Person:Hester Mahieu (1)

Hester Mahieu
d.Bet 8 Jun 1666 and 18 Dec 1675 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
m. Bef 1596
  1. Jenne Mahieu
  2. Francoise Mahieu
  3. Anthonette Mahieu
  4. Marie le Mahieu1580 -
  5. Antoine Le MahieuAbt 1581 -
  6. Hester MahieuAbt 1584 - Bet 1666 & 1675
  7. Jennie MahieuAbt 1586/87 -
  8. Anthony MahieuAbt 1593/94 -
  • HFrancis CookeAbt 1583 - 1663
  • WHester MahieuAbt 1584 - Bet 1666 & 1675
m. 5 Jul 1603
  1. Jane CookeAbt 1604 - Bef 1640
  2. John Cooke1607 - 1695
  3. Child CookBef 1608 - 1608
  4. Elizabeth Cooke1611 - Bet 1623 & 1637
  5. Jacob CookeAbt 1618 - Bef 1675
  6. Hester CookeBef 1621 - 1669
  7. Mary CookeAbt 1627 - 1714/15
Facts and Events
Name Hester Mahieu
Gender Female
Birth[6] Abt 1584 Canterbury, Kent, England
Marriage Banns 4 Jul 1603 Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlandsto Francis Cooke
Marriage 5 Jul 1603 Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlandsto Francis Cooke
Immigration[3][6][7] 10 Jul 1623 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesaboard the Anne
Death[1][6][10] Bet 8 Jun 1666 and 18 Dec 1675 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States
The Anne and The Little James (1623)
The Anne and the Little James left England together, and arrived a week or so apart in Plymouth. Most of the passengers were probably on the Anne, as the Little James was smaller and carried mostly cargo.
Sailed: May(?) 1623 from an unspecified port in England under William Peirce (Master Anne), Emanuel Althan (Captain Little James), and John Bridges (Master Little James).
Arrived: 10 July 1623 (the Anne) and about 10 days later (the Little James) at Plymouth, Massachusetts
Previous Vessel: Weston's ships (Swan, Charity, Sparrow) (1622)
Next Vessel: Jonathan (1623)

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Resources: Primary Sources: Bradford's History of Plymouth Plantation - Mourt's Relation - Pilgrim Hall (wills and other contemporary documents)


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    Francis [Cooke] married (intention in Leyden, Holland 30 June 1603) to Hester Mahieu. Hester was born, probably in Canterbury, England, between 1582 [assuming her last child was born about 1626 and that she was then no older than 44], and 1588 [assuming she was at least 15 year of age at marriage], died in Plymouth after 8 June 1666, but before 18 December 1675; probably the daughter of Jacques and Jenne/Jeanne(--) Mahieu, Walloon refugees from the area around Lille [now in France]. If 19 at marriage and 42 at the birth of her last known child about late 1626, then Hester was born about 1584 and thus was about two years younger than her husband. As Hester was about 82 in 1666, it seems likely she died closer to 1666 than to 1675.

    Further excerpts:
    Probably the daughter of Jacques and Jenne Mahieu. She was admintted to the Walloon church in Leydon June 1, 1603. At her betrothal, she is described as an unmarried young woman from Canterbury. She was accompanied by her mother and sister, both named Jenne.

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    Hester Mahieu - Her Descendants are entitled through her to membership in the Huguenot Society. Came to America in July 1623 on the "Anne." Hester was known as "Hester the Walloon." Francis Cookes' wife Hester Mahieu was the daughter of Jaques and Jenne Mahieu, French Walloon refuges that had fled to Canterbury, England where Hester was born about 1584. When in Leyden, Holland, from 1603 until the arrival of the Pilgrims, Francis and Hester were members of the French Walloon church. However, in 1606 Francis and his wife left for a trip to Norwich, and they returned in 1607 to have their son baptized in the Church, and in 1608 they rejoined communion with the Walloon Church in Leyden. Sometime between 1611 and 1618, the Cookes switched and began communion with the Pilgrims' Separatist church in Leyden.

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    The records of her sisters’ betrothals indicate the family was from Lille.

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    Hester is referred to as Walloon in Plymouth papers. Her family likely fled Belgium after the massacres in 1574 and ended up in Canterbury as part of the Walloon population there. They were part of the Walloon congregation in Leiden as well.

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    On 5 July 1670 "Whereas it is evident to the Court, that a certain tract or parcel of land, called Old Cooke's Holes, lying at Jonses River meadow, was formerly granted unto Francis Cooke, of Plymouth, deceased, in the lieu of some land which is supposed would have fallen within his line at the Smelt Brooke, but is not fully settled on the said Cooke and his heirs and assigns, this Court doth by these presents fully and absolutely settle, ratify, assure and confirm the said grant of land or tract of land, being threescore acres unto the said Francis Cooke, his heirs and assigns forever, which said land was given by the said Francis Cooke unto Richard Wright and Thomas Michell, commonly called Old Cooke's Holes, and since his decease ratified and confirmed unto the said Richard Wright and Thomas Michell by John Cooke, the heir unto the said Francis Cooke" [Plymouth Colony Records Vol 5 page 44].