Person:Archibald Clendenin (3)

Archibald Clendenin, of Muddy Creek, Augusta County, VA
b.Abt 1726
m. Est 1722
  1. Archibald Clendenin, of Muddy Creek, Augusta County, VAAbt 1726 - 1763
  2. John Clendenin, of the Cowpasture, Augusta County, VAAbt 1730 - Aft 1767
  3. Charles Clendenin, of Muddy CreekBef 1735 - 1763
  • HArchibald Clendenin, of Muddy Creek, Augusta County, VAAbt 1726 - 1763
  • WAnn McSwain1738 -
m. Abt 1755
  1. Johnny ClendennenEst 1756 - 1763
  2. Jane 'Jean' Clendenin1758 - 1824
  3. James Clendennen1760 - Abt 1763
Facts and Events
Name Archibald Clendenin, of Muddy Creek, Augusta County, VA
Alt Name[1] Archibald Clendennen
Gender Male
Birth? Abt 1726
Marriage Abt 1755 prob. Virginiato Ann McSwain
Death[1] 15 Jul 1763 Clendenin Settlement, near Muddy Creek, Augusta County, Virginia[Killed by Shawnee Indians]

Archibald Clendenin was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Identity of Archibald Clendenin's Wife

Some sources indicate that the wife of Archibald Clendenin's wife was Ann Ewing. This is an error based upon a story told from William EWING of the Greenbrier Massacres (also referred to as the "Clendenin Massacres" in Greenbrier County, Virginia on 15 July, 1763), who was the half-brother of Jeanet Ann. Her mother, Margaret Sargeant married 1st, Unknown McSwain (father of Ann McSwain who married this Archibald Clendenin), who died abt. 1739. Margaret Sargeant married 2nd, James Ewing, the parents of William Ewing, Ann McSwain's half-brother.

Archibald Clendenin's Administration

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 275.--16th August, 1763. Ann Clendenning's bond (with Felix Gilbert, Wm. Mays) as administratrix of Archd. Clendenning (Clendenin).
  • AUGUST 16, 1763. - (213) Ann Clendenning qualified admx. of her husband, Archd. Clendenning.
  • Page 353.--5th April, 1764. Archd. Clendenning's appraisement (Ann Clendenning, administratrix), by Jno. Fulton, Samuel Steel, Nathaniel Steel, Robert Alexander, 1 tomhawk, pipe, and pistole. Walker & Cabell's receipt for provisions; 1 cow wounded with an arrow. Carrington & Walker's receipt for provisions.
  • Page 37.--19th August, 1767. Archd. Clendenning's estate settlement, by Ann Clendenning. recorded--Paid Ash Claftrock, John Clendenning, Wm. Galespie, Zopher Carpenter, James Furguson, David Galloway, James Millican, Robt. Galespie, Geo. Roberts, Benj. Kimsey, John Bailer, John Jeremiah; paid by Jeremiah Seeley.

Kerr's Creek Massacres

According to sources, Archibald Clendenin's two sons were killed by Shawnee Indians in the "Muddy Creek Massacres in Greenbrier County, Virginia", about two days prior to the 2nd Kerr's Creek Massacre on 17 July, 1763. Additional information is listed in the following article: The Kerr's Creek Massacres 1759-1763

Archibald's administration records are located in Augusta County, VA records, and are listed with several other victims of the 2nd Kerr's Creek Massacre.

Records of Archibald Clendenin in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • AUGUST 25, 1762. - (341) Archd. Clendenning appointed Constable on the waters of the Greenbrier.

Information on Archibald Clendenin

Archibald Clendenin Jr., a son of Archibald Clendenin, was born about 1830 (s/b 1730) and was killed by Indians in the Muddy Creek Massacre in Greenbrier County VA July 15, 1763. He married Ann McSwain about 1754.
On July 15, 1763, Indians killed and scalped Archibald Clendenin Jr. and his brother Charles Clendenin and Charles' wife. The Indians captured Ann (McSwain) Clendenin and her two children Jane and James. The Indians soon killed James, but Ann escaped at night and returned to Muddy Creek and buried her husband and in laws. Archibald and Ann's daughter Jane was released by the Indians at Pittsburgh May 14, 1765. Ann married John Rodgers in 1767.

Children of Archibald Jr. and Ann (McSwain) Clendenin:

23. (1). Jane b.c. 1754
        m.John Rodgers

24. (2). James b.c. 1762 d.Jul 15 1763
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