Person:Edward McClung (2)

m. abt. 1744
  1. Charles McClung1748 - 1793
  2. Nancy McClung1750 -
  3. Edward "Ned" McClung1756 - 1792
  4. Jannet McClungabt 1758 -
  • HEdward "Ned" McClung1756 - 1792
  • WLetitia Black1766 - 1849
m. 1784
  1. Jane "Jinny" McClung1786 - 1855
  2. Sarah "Sallie" McClung1788 -
  3. Mary "Polly" McClung1790 -
  4. Edward McClung1792 - 1876
Facts and Events
Name Edward "Ned" McClung
Gender Male
Birth? 1756 Augusta County, Virginia[area became Rockbridge County in 1778]
Marriage 1784 to Letitia Black
Death? 1792 Moles Island, Kanawha County, Virginia[died of accidental drowning]

Edward McClung was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - Robert Brownfield, Dr. Joseph Blyth, Thos. Mitchell and John Ward vs. Mitchell--O. S. 197; N S. TO--Bill, 1810. Orators purchased from John Leamy and wife, Elizabeth, a tract in Botetourt, now Monroe. Thos. Mitchell purchased shares of Brownfield and Ward. Mitchell sold to Thomas Younge, who died March, 1804, intestate, leaving a widow, Mary, who married William Alston, Jr., and an infant child named Eliza. Suit has been brought against Mitchell in South Carolina. Deed Ist April, 1799, by Thomas Mitchell of Charleston, South Carolina, to John Ward, attorney, of same place, conveys undivided three-fourths of the Red Spring Tract, cor. William Lewis. Sr. 770 acres conveyed by William Lewis, Jr., and Lucy, his wife, 13th October, 1789, to Henry Gurney, who died leaving will dated 17th January, 1792, and devised to Elizabeth Doughty, now wife of John Leamy, who on 28th May, 1796, conveyed to Jasper Moylan, who with Isabella, his wife, on 30th May, 1796, conveyed to John Leamy, who with his wife on 18th February, 1199 conveyed to Joseph Blythe, &c. Blackwell Fox v's. Beaver--O. S. 197; N. S. 70 -- Will of Elizabeth Fox, relict of late Samuel Fox, deceased, of Fauquier County. Daughter, Elizabeth Blackwell; daughter, Dolly Ferguson; granddaughter, Fatsy Ferguson; son-in-law, Armistead Blackwell. Dated 2d May, 1804. Recorded in E;auquier County, 23d January, 1809; a package of papers marked Campbell vs. Heard. Bill, 1812, Kenawha County. John Heard moved to Georgia. Edward McClung was accidentally drowned, intestate, leaving several infant children, all except one of whom have come of age, viz: Jane M., John Groves, Sarah married John Newsum, Mary, Edward. Edward is still under age.

Records in Greenbrier County, VA

  • 20 August 1785 Greenbrier County Court Minutes: William Alexander, Plt. against Edward McClung, Deft.*. In Case. Andrew Donnally undertakes as in next above and therefore the deft prays and has leave to impart til the next Court and then to plead. [Greenbrier County Order Books, Vol A-C, 1780-1797,]
  • 28 August 1785 - Greenbrier Court Orders: William Alexander, Plaintiff Against Edward McClung, Defendant. In Case. The same. [Greenbrier County Order Books, Vol A-C, 1780-1797,]
  • 29 April 1788 - Greenbrier Court Orders: On the Petition of Samuel Keys against Edward McClung for twelve gallons of whiskey due by note the same Judgement as the next above for the said whiskey at two shillings and eix pence per gallon with Interest thereon from the first day of July 1780 till payment and the costs. [Greenbrier County Order Books, Vol A-C, 1780-1797,]
  • 29 April 1788 - Greenbrier Court Orders: On the Petition of James Huston against Edward McClung for £2-0-0 due by note the same Judgement as the next above for the said £2-0-0 with Interest thereon from the 19th day of August 1785 until paid and his costs by him in this behalf expended. [Greenbrier County Order Books, Vol A-C, 1780-1797,]
  • 30 March 1792 - Greenbrier Court Orders: Christopher Brian, Pltf., Against Edward McClung, Deft.; On Notice. Sir Take notice I shall move for a Judgement against you on the first day of next November Court to be held for Greenbrier County for the amount of money I have paid for you to Aaron Anglen assignee of the Executors of the Estate of Thomas McClung Deceased. I being security for you in a bond to said Estate which notice was fully proved by the Oath of William Johnston whereupon it is Considered by the Court that the Pltf. recover against the said Deft. Twenty five pounds four shillings the amount of the Money paid as Security for the said Defendant and his Costs in this behalf Expended & the said Defendant in Mercy &c. [Greenbrier County Order Books, Vol A-C, 1780-1797,]

Image:Edward and Thomas McClung 30 March 1792 Greenbrier Court Minutes.jpg

  • [abt. 1 Jan. 1800] - The answer of John McClung son of Thomas McClung to the file of complaint exhibited against himself & others in the County Court of Rockbridge by William Moore.
The answer being for himself & also as Guardian for Rachel McClung & Thomas McClung Infts. [Infants] & orphans of sd. Thomas McClung & for Jinny McClung, Sally McClung, Polly McClung & Edward McClung Infts. [infants] & orphans of Edward McClung dec'd.

Records in Rockbridge County, VA

Chancery Cause: William Moore vs. [John] McClung's Heirs.
The answer of Lettitia Charleton wife of William Charleton late Lettitia McClung widow & relict of Edward McClung Dec'd. to the Bill of complaint exhibited against herself & others in the Court of Rockbridge County by Joseph McClung.
The Respondent saving to herself all proper exceptions to the Complaintants Bill for answer thereto saith - That she was present at the time the Asignment of the Bond of James in the Bill mentioned was made by hold Mr. McClung to the late Husband.
that she their heard not any dispute of James having the right to the Land either by the said McClung who appeared to be in his proper senses, or by any person else - She also knows that after her Husband purchased of said James he sold to the Complaintant .


Edward MCCLUNG [Parents] 1, 2 was born in 1756 in , Rockbridge, VA. He died in 1792 in Moles Island, Kanawha River, VA. He married Letitia WEYME

Letitia WEYMER 1, 2.Letitia married Edward MCCLUNG.

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