Person:Halbert Allison (1)

Halbert Allison
b.1750 Virginia
m. 1736
  1. Mary Allisonabt 1736 -
  2. John AllisonAbt 1738 -
  3. James AllisonAbt 1749 -
  4. Halbert Allison1750 - 1813
  5. Francis AllisonAbt 1754 -
  6. Agnes AllisonAbt 1756 -
  7. Robert AllisonAbt 1758 -
  8. Janet AllisonAbt 1759 -
m. 1774
  1. Hannah Allisonabt 1773 -
  2. John Allison1775-1790 -
  3. Robert Allison1775-1795 -
  4. William Allison1775-1795 -
  5. Stephen Allison1775-1795 -
  6. Charles Allison1775-1780 -
  7. Francis Allison1775-1795 -
  8. Mary Allison1775-1795 -
  9. Jean Allison1775-1785 - BEF 1813
  10. James Allison1780 - 1845
  11. Phoebe 'Pheaby' Allisonbef 1782 -
  12. Rhoda Allison1785-1800 -
  13. Martha Allison1785-1800 -
Facts and Events
Name Halbert Allison
Alt Name Halbert McClure Allison
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1750 Virginia
Alt Birth? 1750
Marriage 1774 Augusta County, Virginiato Nancy Agnes Allison
Death[1] 14 SEP 1813 Wythe County, Virginia

Halbert Allison was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Virginia

March 2, 1779 - Holbert Allison, Francis Allison and James Allison took the “Oath of Fidelity” to the state. (Virginia Magazine of History and Biography - age 32)
[Source: manuscripts located in the Montgomery County, Virginia Court House at Christianburg, Virginia].
24 March 1781 - A list of men in Captain Edward’s Company of Militia from 16 to 50 years of age, contains Halbert Allison’s
[Source: Montgomery County’s Revolutionary Heritage, Volume 47, January 1939].

Will Transcript

1813 July 21
Will of Halbert Allison
Wythe County, Virginia
Will Book 2 page 106-107
I Halbert Allison of the County of Wythe and State of Virginia do make this my last will and Testament--that is to say
First it is my desire that as soon after my decease as possable all my just debts and funeral expenses shall be paid.
2ly I have already given my son James Allison a tract of land whereon he now lives, bounded by a line run by Mr Heazlerig and now do bequeath it unto him forever. I also give unto him one negroe man named Nedd, reserving two hundred dollars of his value to be paid by him to my daughter Mary Davis to be half in money the other in good property.
3ly I give unto my son John Allison one hundred dollars in good property sides what he has already received.
4thly I give unto my son Francis Allison my land lying in [the County of Lee].
5thly I give unto my four sons, Charles Allison, Stephen Allison, William & Robert Allison the lands where I now live also my lands lying in Grayson County to be equally divided between them, reserving my house and the part where I now live for my son Charles.
6thly I give unto my two daughters, Rhoda Allison and Martha Allison one Negroe girl name Jinney also one negroe boy named London to be equally divided between them when they come of age, allowing my daughter Rhoda to keep the girl if she wants.
7thly I leave unto my beloved wife Agnes Allison one negroe woman named Ann during her natural life and at her death to be equally divided between my two daughters Rhoda & Martha. I also leave unto my wife one meare saddle and bridel (her choice of all) it is also my desire that my wife shall have an equal part with my four sons in the land where I now live during her widowhood, I also leave unto my wife the best bed and furniture in my house.
8thly I leave also to my four sons Charles, Stephen, William & Robert Allison two negroe men Samuel & William to be equally divided between them.
9thly It is my desire that the heirs of my three daughters Hannah Coles, Jean Brown and Pheaby Coles have $3 divided amongst them.
10thly It is my desire that the remaining part of my estate be equally divided between my wife Agnes four sons Charles Stephen William & Robert and two daughter Rhodah & Martha.
Lastly I nominate constitute and appoint my wife Agnes Allison & my son Francis Allison Executrix & Executor of this my last will & testament making null and void all the wills & testaments by me heretofore made in Testamony in said County of Wythe this 21st day of July 1813.
(Signed) Halbert Elson
Signed Sealed delivered in presence of us
James Calfee
John Calfee Jr.
Jno. T Sayers
At a Court held for Wythe County, the 14th day of September 1813.
This the last will and testament of Halbert Allison was part proved in Court by the oath of James Calfee a subscribing witness thereto and continues...and at a Court and held for said County the 13th day of October 1813. This will was again presented to Court and fully proved by the oath of John Calfee Jr. a witness thereto and ordered to be Recorded.
Jacob Fishback


