Jared and Agnes Hiner:

Page 283 - Jared Armstrong d. 16 Apr 1865. Spouse - Agnes Hiner, Father - John armstrong, Mother - Nancy. Age 80, occupation, miller. Note that Nancy is a pet name for Agnes according to Greenwood.

Page 282 - Agnes Hiner d. 16 Oct 1867. Spouse - Jared Armstrong. Father - John Hiner. Age 76.

The ages are consistent, Jared was born about 1785 and Agnes Hiner was born about 1791 or 92. It is apparent that Polly Crawford is not Jared's mother since she was married in 1790.

I will add that I am descended from John Armstrong and Agnes Erwin of Highland Co., VA (John Armstrong, Jared Armstrong, Mahala Armstrong Edmond, Mary Edman DeMoss, Clarence DeMoss, Lela DeMoss Epperly, Loyd Epperly).

Respectfully, Loyd Epperly

    • End of letter

Attached was a page from History of Highland County page 260 Armstrong (B) John - bro. To William - m Agnes Erwin - d. 1821 - c-2*-

1. Elizabeth - b. 1780 2. William - b 1783 - away. 3. Jared - b. 1785, d. 1865 - agnes Hiner. 4. Jane - b. 1787, d. 1857 - m. Joseph Hiner, 1808. 5. John - b. 1790 - m. ? Margaret Jones, 1812 - O. 6. Margaret - b. 1792 - m. George Crummett. 7. Mary - twin to Margaret - d. 1867 - m. John Bodkin. 8. James - b. 1795 - m. 1 Elizabeth Hiner, 2. - Smith - W. VA. 9. George - b. 1797 Sarah Hiner, 1824. 10. Thomas - b. 1799 -m. Sarah Pullin, 1822 - Lewis. 11. Nancy - b. 1802 - m. John Knicely, 1827 - away. 12. Samuel - b. 1804 - m. Mary Taylor, Rkm.

32. John Morgan Armstrong, born 1759 in Augusta Co. VA; died 1821 in Pendleton Co. VA. He was the son of 64. Robert Armstrong II and 65. Jane Van Ardsale. He married 33. Agnes Erwin 1779 in Highland Co., Virginia. 
     33. Agnes Erwin, born 1764 in Augusta Co., Va; died 1827 in Pendleton Co., Va. She was the daughter of 66. Jared Erwin and 67. Elizabet

Child of John Armstrong and Agnes Erwin is:

 16 i.   John Armstrong, born April 14, 1790 in Doe Hill, Highland Co, Virginia; died February 09, 1865 in Fayette Co., Ohio; married Elizabeth Parrett March 25, 1817 in Washington Court House, Fayett County, Ohio.