Person:Jacob Hermann (2)

Jacob Hermann
d.bef. 24 May 1756 Augusta County, Virginia
m. 1698
  1. John Harmanabt 1700 -
  2. Daniel Harmanabt 1700 -
  3. Heinrich "Adam" Harman, Sr.1700 - 1767
  4. Valentine Harman1703 - 1756
  5. Mathias Harmanabt 1704 - bef 1734
  6. Jacob Hermann1705 - bef 1756
  7. George Adam Harmon1710 - 1787
  • HJacob Hermann1705 - bef 1756
  • W.  Catherine (add)
m. bef. 1731
  1. Jacob Harmon, Jr.bef 1731 - after 1801
  2. Margaret 'Peggy' HarmonAbt 1734 - Bet 1775 and 1781
Facts and Events
Name Jacob Hermann
Alt Name Jacob Harman
Alt Name Jacob Harmon, of Tom's Creek, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? 1705 Württemberg, Germanyon the Danube
Marriage bef. 1731 to Catherine (add)
Residence[2] before 1745 Virginia, USAliving in the New River German settlement, the first settlement ever made west of the Alleghenies on the "Western Waters"
Religion[2] 1749 Virginia, USAMoravian Missionaries conducted the first recorded religious services in Southwest Virginia in his home
Other[2] 1750 Virginia, USADr. Thomas Walker mentions stopping at his home
Death[4] bef. 24 May 1756 Augusta County, Virginiaon Neck Creek at the Big Spring north of Morgan's Glade in current Pulaski County, VA
Cause of Death[2] murdered by Indians

Jacob Harmon, Sr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

'Acquisition of Land in Augusta County:

  • Jacob Harmon acquired 170 acres on "Tom's Creek, corner John Adams" on 1st February 1754 from Col. James Patton, as listed in the disposition below:

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 97.--10th February, 1754. Jacob Harmon to Wm. Byers, 170 acres conveyed to Harmon by Patton 1st February, 1754, on Tom's Creek. Cor. John Adams.

Jacob Harmon Killed by French/Indians in Early Augusta County, VA

An account of Jacob Harmon's death in March 1756 at the hands of the French/Indians is in the following article: Indian Attacks of 1755-1758 in Augusta County, VA

  • Vol. 1 - MAY 24, 1756. - (138) Jacob Harmon, dead.