From textbook copied and sent from Bill Parris:


Holbert (Halbert) Allison born probably about 1750 was the progenitor of the Allison families of the New River, and it appears from actual records that he was living in the area as early as 1770. In that year he appeared on William Ingles' list of tithables along with a James Allison, probably his brother. Both of these Allisons were probably sons of Robert Allison who died in 1769 and whose will was recorded in Augusta County. Other children of Robert Allison included Mary Davison, Agnes, Janet, John and the two infants Robert and Francis. The wife of Robert Allison was Hannah.

On July 21, 1813, he wrote his will and signed it Halbert Elson. The will was probated October 13, 1813. He noted that he had already given his son James lands where he was living, and he gave him a Negro man, reserving $200 of the value to be paid by James to his sister Mary Davis. To his son John he left his lands in Lee County, in Powell's Valley. The homeplace and all the lands in Grayson were left equally to is four sons Charles, Stephen, William, and Robert. The house and the land where Holbert was living were reserved for son Charles.

To two daughters, Rhoda and Martha, he bequeathed a Negro girl and boy when the daughers were of age. To his wife Agnes he left a Negro woman for her lifetime and at her death to to to the two daughters just mentioned. His wife was also to have a "meare", saddle and bridle, and an equal part with the four sons in the land. She was to have the best bed and furniture in the house. The four sons Charles, William, Stephen and Robert were to have two Negro men. The heirs of three daughters, Hannah Coles, Jean Brown and Pheaby Coles were to have $3 among them. Hs wife Agnes (also called Nancy) and son Francis were to act as executors (Wythe County Will Book 2, p. 91.)

Subj:Re: Allison family from Lancaster, PA to Augusta County, VA Date:6/27/99 7:08:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time From:Pbill456 To:Delijim

Jim was glad to receive your note on the Allison family. I think we both pull together in Pulaski and Wythe County, VA. will start with my Robert Allison B:1710 in VA. D:24 Jul 1769. Married Hannah McClure B: Raphoe Donegal, Ireland. Married in 1736. They probably had several children but my information only follows one son. Halbert Allison B:1750 D:14-Sep-1813 Wythe County, VA. He married Nancy Agnes in 1774, Wythe County, VA. Halbert and Nancy had one son, James Allison B: 3-May-1780 D: 2-Nov-1845 Wythe County. I'm sure they had more than one child. This James Allison M: Janet Craig 9-Feb-1801 in Wythe County, Janet was B: 11-May-1779 Augusta County VA. D: 12-Feb-1841. James and Janet had 12 children:

Halbert McClure Allison
John Allison
Mary Craig "Polly" Allison
Francis Allison
Hiram Allison
George Washington Allison
Selinda Allison
Matilda J. Allison
Elmira Jane Allison
James Allison
William Tell Allison

This will give you most of my information. If you have a Fax machine I would like to send a detail list of the 12 children of James and Janet Allison. Their James is my connection to the Allison clan. Would like hear your comments. Best Regards, Bill Parris. Fort Smith, AR. 72903 Fax: 501-484-0751

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  2.   United States. 1810 U.S. Census Population Schedule.

    1810 U.S. Census Population Schedule
    Name: Holbert Ellison
    Home in 1810 (City, County, State): Wythe, Virginia
    Free White Persons - Males - 10 thru 15: 3
    Free White Persons - Males - 16 thru 25: 2
    Free White Persons - Males - 45 and over: 1 [b. 1756 or before]
    Free White Persons - Females - Under 10: 2
    Free White Persons - Females - 45 and over: 1
    Numbers of Slaves: 7
    Number of Household Members Under 16: 5
    Number of Household Members Over 25: 2
    Number of Household Members: 16