Person:Henry Gragg (4)

Henry Gragg
d.21 MAR 1824 Ray County, Missouri
m. 1755
  1. Henry Gragg1755 - 1824
  2. Nancy Ann Gragg1759 - 1827
  3. Thomas Henry Gregg1761 - 1827
  4. William Gragg1775 - Aft 1817
  • HHenry Gragg1755 - 1824
  • WNancy Crow1764 - 1800
m. 17 JUN 1783
  1. Robert Gragg1785 -
  2. William GraggAbt 1786 -
  3. Samuel Gragg1787 -
  4. Elizabeth Gragg1790 -
  5. Benjamin Gragg1791 -
  6. Thomas Gragg1795 - 1862
m. 25 NOV 1800
  1. Robert Gragg1801 -
  2. Mary Monroe Gragg1802 -
  3. William Gragg1808 - 1863
  4. John Gragg1810 -
  5. James Harvey GraggAbt 1812 -
  6. Mahala Gragg1814 -
  7. Jefferson Gragg1815 -
  8. Jacob G. Gragg1816 -
  9. Rachel Gragg1818 -
  10. Martha Jane Gragg1822 -
  11. Henry Gragg1823 -
Facts and Events
Name Henry Gragg
Gender Male
Birth? 15 OCT 1755 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 17 JUN 1783 to Nancy Crow
Marriage 25 NOV 1800 Tennesseeto Elizabeth Pharoah
Death? 21 MAR 1824 Ray County, Missouri


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Will of Henry Gragg

In the name of God Amen. I HENRY GRAGG of Ray County and State of Missouri, being in good health and sound mind, but calling to mind the uncertainty of human life, I do hereby make my last will and testament in manner and form following:
That is, first, I leave and give unto my beloved wife Betsey Gragg, all my moveable or perishable property as long as she continues a widow, but if she marries, then the property to be sold and the money to be equally divided among my nine children that live at home with me, and the one that my wife is pregnant with, if it is born and lives, shall have its share equal with the rest of my children: Robert, William, John, James Henry, Mahala, Jefferson, Jacob, Rachel and Martha Jane.
It is my wish that $1400 be laid out for land and divided amongst my six sons and the one that is not born at this time if a son when they arrive at the age of 21 but to remain in the executors’ hands.
Each one to have possession of his part when he arrives at the age of 21. The rest of my money to be made use of as the family needs it and the executors think best not to make waste.
It is my will that a house be builded and made comfortable to live in and ¼ of land where my wife chooses to live and not to be turned out of it during her natural life.
And I do hereby constitute and appoint my sons Samuel Gragg, Benjamin Gragg and robert Gragg Executors of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 14th day of July 1823.
(signed) Henry Gragg
Will of Henry Gragg was proved in court on 3 May 1824.