Person:Elizabeth Bent (7)

Elizabeth Bent
m. 11 Oct 1781
  1. Elizabeth Bent1782 - 1826
  2. William Bent1785 - 1868
  3. James Bent1788 - 1859
  4. Samuel Bent1790 - 1863
  5. Thomas Bent1793 - 1857
  6. Sarah Bent1796 - 1822
  7. Daniel Bent1799 - 1832
m. 30 May 1803
  1. James Marshall1804 -
  2. William Marshall1805 - 1863
  3. Mary Marshall1808 - 1868
  4. Maria Marshall1810 - 1874
  5. Sophia MarshallAbt 1812 - 1887
  6. Phoebe Marshall1815 - 1887
  7. George Marshall1818 - 1894
  8. Eliza Marshall1821 - 1881
  9. Sarah Marshall1824 - 1854
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Bent
Alt Name[1] Elizabeth Bentman
Gender Female
Christening[1] 13 Oct 1782 Luton, Bedfordshire, England
Marriage 30 May 1803 Luton, Bedfordshire, EnglandSt Mary
to William Marshall
Burial[2] 15 Mar 1826 Luton, Bedfordshire, England


Elizabeth Bent was baptised on 13th October 1782 at Luton in Bedfordshire. She was the daughter of a James Bent and his wife Susannah Sheffield, who had married the previous year at Shillington, a few miles north-east of Luton. Elizabeth was the eldest of seven children. The second child's baptism describes the family's abode as Ashwell Bridge, which is in the parish of Luton but a couple of miles south of the town itself (which is not labelled on most modern maps, but is at East Hyde village).


On 30th May 1803, when Elizabeth was 20, she married William Marshall, an agricultural labourer from Chiltern Green, another hamlet in the rural part of Luton parish, and very close to Ashwell Bridge. Less than a month after Elizabeth's marriage, her father James died of a fever, aged 57. The following year Elizabeth and William named their first son James.

Elizabeth and William moved to Peters Green - very close to Chiltern Green, but just over the border into Kimpton parish in Hertfordshire. Most of their eight or nine children were born in Kimpton parish, except the youngest, Sarah, who was born in King's Walden (but baptised at Kimpton). In 1826, Elizabeth died, aged 43. She was buried at Luton on 15th March 1826, although the burial record notes that she was from King's Walden.

The 1841 census finds Elizabeth's widower William and some of their children living at Diamond End in King's Walden parish, which is extremely close to Peters Green and therefore probably where the family had moved just before Elizabeth's death.

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    Baptized in the year 1782 / Oct 13 Elizabeth Daug[hter] of James Benteman & Susanna

    The baptism has been linked to the adult Elizabeth Bent who married William Marshall on the basis that it is at about the right time to match the age quoted when Elizabeth died, and is in the same parish that she was living in at the time of her marriage. Although the name given here is Benteman rather than Bent, subsequent children of James and Susannah at Luton give the surname Bent. Moreover, the baptism of the next child, William, in 1785, gives the family's abode as Ashwellbridge, which is very close to Chiltern Green where Elizabeth's husband William Marshall was from. Finally, the adult Elizabeth named her first son James in 1804, when the James Bent father of the Elizabeth baptised in 1782 had died in 1803.

  2. Burials register, in Church of England. Parish registers of St Mary, Luton, 1603-1944. (Bedford: Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Record Service).
    BURIALS in the Parish of Luton in the County of Bedford in the Year 1826
    No.NameAbodeWhen buriedAgeBy whom the Ceremony was performed
    886Elizabeth MarshallKing's WaldenMarch 15th43Henry Jinny? Off[iciatin]g Min[iste]r