Person:James Patterson (65)

James Patterson, of Long Glade
b.WFT Est 1695-1700
  • HJames Patterson, of Long Glade1695-1700 - ABT 1741
  • WAnn CorryABT 1700 -
m. Abt. 1720
  1. Margaret PattersonABT 1720 - ABT 1790
  2. Mary PattersonABT 1722 - BEF 1813
  3. Ann PattersonABT 1725 -
  4. Rebecca Patterson1730 -
  5. James Patterson1732 -
  6. Samuel Patterson1735 - 1803
  7. Robina PattersonABT 1741 -
Facts and Events
Name James Patterson, of Long Glade
Gender Male
Birth? WFT Est 1695-1700
Marriage Abt. 1720 Chester County, Pennsylvaniato Ann Corry
Death? ABT 1741 Chester County, Pennsylvania


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Source:Martin, 1993



James Patterson came from Nottingham township, Chester County PA to Augusta County VA about 1740 and patented two tracts of land on the Long Glade. He returned to Chester County Pa. where he wrote his will in 1740/41. It was probated March 26, 1741. [1] His will identifies his wife as Anne, and children as Margaret, Mary, Anne, Samuel, Rebecca and James. Other sources identify "Robina" as a daughter, presumed to have been born posthumously.

His wife qualified as administratrix and married secondly Andrew Irvine and she and her husband settled permanently in Augusta County Va, presumably settling on James' Long Glade property. [2]

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Excerpts from papers read before the Lancaster County (PA) Historical Society by David Francis Magee, Eleanor Jane Fulton, Hiram Herr Shenk, David M. Landis. Lancaster Historical Soc 1921

James Patterson came from Chester County Pa to Augusta County Va about 1740 and patented two tracts of land on the Long Glade Later he returned to Chester County Pa and died there. His wife qualified as administratrix and married secondly Andrew Irvine and she and her husband settled permanently in Augusta County Va. Irvine vs Patterson Augusta County Va Court Records

From:p Ancestry Family Trees]

Deposition by John McGill, 11 Oct 1805. Augusta County, Virginia - Jacob Clements Erwin and Andrew Erwin, plaintiffs vs. William, James and Samuel Patterson, defendants.
Identifies Samuel and James Patterson as sons of James Patterson, deceased. He further states the elder Patterson bought land in Augusta County about 1740 and returned to his home in Chester County, Pennsylvania, where he died a short time later. His widow Anne Patterson, moved the family to Augusta County and she soon married Andrew Erwine.
From James Patterson will, Chester County, Pennsylvania, Chester County archives.
Named his wife, Anne, and children Margaret, Mary, Anne, Samuel, Rebecca and James. Names did not include daughter Robina in his will. That fact plus her birthdate could have been after his death could mean Anne was pregnant with her when James died.

JAMES PATTERSON of Chester Co., PA (parents' names not known), d. there abt 1741, leaving a will which named his wife ANN and children MARGARET, MARY, ANN, SAMUEL, REBECCA, and JAMES PATTERSON. His widow ANN remarried, to ANDREW ERWIN, and they moved to Augusta Co., VA, for on 20 Nov 1747 in Augusta, "Andrew Erwin and wife were summoned for abusing the children of James Patterson, decd., and to account for the estate left by Patterson to the said children."

  • 1. Probably JAMES and ANN's oldest child was MARGARET PATTERSON, who married MATTHEW EDMISTON in 1751. In Augusta Co. on 19 Nov 1751, Matthew Armstrong was appointed guardian of JAMES PATTERSON's son SAMUEL, with Matthew Edmiston, surety. On 20 Jun 1764, Matthew and Margaret Edmiston deeded to SAMUEL PATTERSON a tract in Borden's Grant. On 15 Oct 1765, JAMES and ANN's son SAMUEL PATTERSON qualified as executor of ANDREW ERWIN's will, which named his wife ANN and his son Francis (not married, perhaps a minor?) and mentioned Andrew's brothers Edward and Francis Erwin.

ANDREW ERWIN witnessed the Will of WILLIAM MAGILL, whose son JOHN MAGILL, Sr., married MARY PATTERSON, the 2nd daughter of JAMES PATTERSON and wife ANN ____ above. JOHN MAGILL, Sr., and MARY PATTERSON had a son HUGH MAGILL married MARGARET "Peggy" DAUGHERTY. HUGH and PEGGY's son DR. JAMES DAUGHERTY MAGILL wrote a lengthy letter in 1882 describing his grandfathers, JAMES MAGILL and JAMES DAUGHERTY.

MARGARET PATTERSON and MATTHEW EDMISTON had four daughters: Betsy, Sally, Nancy Jane, and Priscilla. NANCY JANE EDMISTON married JOHN MAGILL "the author," son of JOHN MAGILL and MARY PATTERSON, mentioned above. Two of JOHN and MARY's Magill children married Daughertys and three married Frames, but their son JOHN MAGILL "the author" journeyed back to VA from Lincoln Co., KY, to marry NANCY JANE EDMISTON, then journeyed back to Lincoln Co., KY with his bride. At her death, 14 Nov 1832, Franklin Co., KY, JOHN "the author" described NANCY as "my best friend," and, "she was left-handed and every one of her children was left-handed; she was good natured and every child was also," in a letter to his nephew CALEB MAGILL in 1838. In 1832 JOHN MAGILL published his book, The Pioneer to the Kentucky Emigrant, one of the rarest pieces of Kentuckiana.

