Person:Isabela Patton (1)

Isabela Patton
m. 1726
  1. Capt. John Patton, Jr.Abt 1726 - Aft 1813
  2. Mathew Patton, of South Branch - Potomac RiverAbt 1727 - 1803
  3. Samuel Patton1732 - 1799
  4. Lydia Patton1732 - 1800
  5. Benjamin Patton1734 - 1802
  6. Alexander PattonAbt 1734 -
  7. James Patton1735 - 1815
  8. William Patton1742 - 1825
  9. Margaret Patton1743 -
  10. Isabela Patton1745 - 1830
m. Abt 1768
  1. Michael Daugherty1770 - 1830
  2. George D. DaughertyAbt 1773 - 1842
  3. Naomi Daugherty1774 -
  4. William Daugherty, Sr.1775 - 1852
  5. Sarah "Sally" Daugherty1776 - 1826
  6. Ellender Daugherty1777 -
  7. Samuel Daugherty1781 - Est 1824 to 1873
  8. Mary DaughertyAbt 1783 - Abt 1816
  9. Henry Daugherty1784 - 1846
  10. John Daugherty, Jr.1788 - 1856
  11. Robert Sylvester Daugherty, Sr.1791 - 1865
Facts and Events
Name Isabela Patton
Alt Name Isabella Patton
Alt Name Isabella Anna Allen Patton
Alt Name Isabelle Patton
Alt Name Isabelle Anna Patton
Gender Female
Birth[1] 20 Apr 1745 Augusta County, Virginia[variously reported bet. 1743-1750]
Marriage Abt 1768 Augusta Co. Capt. John Daugherty, Sr.
Alt Marriage 1769 to Capt. John Daugherty, Sr.
Reference Number 473443
Capt. John Daugherty, Sr.
Death? 14 Feb 1830 Stampers Creek, Orange County, Indiana
Burial? Feb 1830 Sec. 26, Twn.2, N., Range 1 E., Dugger Cemt., Orange Co., IN.


1. Broderbund World Family Tree 052, Tree number: 0475/0476. World Family Tree 059, Tree Number: 0544. 2. Look under Patterson-Magill-Daugherty Pedigree. 3. In the LDS Family Search, Isabelle is listed as Isabelle Hollowell. In notes from Bob Kinsman, she is listed as Isabelle Allen. In other historical documentation it lists her name as being Isabella Anna Allen Patton the daughter of a Captain John Patton, Sr., Revolutionary War and his wife Bella Rogers both having been born in Ireland. John Patton in and Bella in Tyrone County, Ireland. The author, pending positive proof of the identity of John Dougherty's wife Isabella the author of this document has chosen to list her name as Isabella Anna Allen Patton as this appears more often in the historical documentation than the other variations of the name.

Some historical documentation have her as being born in Stampers Creek, Orange County, Indiana, however, it is certain that she was born in Augusta County, Virginia on 20 April, 1745 and died 14 February, 1830 in Stampers Creek, Orange County, Indiana. Her actual burial site is Section 26, Township 2 North, Range 1 East, Orange County, Kentucky beside her husband John Daugherty, Capt., Rev. War. Additionally, one of her and Captain John Daugherty's children George and his wife Hannah nee Boyd Daugherty are also buried at the same site. The actual burial site is in a field which had long ago been plowed over with the gravestones leaned against the fence.

Isabella is known to have had at least six siblings, and probably more, all born in Augusta County, Virginia. The names of the siblings were as follows: Older brother John Patton, Jr. who was born and believed to have died as an Infant in Newtown Timivady, ; older brother Matthew Patton-I, Capt., Rev. War. who married a Hester "Ester" Dyer; older brother William Patton who is believed to have died as a infant or young child; younger brother James Patton, Capt., Rev. War who married a Mary Daugherty; younger brother Samuel Patton; younger sister Margaret Patton and the last child that is documented in the historical records was a Agnes Patton. Up until their deaths both John and Isabella were the patriarchs of the Dougherty/Daugherty family.

John Daugherty and his wife Isabella Allen nee Patton Daugherty are known to have had at least eleven children and quite possibly more? The children that are known are as follows: Michael Daugherty who married a Jane Stephenson; George D. Daugherty who married a Hannah Boyde; John D. Daugherty, Jr. who married Mary Hollowell; Henry Daugherty who married a Catherine Cynthia (?nee) Daugherty; Sarah "Sally" Daugherty who married a Michael Miller; Mary Daugherty who married a William Charles; William Daugherty who married a Elizabeth "Betsy" Tanner; Robert Sylvester Daugherty who married a Sarah Tanner (sister of William Daugherty's wife Elizabeth "Betsy" Tanner); Samuel Daugherty who married a Mary Bland; Ellender Daugherty who married a Charles Beasley; and lastly a Naomi Daugherty who married a Thomas Motley.

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    U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Name: Isabella Anna Patton
    Gender: Female
    Birth Place: VA
    Birth Year: 1750
    Spouse Name: John Dougherty
    Spouse Birth Place: VA
    Spouse Birth Year: 1743
    Marriage Year: 1768
    Marriage State: Un
    Number Pages: 1