Person:Charles McClung (8)

Charles McClung
d.27 JAN 1793 Kanawha, Virginia
m. abt. 1744
  1. Charles McClung1748 - 1793
  2. Nancy McClung1750 -
  3. Edward "Ned" McClung1756 - 1792
  4. Jannet McClungabt 1758 -
Facts and Events
Name Charles McClung
Gender Male
Birth? 1748 Augusta County, Virginia
Death? 27 JAN 1793 Kanawha, Virginia

Records in Greenbrier County, VA

McClung, Charles
McClung, James
McClung, Joseph
McClung, Sam.
McClung, Tho.
McClung, Wm.
  • 31 March 1787 - Greenbrier County Court Minutes: On the Petition of Arbuckle's Administrators against Charles and William McClung for £2-0-0 due by note the same. Judgement as the next above for the said £2-0-0 with Interest thereon from the first day of November 1783 until paid and their costs by them in this behalf expended. [Greenbrier County Order Books, Vol A-C, 1780-1797,]
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  1.   Dayton, Ruth Woods (Ruth Neeson Woods). Pioneers and Their Homes on Upper Kanawha. (Charleston, West Virginia: Eduvation Foundation, 1947), pg. 47.

    This man, William Cavendish, was named the first county clerk, but as he there merely in the capacity as an instructor, his work was soon completed, and he turned the office over to the deputy clerk, Francis Watkins. Others present were Thomas Lewis, Charles McClung, Benjamin Strother, William Clendenin, David Robinson, George Alderson, Leonard Morris, James Van Bibber and Robert Clendenin.