  • 2. Nothing more is known about ANN PATTERSON, the 3rd child mentioned in will of her father JAMES and ANN.
  • 3. SAMUEL PATTERSON, SR., md. (1) MARTHA _____, had one son JAMES.
  • 4. REBECCA PATTERSON, b. ca 1730, Chester Co., PA; nothing more known.
  • 5. JAMES PATTERSON, JR., b. 1732, Chester Co., PA, moved to Augusta Co., VA, and on 29 Aug 1750 was added to the list of titheables.
  • 6. ROBINA PATTERSON was JAMES's posthumous daughter, for on 2 Mar 1749 in Augusta Co., VA, "MATHEW EDMISTON, Danl. Harrison, Gabriel Pickens, farmers, were bondsmen on MATHEW's bond as guardian of ROBINA [his young sister-in-law], daughter of JAMES PATTERSON." The court record did not say Robina choose her guardian, implying she was too young.

From: Rootsweb

James Patterson Note: Kathie Schwend data has James's father as possibly Samuel? Death: 1741 in Chester Co., PA Will: ABT 1741 Chester Co., PA Named his wife Ann, and children Margaret, Mary, Ann, Samuel, Rebecca, and James.

Marriage 1 Ann ____ Patterson b: ABT 1700? Married: probably ABT 1715? in Chester Co., PA

Children Margaret Patterson b: ABT 1720? in Chester Co., PA Mary Patterson b: ABT 1722 in Chester Co., PA Ann Patterson b: ABT 1725? in Chester Co., PA Rebecca Patterson b: ABT 1730? in Chester Co., PA James Patterson Jr. b: ABT 1732 in Chester Co., PA Samuel Patterson Sr. b: ABT 1735? in Chester Co., PA Robina Patterson b: ABT 1741? her guardian appointed 1749 in Augusta Co., VA[Postuhmous? Not in will]

Known James Patterson's in Old Augusta (See:James Patterson Records in Chalkley's Chronicles)
WeRelate DOBDODDOMSpouse FatherMotherNotesPatriarch
James (118)
The Indian Trader
The Patriarch of the Indian Trader line settled in Lancaster, later Juniata, as an early Indian Trader. Son

Person:James Patterson (69) 1695 c1780 c1745 1) Sarah Irvine
3)Sarah Fleming
William (61) minimal documentation available for James (69) in the line of William (61) the PA Patriarch
Person:James Patterson (64) 1725 1810 c1745 Abigail Craddock James (64) is commonly identified as the father of Abigail Patterson who married "Jac. Calk" per CHalkley's Chronicles. No specific record in Chalkley's Chronicles has been identified that clearly refers to him. James (64) is the patriarch of this line.
Person:James Patterson (65)1695-1700 1741 c1720 Ann Cory died in Chester County PA; left will probated 1741, naming wife Ann, and children:Margaret, Mary, Anne, Samuel, Rebecca, James James is The Patriarch of this line
Person:James Patterson (66)1731 Isabella Finley Person:James Patterson (65) Ann Cory Supposedly "James Patterson, eldest son of James Patterson and Anne Corry, married 1727, Isabella, daughter of Samuel Finley. Samuel emigrated to Chester Co., PA and died in 1737, admistration granted to his brother, Robert Finley, of West Nottingham, Pa. James Patterson, brother of Margaret, came to Rockbridge, Va." This story line is interesting because it places a line of Pattersons in the West Nottingham PA area about the same time as the Wigton Walkers were there---which may in turn relate to the Walker-Patterson marriage problem. However, none of this comes with supporting documentation, so its not clear whether these observations can be relied upon. Further work needed. Person:James Patterson (65)
James 66 is the Patriarch's son
Person:James Patterson (87) 1725 1807 1752 Sarah Sproul Known as "the sadler", lived on Naked Creek, Augusta, Virginia. Road work orders for the Naked Creek area (in modern Rockingham), show him there by 1751. Left a will dated 1790 or 1793, probated 1807, which identifies children Joseph, Mathew, ELizabeth Grey, Elin Henderson James (87) is the Patriarchial of the line.
Person:James Patterson (74) 1744 1815 1766 Deborah Givens unk unk The Patriarch
Person:James Patterson () Elizabeth Known as "The Weaver"
Person:James Patterson (91) c1772 1790 Person:Peter Patterson (3) unknown Descends from William (75):Robert (51):Peter (3) Person:WIlliam Patterson (75) the Irish Patriarch

Major lines William (75); Irish Patriarch
1680-1715; =Margaret
salmon ...........Patterson R1b1-A
William (61), The PA Patriarch
=Janet Erwin
John (86) of Borden's Grant
1690-1749; =Agnes
Minor lines John (93) of Greenbriar
James (65)
1695-c1741; =Ann Cory
James (64)
1725-1810; =Abigail Craddock
James (87)
1725-1807; =Sarah Sproul
James (122)
1733-1810; =Elizabeth
James (74)
1744-1815; =Deborah Givens
  1. Source:Martin, 1993
  2. Lancaster Historical Soc 1921 David Francis Magee, Eleanor Jane Fulton, Hiram Herr Shenk, David M. Landis, citing Irvine vs Patterson Augusta County Va Court Records.