Person:Elizabeth Walker (143)

Elizabeth Walker
b.APR 1703 Scotland
m. 7 JAN 1701/02
  1. Elizabeth Walker1703 - 1787
  2. John Walker, III1705 - 1776
  3. James Walker1706/07 - 1793
  4. Thomas Walker1709 - ABT 1710
  5. William Walker1711 - ABT 1712
  6. Jane Walker1712 - 1793
  7. Samuel Walker, of Natural Bridge1714 - 1793
  8. Alexander Walker1716 - ABT 1784
  9. Esther Walker1720 - ABT 1721
  10. Joseph Walker1722 - 1806
  11. Mary Walker1724 - bef 1755
m. APR 1721
  1. Jane CampbellAFT 1721 -
  2. John Walker CampbellAFT 1721 -
  3. Mary CampbellAFT 1721 -
  4. Rachel Campbellest 1732/37 - abt 1797/98
  5. Esther Campbellbef 1735 -
  6. Josias B. Campbellabt 1737 - 1811
  7. Jane Campbell1740 - 1816
  8. Robert Campbell, The CutlerABT 1746 - 1804
  9. Elizabeth CampbellABT 1746 - ABT 1791
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Walker
Gender Female
Birth? APR 1703 Scotland
Marriage APR 1721 Kiman, Irelandto John Campbell, Heir of the Duke of Argyle
Death? 1787 Augusta County, Virginia


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The Wigton Walkers trace their descent from John Walker I and Jane McKnight of Wigton, Scotland. See Index for other Wigton Walkers, and Quick Wigton Walker Index for males in the first few generations. The primary source for this family, especially its history prior to about 1740, is Descendants of John Walker of Wigton Scotland, by Emma Siggins White, 1902


According to Source:White, 1902 Elizabeth Walker was the eldest child of John Walker II and Katherine Rutherford. The Elizabeth's family left Wigton Scotland sometime after 1702, for Ireland, where they are said to have lived near Newry. Here Elizabeth met and married John Campbell, of Kirnan. [1] Elizabeth and her husband sailed to America with her parents and other family members, landing in Maryland August 2, 1728. The family settled near the modern community of Rising Sun, MD, on the Nottingham Lots. After the death of Elizbeth's parents (1734 and 1738), the extended Walker family relocated to the Valley of Virginia. White tells us that John Campbell settled near his brotherinlaw John Walker III, "near Staunton". Elizabeth died here in 1787


  1. Our knowledge of this is what is said in White 1902. The way White phrases her discussion leaves it unclear whether John Campbell came from "Kirnan, Ireland" north of Newry, or from Kirnan, Scotland, the ancestral home of the Campbell family. White describes John as "the rightful heir of the Duke of Argyll". According to the Wikipedia the Duke of Argyll is a title, created in the Peerage of Scotland in 1701. The Earls, Marquesses, and Dukes of Argyll were for several centuries among the most powerful, if not the most powerful, noble family in Scotland. As such, they played a major role in Scottish history throughout the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. The Duke of Argyll is also the chief of the Scottish clan of Campbell.

    John Campbell's relationship to the Duke of Argyll is questionable at best. White may have obtained the story from the writings of the Rev. William McPheeter, who was related to the family through the Moore family, and whose manuscripts often include references to the early family history. Independent confirmation of this story would be needed to accept it as described in White 1902.