Records of Jacob Harmon in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - November 19, 1746. - (130) Road ordered from Adam Harmon's to the River and No. Branch of Roan Oak--Adam Harmon, overseer, with these workers: Geo. Draper, Israel Lorton and son, George Hermon, Thos. Looney, Jacob Hermon and three sons, Jacob Castle, John Lane, Valentine Harmon, Adren Moser, Humberston Lyon, James Shaggs, Humphrey Baker, John Davis, Fredk. Stering and two sons and all other persons settling in the precincts.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 18, 1746/7. - (168) Road ordered from Top of the Ridge to John Terrald's and James Beard's, with these tithables, John Bomgardner, Jacob Harmon, Robert and Saml. Scot, John Stevenson, Robert Hook, Wm. Burk, Mathew Thompson, Charles Duel, Nicholas Noel, John Lawrence, Jacob Pence, Henry Dickens, Valentine Pence, George Scot, John Viare, Jacob Harmon, Sr., Mathew Sharp, John Harmon, Ro. Frazier, James Beard, Mathew Thompson, John Robton, Stiffell Francisco, Wm. Lamb, Samuel Lockard, Ro. Smith.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 21, 1747. - (261) Son of Philip Smith to be bound to John Buchanan, Admr. of Philip, and one daughter be bound to Thos. English and one to Jacob Harmon.
  • Vol. 1 - 1749. - Petition, 18th May, 1749, of inhabitants of North River and Picot (peaked) Mountain for a road beginning at John Man's smithshop on the south side of the Peaked Mountain, thence eastward to John M(W)igard's joining to the mountain road and from the smithshop westward to the Stone Meeting House, joining to the Court House Road, and that Jacob Rodger, Robert Scot and James Berd be appointed to lay it out. Jacob Herman, Feldy Pence, Mathew Shope, Jacob Maler, John Bomgardner, John Lynn, Jacob Rodgers, James Berd, Jacob Perer, Mathew Sharp, ____ Man, Jacob Man, William Milburn, Jared Chambers, Robert Scot, Robert Hooks, George Scot, William Craig, John Craig, Mathew Thomson, Mathew Thomson, Jr.
  • Page 144.--20th February, 1750-51. Sale of personalty of Mathias Shaw, by James Nicholas, executor--Recorded 18th May, 1762, viz: Sold to Jno. Craig, Wm. Frazier, Jas. Downey, Jno. Love, David Nelson, Henry Dooley, William Craig, Bernard Man, Joseph Wait, Saml. Muncy, Joseph Muncy, Casper Faught, Owen Reed, Joseph Wait, Jacob Harmon, Jno. Stevenson, Jacob Nicholas, Peter Herman, James Beard, Cathrine Pence, Michael Cam, William Williams. 5th May, 1755--2d sale, to viz: Jacob Nicholas, Henry Dooley, David Nelson, Peter Miller, Conrad Kimsley, Catrine Shawp (3 books), Michael Cam, Francis Kirtley, Jno. Davison, Margaret Shawp, Jno. Davis, Charles Man, Joseph Cravens, Jno. Couch, Robt. Craig, Jacob Courtsious, Simon Powell, Geo. Cam, Henry Long, Evan Evans, Conrad Backfish, Patrick Wilson, Jno. Hetrick, Nicholas Brock, George, Robert, and widow Scott. By sundries received of the estate of the deceased Jacob Pence.
  • Page 147.--5th April, 1751. Sale held of the estate of Jacob Pence, and settlement of estate by Peter Miller, executor of Val. Pence, who was executor of Jacob Pence, recorded 18th May, 1762. Sold to Henry Dooley, James Bartley, Wm. Craig, Jno. Fudge, James Downey, Joseph Wait, Repentance Townsend, Jacob Harman, Saml. Muncy, Robt. Hook, Danl. Love, David Loran, Wm. Beard, Johnston Hill, David Crighton; to cash. Paid Jno. Wright, Henry Perkey, Jno. Maggart, Andw. Faught, Jacob Pence. Nicholas Trout, Thos. Crawford, Archd. Huston.
  • Page 429.--18th June, 1752. Jacob Lorton and Jacob Harman's bond as administrators of Israel Lorton. with sureties Tobias Bright and Wm. English.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 19, 1752. - (313) James Campbell, qualified Captain of Foot; John Maxwell, qualified Captain of Troop of Horse; Robert Renix, qualified Cap. of Troop of Horse; John Poage, qualified Cap. of Troop of Horse; James Edmondson, qualified Cap. of Troop of Horse; John Hogshead, qualified Cap. of Troop of Horse; Mathew Edmondson, qualified Cornet; Adam Harmon, qualified Cap. of a Troop of Horse; George Anderson, qualified Cap. of Troop of Horse; Augustine Price, qualified Lieut. of a Troop of Horse; Jacob Harmon, qualified Cornet.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY, 1753. - Michael and Augustine Price vs. Lorton and Patton.--In July, 1748, the Prices agreed with Israel Lorton to purchase from Lorton, land on New River. Lorton had bought 3 tracts from James Patton, 1, containing 400 acres, at mouth of Jones (Toms) Creek, where Lorton had entered and improved, called Lorton's First Improvement; 2d, 400 acres at Horse Shoe Bottom, called Lorton's Second Improvement; 3d, 400 acres at Beaver Dam. Prices bought 1st and 2d. Bill filed, 1751. Tract No. 1 is in possession of Michael Price and Philip Horloes; No. 2 is in possession of Augustine Price and his brothers, Daniel and Henry Price. Amended bill filed, but Israel Lorton died, and bill for revivor. Jacob Lorton and Jacob Harman were Lorton's administrators.
  • Vol. 1 - 1753-1754 (Part 1) - Inquisition on body of Nicholas Grout (Trout), 17th July, 1753. Jurors do say that the said Nicholas Trout, in simplicity, without malice, playing with Peter Hull and seizing a gun in said Hull's hands and pulling its muzzle towards him she accidentally went off without any act or knowledge of the said Hull and discharged herself with a ball and two great shots into ye breast of said Trout, of which he died immediately on ye spot, and quit ye gun wherewith ye same was done was entirely in fault for not keeping her bounds, but going off without force or consent. In teste: Peter Scholl, Coroner; John Stevenson, Ledwick Francisco, John Mac Michel, James Bruster, Thomas Wats, Thomas Crawford, Patrick Milican, John Wilson, Jacob Harman, Niclas Noll, Hennery Daly, Jacob Nicholas.
  • Page 58.--2d January, 1754. Same (From Col. James Patton) to Jacob Lorton, 560 acres on Tom's Creek as above, a pine by the Beverdams; cor. Jacob Harmon; cor. Price's land. Teste : Samuel Ross.
  • Page 51.--2d February, 1754. Same (From Col. James Patton) to John Adams, 210 acres on Tom's Creek as above. Cor. land of Michael Kinder; cor. Price's land, Lorton's line, Jacob Harmon's line.


