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Descendants and ancestors of Andrew Kincaid of Virginia.

Descendents of Andrew Kincaid. From Hardsteys History of Greenbrier County, Virginia, published in 1803.

Adam Dean Kincaid was the son of James Kincaid. James Kincaid and John Kincaid were brothers who married sisters, Alice and Elizabeth Dean, daughters of Rev. John Dean of Botetourt.

John Kincaid married Alice Lean on July 25, 1787. John died August 11, 1835 at the age of'89.years. Alice. Dean died October 15, 1855. When John and Alice came to Alleghaney County, Virginia, he bought on Jackson's River.

James Kincaid married Elizabeth Dean October 30, 1790. Both were born in Bath County, Virginia. They came to the Sinking Creek near Williamsburg in Greenbrier County in 1790.

To them were born five sons and seven daughters, nine of which were: 1. Jane Kincaid, born in 1793, married Samuel McClung 2. John Dean Kincaid, born in 1795, died in 143, married hart' (Polly) Hyde October 21, 1816 3. Andrew Kincaid, born in 1797, married Elizabeth Knapp August 1, 1839 4. Sarah Kincaid, born 1802, died February 22, 1843 married John Fulwider September 8, 1825 5. William flcClanachan Kincaid (tombstone record), born Seotember 18, 1805, died July 8, 1877, married his first wife Sarah Hutsinpiller September 18, 1828; his seccnd wife hary Elizabeth Waggoner of Lewisburg, Greenbrier County on April 4, 1861 6. Adam Dean Kincaid, born November 17, 1807, died 1898, married Itary Bubger. 7.' James Dickinson Kincaid (tombstone record 1813-1881), married Nancy Bubger on August 20, 1839 8. Harriet Kincaid, died January 4, 1896 married Henry Fulwider September 24, 1829 at Greenbrier 9. Nancy Kincaid, died February 27, 1867 married Charles Ford July 16, 1816

Sarah Hutsinpiller was the Aunt of Mary and Nancy Bubger. Three sons of James and Elizabeth Dean Kincaid married Hutsinpiller descendents. One grandson, Andrew Kincaid married Elizabeth Knapp. Their son, Charles Andrew Kincaid, married Clarinda Taylor Lewis, a granddaughter of Anthony Hutsinpiller.