Person:George Kincaid (6)

George Kincaid
b.1709 Scotland
d.12-14 Sept. 1756 Augusta County, Virginia
  1. Samuel Kincaid1707 - 1780
  2. George Kincaid1709 - 1756
  3. James KincaidABT 1711 -
  4. Robert KincaidABT 1713 - abt 1799
  5. Alexander KincaidABT 1715 -
m. abt. 1747
  1. Andrew Kincaid1748 - BET 1826 AND 1827
  2. Archibald Kincaid1750 - 1823
  3. Samuel Kincaid1752 - 1834
Facts and Events
Name George Kincaid
Gender Male
Birth? 1709 Scotland
Marriage abt. 1747 prob. Pennsylvaniato Elizabeth Dean
Death? 12-14 Sept. 1756 Augusta County, Virginia[Killed by Indians]

George Kincaid was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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George Kincaid Killed by French/Indians in early Augusta County, VA

An account of George Kincaid's killing by French/Indians is in the following article:
Indian Attacks of 1755-1758 in Augusta County, VA

George Kincaid's Administration

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 166.--17th November, 1756. John Dean's bond (with John Dickinson, Wm. Dean) as administrator of George Kinkade. (Note: George Kincaid apparently died intestate)
  • Page 340.--21st November, 1759. George Kinkade's appraisement, by James Ward, Andrew Gillespie, Robt. Allen.

Information on George Kincaid

From post:

II. GEORGE KINCAID, second son of Alexander Kincaid, of Edinburgh, Scotland, married there (name of wife un-known), and came to America with his three brothers in 1746. He located first in Cumberland County, near Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and later settled in what is now Alleghany County, Virginia near Falling Springs. Here in 1756, he was killed in an Indian raid, and his wife and three sons captured by the savages. They were returned to civilization in 1764 under the terms of the Boquet Treaty. After his death in 1756, John Dean was appointed to settle his estate. (Two daughters of Dean were later married to sons of Robert Kincaid).

  • A. His son, William Kincaid (born in Scotland), and his two younger brothers, Andrew born in 1748, and ARCHIBALD born in 1750, after their return from captivity among the Indians, grew to manhood in the Kincaid settlement along Jackson River in Virginia. William Kincaid married Elizabeth Wilson, daughter-of Colonel George Wilson. He was a lieu-tenant in the Virginia Militia in 1774, and was wounded in the arm in a fight with the Indians. He and his family of seven. children, and the two younger brothers moved bark to Pennsylvania. Soon afterward both Andrew and Archibald Kincaid en-listed for service in the Revolutionary War, and were in 'the Pennsylvania Militia."
Note - I do not have the war record of Andrew Kincaid, but the record of my direct ancestor, Archibald Kincaid I shall give later along with land and tax listings. The many Kincaids listed in the Archives in Washington (I selected only a few at random to list), are no doubt some of the sons of William Kincaid. Both Andrew and Archibald Kincaid married soon after the close of the war and reared large families. They married sisters and it seems that all through life the two brothers were very closely knit together. I regret that I do not have a fuller record of Andrew Kincaid and his family who no doubt remained in central Kentucky.
  • B. Andrew Kincaid married Martha Townsley.
  • C. Archibald Kincaid married Janet Townsley.