Jacob Harman lived on Neck Creek in what is now Pulaski Co., VA, on what is known as Spring Dale Farm. In 1756, he, his wife, and one of his sons were murdered by the Indians. S2

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    Seven Harman brothers emigrated from Germany together, Jacob, Valentine, Mathias, George, Daniel, John, and Heinrich Adam. They first stopped off in Pennsylvania, then emigrated to the Shenandoah Valley and some on into North Carolina. At least three of these brothers settled in Southwest Virginia, namely, Heinrich Adam, Valentin and Jacob. They were living in the New River German settlement, the first settlement ever made west of the Alleghenies on the "Western Waters", and were living there prior to 1745. In 1749 Moravian Missionaries conducted the first recorded religious services in Southwest Virginia in the home of Jacob Harman, and Dr. Thomas Walker mentions stopping at the home of Harman on his memorable exploration trip in 1750.

  3.   .

    In John Newton Harmon's book, "Harman Genealogy, Southern Branch" he writes that Jacob Harman died in lower Saucon Township of Bucks Co., PA in 1741 where he had settled. His wife was probably a Freley by surname of Nockamixon Twp., Bucks Co., PA as a possible brother, Jacob Freeley, became the guardian of Jacob's children after his death in 1741. His relationship to the children appears to be Uncle in the Orphan's Court records. Jacob's children were Mary (b. abt 1734), Jacob (b. abt 1735), Elizabeth, and Mathias.
    - Note: this is a different Jacob Hermann.

  4. Notes on the Stalnaker family by l-degruyter-5@ Last updated June 29, 2006.
    "Jacob Harman lived on Neck Creek at the Big Spring north of Morgan's Glade."
  5.   "Heinrich Adam Hermann's father fled Moravia in present Czechoslovakia because of his religion. From there he was in Germany where his son was born. Heinrich Adam Hermann B. 1700 Rhine, Germany-died 1767 on the New River Married Oct. 8, 1723 probably near Mannheim to Louisa Katrina Heinrich 1700 Rhine Germany d.3/18/1749 on New River during childbirth.

    The Harmans were of Moravian ancestry and the Moravians in Pennsylvania knew of them. It was written "Toward noon we arrived safely at the New River. We were taken across the river to Jacob Herrman, who together with his wife, received us with great joy and love. Jacob Herrman told them that his grandfather was by birth a Moravian who had been driven from his country because of his religion." [1]