Person:James McCune (5)

m. bef. 1732
  1. Isabella McCown1727 - abt 1786
  2. Margaret Isabella McKeown1732 - 1800
  3. James McCuneABT 1732 - 1808
  4. Malcolm McCown1734 - 1740
  5. George McCounabt 1741 - 1823
  6. Margaret Ann McGowan1742 - abt 1811
  7. James McCown1744 - aft 1828
  8. Malcolm McCounAbt 1745 - bef 1813
  9. Francis McCown1748 - bef 1773
  10. Agnes 'Nancy' McCounAbt 1750 - 1844
  11. Katrina McCown1752 -
Facts and Events
Name James McCune
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1732 near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Death? 1808 Huntington, Pennsylvania

James McCune was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Information on James McCune

  • Vol. 2 - Page 159--John McCroskey, aged over 90, deposes, 1806, the land when he first knew it was sixty years ago, and was called Paxton's land. Thos. Taylor, son-in-law of Thos. Paxton, was the first settler. Samuel Paxton, aged 73, deposes, ditto. Son of Thos. Paxton. About a year in the spring before Thomas came there had been a battle with the Indians, in which John McDowell fell. Taylor's wife's name was Elizabeth. James Buchanan, aged 65, deposes, ditto. He was bom October or November, 1739. Jno. McDowell was killed three years and five months after his birth. James McCoon, aged 74 years, deposes, ditto; has known the land 58 years. (Note: this would indicate a birthdate of abt. 1732).
  • Vol. 2 - 1787--November 21, Win. Henry and Samuel Henry, surety. Wm. Henry and Elizabeth McCune, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth McCune (consent). Teste: James McCune, Saml. Henry.
  • 1793--August 7, Robert Bell and Archibald McCune, surety. Robert Bell and Mary Lessley. Certificate of A. Humphreys, a J. P., that Mary is above 21. Consent by Saml. McCune, Sr.--John McCune, James McCune.