Family:John Campbell and Elizabeth Walker (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage? APR 1721 Kiman, Ireland
AFT 1721
AFT 1721
AFT 1721
est. 1732/37
21 Sep 1816 Boys Run, Virginia
6 AUG 1804
ABT 1746

Child List

White 1902 gives the following children of John Campbell and Mary Walker:

John, died on the passage to America
Esther, m. Alexander McKinney
Mary, m. David Chambers
Rachel, m. Thomas Dobbins
Elizabeth, d. young
Jane, m. Alexander McPheeters
John Walker Cambell m. Martha Spears [Note name recycling]
Elizabeth, m. James Wallace [Note name recycling]
Robert, m. Rebecca Wallace, settled in Mason Co. KY

Some genealogists also include a son Josias Bedford Campbell (Person:Josias Campbell (1). This seems doubtful. The following is an extract of a journal entry by a grandson of Josias.

My father (William Smith) was born on James River under Tobaccorrow Mt., Amherst Co., Va. He imigrated to the state of Ky. about the year of 1792 or 1793. He stopped in Mercer Co. where he became acquainted with my mother, a girl of abour 14 or 15 years of age, her name was Margaret Campbell, the daughter of Josiah Campbell. My mother was born in the year of our Lord 1777, in BedfordCo., va. My grandmother Campbell's name was Susannah Mitchell before she was married. The exact time my grandfather migrated to Ky. from Va. I am unable to say, but it was at a very early date, for I have heard my mother say she was a very little girl at the time, so small and young that she could only remember a part of the incidents that took place on the way. My grandfather did not venture alone but I think about sixty souls in number. After a lone and tedious journey the arrived and settled in Mercer Co. where my grandfather and grandmother resided and brought up numerous offspring living and enjoying all the priviledges of the Presbyterian Church. My grandfather had a distillery, but I supppose he did not carry it on very extensively as he had a farm to cultivate and was also a blacksmith by trade. I think my grandfathers Mitchell and Campbell we both Irish and came to America in Company together.This journal was finished March 21, 1876 written by John C. Smith. The children of Josiah and Susannah were John, David,Robert, Molly, Betsy, Susannah (Zannah), Margaret and Frances.