Person:James McAfee (7)

James McAfee
m. Abt 1690
  1. James McAfee1707 - 1785
  2. John McAfeeAbt 1709 - 1768
  3. Malcolm McAfeeAbt 1711 -
  4. William McAfeeAbt 1713 -
  5. Margaret McAfeeAbt 1714 -
  6. Mary McAfeeAbt 1716 -
m. 1735
  1. Capt. James McAfee1736 - 1811
  2. George McAfee1740 - 1803
  3. Margaret McAfeeAbt 1745 -
  4. Robert McAfee1745 - 1795
Facts and Events
Name James McAfee
Gender Male
Birth? 17 Oct 1707 County Armagh, Ireland
Marriage 1735 County Armagh, Irelandto Jane McMichael
Death? 1785 Botetourt County, Virginia

James McAfee was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:\

  • Page 163.--17th February, 1748, farmer. Robert Poage to James McAfee, farmer. On Catapa, a branch of James River opposite to mouth of Holstein's Branch at a place called Indian Camp. Elizabeth, wife of Robert. Teste: George Anderson. (Note: the number of acres of this tract is not listed in this record, but is listed as 300 acres in records below)
  • Page 363.--3rd October, 1765. Peter Cockran and Margaret to James McAfee, £40, 32 acres on James River.
  • Page 62.--19th August, 1766. Gabriel Jones and Margaret to James, George and Robert McAfee, £107.10, tract purchased by Gabriel of James McCown, and he from Robert Poage, on Catawpa, a branch of James River. Delivered: Francis Smith, 1st October, 1767. (Note: this acquisition appears to be made by James, George and Robert, all sons of this James McAfee, whom were all of age to acquire land in 1766).

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 155.--11th February, 1763. James ( ) McAfee, Sr., to George McAfee, £100, 190 acres, part of 300 acres patented to James, 15th December, 1749, on Catawbo, a branch of James River; corner James McAfee, Jr. Delivered: James McAfee, Jr., February, 1765.
  • Page 157.--11th February, 1763. Same (From James ( ) McAfee, Sr.,) to James McAfee, Jr., £100, 110 acres (other part of 300 above); corner James McCown.
  • Page 211.--5th March, 1767. James ( ) McAffee and Jannet ( ) to Archibald Fisher, £55, 150 acres on Catawbo of James River, joining John Bryan's land, opposite mouth of Holeston's Branch. Teste: James Curry, William Fleming, Andrew Woods. Delivered: Archibald Fisher, March, 1773.

Records of James McAfee in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 7.-- (undated, appears to be bet. Oct.-Nov. 1751) Richard Burton (Bortoo), Gent., and Ann, to James Davis, 400 acres on Buffalo Creek, joining Borden; corner Richard Wood. Teste: James McAfee, James Neelly.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 25, 1754. - (147) Road from Frederick Hartsaw's Mill, on Craig's Creek, up the Creek and across a mountain to James McAfee's. Henry Holdston, Jr., surveyor.
  • Page 84.--18th November, 1754. William Preston, Assistant Surveyor, enters 400 acres below the survey made on the Forks of John's Creek; 200 acres above the uppermost survey on South Fork of John's Creek; 200 acres above the survey made on the North Fork of said creek; two 400-acre tracts between Bradshaw's survey and Adam Looney's land; 200 acres called the sugar land; 200 acres called the Mill place joining Jacob Patton's old place; 200 acres at a spring below Henry Holston's joining Frederick Hartsough's land; two 400-acre surveys between the Spreading Spring Draft and George Burdwell's; 400 acres at the Poplar Spring joining Dayley's land; 200 acres on the west end of Dayley's; 200 acres between John McGowin's and Nathaniel Evans' land; two 400-acre tracts below the Laurel Gap on Pott's Creek; 400 acres on the next large bottom above said Gap; 400 acres on Purgatory Creek on north side of James River; 200 acres on east side of the Long Bottom; 400 acres between William Hutchinson's and James Moore's on the Path; 400 acres between Priscilla Reese's and James McAfee's land; 200 acres at head spring of little Catabo.--James Patton.
  • Page 267.--17th August, 1758. Peter Kender's (Kinder? Ginder?) estate, account with Alex. Wright, administrator--To sundries from 22d August, 1748, to 22d August. 1749. Paid Erwin Patterson, Patrick Vance, for wages. Paid Alex. Ingram (4 days writing). Paid Ephraim Vause for crying the vendue. Paid Francis Cyphers, Henry Brown, Geo. Griffith. These did not pay for goods bought at vendue, viz: Joseph Kimmins, James McAfee, Jean Patterson, John Gold, Joseph McDonald, David Robinson.
  • Page 416.--The deponent (Lanty Armstrong) being in company with John Neeley, Jr., on the 1st January, 1763, and, after some discourse, asked said Neeley if Miss Margaret Cloyd and him was not going to be married; Neeley replyed not, for she was losing her character. The deponent asked how. Neeley replyed she was too much given to liquor and that she was seen several times when it was plenty so taken she was obliged to leave the company, and further sayeth not, June 8th, 1765.-- James McAfee. Samuel McDowell.
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 19, 1763. - (486) Viewers for road from Stone House to James McAfee's, or James McCown's, on Catapo, viz: Edward Garwin and James McCune.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 21, 1767. - (239) Joseph McMurty and George McAfe to view a way from McMurty's Mill, through McAfee's Gap, to the Wagon Road. (289) James McAfee, Sr., and Bryan McDonald appointed surveyors of highway from Fort Williams to head of Catawbo.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 16, 1768. - (501) Hemp certificates: Saml. Lyle, Robt. McAfee, John Hall, James McAfee, Wm. McAfee, John Lyle, Jr., Geo. McAfee, John Berry, James Lyle.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1768 (C). - James McAfee vs. Peter Cochrane.--I, Peter Cochrane, of Augusta, do hereby oblige myself in the penal sum of £120, lawful of Virginia, to make, or cause to be made, to James McAfee, of said County, &c., &c., a good and sufficient title in fee simple for 32 acres of land, less or more, on James River, joining the land of George Givens, and the said Cochrane's right of an entry upon the hill above the house of 400 acres, &c., &c. 11th March, 1765. (Signed) Pettor (mark) Cochran, Margaret (mark) Cochran. Test, Samuel Lawrence, James Lawrence.
  • Page 379.--22d March, 1770. John Donnelly, Sr.'s, estate settlement recorded--William Preston, administrator, 1765. 1765, cash paid Saml. Piper for making a coffin. 1765, 29th October, cash paid Joseph Cloyd for rum for vendue. Cash paid Drewry Puckett, James McAffee, David Fleming, Joseph McDonald, Conrad Wall, James Cloyd, administratrix of Abraham Biss. Has paid the widow her thirds, and three of the children. Estate sold at vendue to, viz: Danl. McCormick, Walter Stewart, Drury Puckett, Archd. Fisher, Michael Reesener, James Laughlin, Elizabeth Hance, George Darr, Wm. Thornton.


