Person:John Anderson (238)

John Anderson, of Long Glade
b.abt. 1725
  • HJohn Anderson, of Long Gladeabt 1725 - 1795
  • WAnn Erwin1738 -
m. 1755
  1. Margaret Anderson1755 - 1834
  2. James Anderson1757 - 1831
  3. Mary Anderson1759 - 1829
  4. Rebecca Anderson1761 - 1840
  5. William Andersonest 1762 -
  6. Ann Anderson1763 - 1807
  7. Isaac Anderson1764 -
  8. Elizabeth Anderson1766 -
  9. John Andersonest 1768 -
  10. Samuel Anderson1776 - 1806
Facts and Events
Name John Anderson, of Long Glade
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1725
Marriage 1755 to Ann Erwin
Death? 1795

John Anderson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Analysis. Family of John Anderson and Anne Ervin of Augusta, VA, and Madison, KY


Note: several genealogy websites include trees that claim that this John Anderson (238) was born and christened in 1740 at Tinkling Spring, Augusta County, Virginia, without substantiation or sources. This does not seem supportable. Birthdates for the children of John Anderson (238) begin in 1755, which is inconsistent (or at least highly improbable) for someone born in 1740. Rather, it would seem that there is a second "John Anderson" in the area. See: John Anderson.
Designating hime as "John Anderson of Long Glade" implies he lived in the "Long Glade" in Augusta County. What's the basis for this?
Image:Long Glade, Augusta County, VA.jpg


Records in Madison County, Kentucky (Deed Bk D, page 712-714, 1798; Madison Co KY Deed Bk H, pg 167-168, 1811) identify the children of John Anderson "Long Glade", Augusta County, Virginia:

Baz'l Maxwell and wife Margaret Anderson (marr before arrival in KY)
Samuel Campbell and wife Mary Anderson [Kennedy] (Campbell marr bond 1783 Lincoln Co KY)
James Crawford and wife Rebecca Anderson (marr before arrival in KY)
James Anderson and wife Hannah Wallace (Madison Co KY marr bond 1787)
John Gass and wife Anne Anderson (Madison Co KY marr bond 1793)
Wm M. Morrison and Elizabeth Anderson (Madison Co KY marr bond 1796)
Isaac Anderson (marr Jane Young 1790 Madison Co KY marr bond)
Samuel Anderson (died unmarried 1806)
John Anderson Jr. (marr Sarah Creath 1789 Madison Co KY marr bond)
William Anderson (marr Elizabeth Henderson 1790 Madison Co KY marr bond)


IGI Record


Event(s): Christened: 19 Oct 1740 (Note: appears to be in error) Augusta, Virginia

Parents: Father: John ANDERSON Mother: Jean ANDERSON

Source Information:

Film Number: 170622 Page Number: 425 Reference Number: 8129

Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

Husband's Name John ANDERSON (AFN:1CF9-66M)

Born: 19 Oct 1740 Place: , Madison, KY Christened: 19 Oct 1740 Place: , Agusta, Virg Married: 1755 Place: , Madison, KY

Father: John ANDERSON (AFN:BDDK-38) Mother: Jean (Jane) (AFN:BDDK-4F)

Wife's Name Ann IRVINE (AFN:1WKB-6PD)

Born: 1738 Place: , Madison, KY Married: 1755 Place: , Madison, KY

Father: Mother:


1. Sex Name M James ANDERSON (AFN:J9P9-W7)

Born: 13 Dec 1757 Place: , Albemarle, VA Died: 30 May 1831 Place: , Madison, Kentucky Buried: Place: , Madison, KY