Person:James Patton (12)

James Patton
b.12 Oct 1735 Belfast, Ireland
d.29 Dec 1815 Louisville, Kentucky
m. 1726
  1. Capt. John Patton, Jr.Abt 1726 - Aft 1813
  2. Mathew Patton, of South Branch - Potomac RiverAbt 1727 - 1803
  3. Samuel Patton1732 - 1799
  4. Lydia Patton1732 - 1800
  5. Benjamin Patton1734 - 1802
  6. Alexander PattonAbt 1734 -
  7. James Patton1735 - 1815
  8. William Patton1742 - 1825
  9. Margaret Patton1743 -
  10. Isabela Patton1745 - 1830
m. 1768
  1. Martha "Patsy" Patton1770 -
  2. Margaret "Peggy" Patton1772 -
m. 14 Jun 1772
m. 27 Apr 1782
Facts and Events
Name James Patton
Gender Male
Birth? 12 Oct 1735 Belfast, Ireland
Marriage 1768 Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Daugherty
Marriage 14 Jun 1772 to Ellzabeth Reager
Marriage 27 Apr 1782 to Phoebe McCausland
Death? 29 Dec 1815 Louisville, Kentucky

James Patton was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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21. JAMES (ROGERS)5 PATTON (JOHN (LYNN)4, HENRY (PATTEN)3, HENRY (UNKNOWN)2, WILLIAM1) was born October 12, 1735 in Ireland, and died December 29, 1815 in Louisville, Kentucky. He married (1) PHOEBE MCCAUSLAND. She was born April 27, 1782. He married (2) MARY DAUGHERTY 1768 in Augusta Co., Virginia. She was born Abt. 1750. He married (3) ELIZABETH REAGER June 14, 1772.

Notes for JAMES (ROGERS) PATTON: Jack/Jacks/Jacques & J.V. Thompson Journals 67463 total entries, last updated Fri Aug 31 17:10:07 2001 All questions, comments or suggestions regarding information on this page should be addressed to: Cheralynn Wilson <> ID: I42992 Name: James PATTON Sex: M Birth: 12 Oct 1735 in Ireland Or Virginia Death: in Virginia Note: James Patton disposed of his property in Augusta Co., VA in the spring of 1778 & accompanied General George Rogers Clark to Kentucky on the way to the conquest of the Illinois country. The expedition reached the Falls of Ohio on May 27, 1778, and landed on Corn Island. Captain Patton did not accompany the soldiers to the Illinois country, but remained on the island under orders from General Clark, to care for the stores landed there & to protect the families of the soldiers who were with the expedition. The duty was difficult, but he was successful in providing for the garrison. In 1779, following General Clark's return, the families on Corn Island decided to move to the mainland & called a meeting of the Falls inhabitants who appointed a 7-man committee to plan & establish a town. James Patton was one of the seven. The town was incorporated as "Louisville". James Patton was appointed as one of the Louisville trustees several times. Later when the town was incorporated as part of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, James was elected trustee of the city several times.

His military record shows him in 1779 in Bowman's march on the Indian towns of Ohio. In 1780, he was with Capt. William Harrod, then stationed at the Falls of Ohio. He served with General Clark in 1780 on the expedition against the Ohio Indians to avenge the attacks by upon Martin's and Ruddle's stations. In 1782, he again served with General Clark on an expedition to avenge the "Blue Licks" Massacre.

James Patton held large amounts of land, both in the city of Louisville & the surroundint country. Most of his holdings were purchased with the funds received from the sale of his VA holdings.

He was a member of "The Society of Cincinnati" an organization formed by George Washington and his military associates in 1783, for the purpose of promoting friendship, of cherishing the memories of mutual hardships, and of aiding members and thier families in case of need. Membership was made hereditary and has descended only through "eldest sons".

James Patton owned a half acre lot on 8th Street between Main and the river. The land was heavily timbered. A giant Sycamore grew on the lot which was hollow at the roots. The hollow was as large as a small room of a house, so James Patton built a log cabin around the tree, using the hollow as one of the rooms. He occupied this cabin & hollow tree until danger from the Indians was gone from the Falls. At that time, he built a large, double stone house upon the site where he lived until the time of his death. On top of the house, he built a cupola with a view of the Falls. He was so familiar with the rapids that he was considered the most skillful person to conduct a boat through them. This was considered a difficult and dangerous task and the Legislature in 1798, passed an act creating the Office of "Falls Pilot". James Patton was the first to hold the office, remaining in it until his death.

Father: John PATTON b: Abt 1689 in Newton-Limavady, Derry, Ireland Mother: ROGERS b: in Of Ireland

Marriage 1 Mary DAUGHERTY b: Abt 1750 Children Martha "Patsy" PATTON Margaret "Peggy" PATTON Mary "Polly" PATTON

Marriage 2 Elizabeth Married: 14 Jun 1792 Children PATTON

Marriage 3 Phoebe b: 27 Apr 1782 Children PATTON

Note: American Revolution. Came to Corn Island (Louisville) Ky., with General George Rogers Clark, 1778; pvt. Ill. campaign, 1778; Lt., Capt. Bowman's Co., 1779; capt. militia, Jefferson Co., 1782

More About JAMES (ROGERS) PATTON: Burial: 1815, Old Jefferson St., Louisville, Kentucky Occupation: Surveyor

Children of JAMES PATTON and MARY DAUGHERTY are: i. MARTHA "PATSY" (DAUGHERTY)6 PATTON, b. 1770, Virginia. ii. MARGARET "PEGGY" (DAUGHERTY) PATTON, b. 1772, August Co., (Now Rockingham Co., ) Virginia; m. THOMAS MCCLAREY, July 25, 1999.


Groom Bride Date Thomas McClarey Peggy Patton July 25 1799


Groom Bride Date Thomas McClarey Peggy Patton July 25 1799

iii. MARY "POLLY" (DAUGHERTY) PATTON, b. 1773, August Co., (Now Rockingham Co., ) Virginia.