7. JAMES3 MCAFEE, SR (JOHN2, JOHN1) was born October 17, 1707 in County Armagh, Ireland, and died 1785 in Botecourt Co., Virginia. He married JANE MCMICHAEL 1735 in County Armagh, Ireland, daughter of MALCOM MCMICHAEL. She was born 1710 in County Armagh, Ireland, and died Abt. 1783 in Harrodsburg, Mercer County Kentucky.


James McAFEE was born October 17, 1707, in Armagh county Ireland, at the family homestead. In 1735 he married Jane McMichael, " the flower of Erin", even though the parent stock was transplanted from Scottish soil. We have meager information that in 1739 he proposed to his family to emigrate to America. Everything they had was conveyed into gold for investment in the new country. They embarked at Belfast. The family group consisted of Mrs. John McAfee, (mother of James, then 84 years old), James McAfee, his wife Jane, and there three children, James, John & Malcom. Malcom died and was buried at sea almost within sight of the American shore. A few days later they landed at New Castle on the Delaware River. This occurred June 10, 1739. James McAfee purchased a tract of land situated on what was known then as Octorora Creek, which, rising in the S.E. part of the Susquehanna River near Port Dipisit. Here he made a home for his family, and it was here his other children were born, George, Margaret, Robert, Mary, William, and Samuel. The dates of the marriages and giving of marriage of these children and their descendants down to my father's generation follow. This list is lineal having been obtained from General Robert B. McAfee's private journal, much of which was taken from the journal of his father, Robert McAfee, the pioneer, and the first commodore of the three principal rivers of the West, and therefore it is authentic. General Robert Breckenridge McAfee says that the McAfee's undoubtedly descended from Normandy, and that they were largely mixed with Spanish blood. Tradition bases this claim probably on the grounds that they were large men and women, of commanding port and dignity with black eyes and hair: wherever they may appear, if not marked with these family characteristics it is because the predominant characteristic of some race into which they have married, dominates their own.


Memorial erected by/ DAR/ AFT. 1983 in New Providence Presbyterian Cemetery, in Mercer Co. Kentucky. "In memory of Jane McAfee, the mother of the Pioneer men of Kentucky, who by the side of five sons was among the first to Cross the Cumberland in 1779. This stone erected by her descendants and Jane McAfee Chapter of D.A.R.


12. i. CAPT. JAMES4 MCAFEE, JR, b. 1736, County Armagh, Ireland; d. June 25, 1811, Mercer Co. Kentucky.

ii. JOHN MCAFEE, b. 1737, County Armagh, Ireland; d. 1768, near New River, Virginia.

Notes for JOHN MCAFEE:

Was killed at the fork of Reedy Creek, near New River, in Virginia.

iii. MALCOM MCAFEE, b. Bet. 1738 - 1739, County Armagh, Ireland; d. July 1739.


Malcom died and was buried at sea almost within sight of the American shore. A few days later they landed at New Castle on the Delaware River. This occurred on June 10 1739.


Died as an infant: June 1739

13. iv. GEORGE MCAFEE, SR., b. April 15, 1740, Botecourt Co. Virginia; d. April 14, 1803, Mercer Co. Kentucky.

14. v. MARY MCAFEE, b. 1742, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania; d. Mercer Co., Kentucky.

15. vi. MARGARET MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1745, Pennsylvania.

16. vii. ROBERT MCAFEE, b. July 10, 1745, Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania; d. May 16, 1795, New Orleans, Louisanna.

17. viii. SAMUEL M. MCAFEE, b. October 1748, Augusta Co., Virginia; d. June 08, 1801, Mercer Co. Kentucky.

18. ix. WILLIAM MCAFEE, b. 1750, in Pennsylvania; d. August 1780, Floyd's Fork, Jefferson Co., Kentucky.

x. THOMAS MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1751.

xi. ALEXANDER MCAFEE, b. Abt. 1752.