Person:Johann Crist (1)

Johann Nicholas Heinrich Crist
b.29 OCT 1716 Germany
  1. John Jacob Crist1714 -
  2. Johann Nicholas Heinrich Crist1716 - 1783
  3. Peter Ludwick Crist1718 -
  4. Philip Henrie Crist1720 -
  5. Michael Jorge Crist1721 -
m. 25 JAN 1738/39
  1. John Jacob Crist1739 -
  2. Nicholas Heinrich Crist, Sr.1740 - 1822
  3. Philip Henry Crist1742 -
  4. George Heinrich Crist, Sr1744 - 1823
  5. William Jorge Crist1745 -
  6. John Michael Crist1746 -
  7. Mary Elizabeth Crist1749 -
Facts and Events
Name Johann Nicholas Heinrich Crist
Gender Male
Birth? 29 OCT 1716 Germany
Marriage 25 JAN 1738/39 Frederick County, Virginiato Ana Catherin Nowlin
Death? 12 FEB 1783 Frederick County, Virginia

Johann Nicholas Crist was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Acquisition of Land in Frederick County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants 1742-1775, Vol. 2:

  • G-156: Nicholas Crist of Frederick County, 167 acres. Surv. Mr. James Genn. Tract No. 10 in Plat on Patterson's Creek of Potomack River. 6 June 1749. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, pg. 30].

Account Book of Nicholas Heinrich Crist

The Nicholas Heinrich Crist Account Book

Nicolaus Heinrich Crist (1716-1783) & Ana Catherin Nowlin (1720-1783)

[Part 1] In April 1988 I received the following message and abstract, and have decided to reprint it, sans names, in hopes of finding the original publisher.

Tom Steele

The Message Received

Hi Tom,

I have the abstract of the account book alledgely kept by Nicolaus Heinrich Crist (1716-1783) and handed down to his sons. This abstract was alledgely copied from the original by Henry R. Selman and his friend John Crist in 1958. RETYPED BY: DELLA SELMAN WEISINGER, 702 RUNNELS STREET, CROCKETT, TEXAS 75835, APRIL 1988.

The Abstract




September 12, 1958

I went to Indianapolis, Indiana the 20th of March 1958 and did not return until the 29th of April.

John Crist with whom I had know for many years, we served in WW I together, had finally found the Account Book that he had told me so much about. We spent a month writing and reading from this book. We did not record too much on Indian attacks, etc. As were more interested in the genealogical information which it contained and the contents were almost beyond belief.

John and I had traveled together in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Kentucky through the years doing research on the Crist line along with our other lines. However, we had almost lost hope of ever finding this bonanza. When it actually happened. We spent hour after hour inspecting its contents. It was like going back in time, as neither of us had ever heard of the earth quake; however, after checking the Public Library, it was true and the accuracy of the dates and details were fascinating.

The owner of the Account Book is George Nicholas Crist, now 82 years old, born in Indiana and now living in Indianapolis. He is a descendant of George H. Crist, Jr. We tried to talk him into giving the book to the Library since he has no children to inherit it. He refused to give us a definite answer. Neither of us have any children either. I sincerely hope that George will see fit to donate it to the Library for safe keeping.

I am going to describe it to the best of my ability. I only wish that every Crist descendant could have the opportunity to see it for themselves. It was 7 1/2" wide and 9 1/2" long, it contained 225 pages all of which seemed to be intact. The cover was hard back and the pages ruled lines similar to the ones that we used around 1920.

It was kept inside a pouch or draw string purse like - which was made out of some type of hide. One side was worn more than the other. It had two long strings of hide at the top that we decided could be tied around the neck and two more longer strings on each side at the bottom which we decided that was tied around the waist or body. Inside the larger pouch or draw string purse was another smaller one made exactly like the bigger one. It was attached about one half of its length to the larger one and the sides and bottom and the top of it could be drawn to by a string to fasten the top. We figured that this was made in order to keep the valuables and money. It was still intact and in good condition there was no broken or torn pieces of the hide nor the laces that laced through the outside to hold it together. We both tried it on and tied it in the manner in which we felt it had been worn. It was not the most comfortable thing; however, it was a brilliant idea that someone had to protect the few treasures which our ancestors owned. We felt it could have possible been made by the immigrant Crist's mother or quite possibly his father since a lot of Germans that came to America were tailors.

The Account Book was a treasure. It was still in very good condition, considering the times it had been opened and closed to make the entries inside, without taking into consideration the age of it. The penmanship was excellent, it had very few crossed out words. It was written in ink.

It was amazing to read the wording which it contained. I guess that I had assumed that in that time period that people could not read and write. However, it was definitely not true in this case.

In my opinion they were better educated than a lot of the people born in the United States in the 1900's. Their spelling and grammar were unbelievable to me. It is the most interesting thing that I have ever seen to date.

I know that the ones that read what I copied can't possibly enjoy it as much as I did from the original book, but I sincerely hope that you appreciate the contents taken from it.

Our ANCESTORS were to say the least thoughtful, intelligent, determined and very decent hard working people that we can all say that we were glad they were here.

My final words are: I copied the wording exactly as written.


Johanne Jorge Nichlas Crist 1690-1750
Nicholaus Heinrich Crist 1716-1783
George Heinrich Crist, Sr 1744-1823
George H. Crist, Jr. 1768-1845
Daniel H. Crist 1817-1892
William H. Crist 1842-1928
Della Lee Crist 1879-1921
Henry R. Selman 1898-April 5, 1966


Information on Johan Nicholas Crist

868. Johanne Nicholas Heinrich Crist, born October 29, 1716 in Emmerns, Germany; died February 12,1783 in Frederick Co, VA. He was the son of 1736. Johanne Jorge Nicklas Crist and 1737. Anna ElizabethMueller. He married 869. Ana Catherin Nowlin January 25, 1738/39 in Frederick Co, VA.869. Ana Catherin Nowlin, born October 29, 1720 in Pennsylvania; died February 11, 1783 in FrederickCo, VA. She was the daughter of 1738. John Henry Nowlin (Esquire) and 1739. Ana Elizabeth Tillman.

Children of Johanne Crist and Ana Nowlin are:

i. John Jacob Crist, born October 29, 1739; died Unknown.434
ii. Nicholas Heinrich Crist II, born September 10, 1740 in Frederick Co, VA; died 1822 in Nelson Co, KY;married Sarah Speers 1769 in Shenandoah, of, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania.
iii. Philip Henry Crist, born June 06, 1742; died Unknown.
iv. George Heinrich Crist, born November 23, 1744; died Unknown.
v. William Jorge Crist, born October 10, 1745; died Unknown.
vi. John Michael Crist, born September 25, 1746; died Unknown.
vii. Mary Elizabeth Crist, born June 14, 1749; died Unknown.870