Person:Andrew Kerr (17)

Andrew Kerr
m. est. 1709-1711
  1. John KerrAbout 1710 - abt 1772
  2. Elizabeth Kerr1711-1717 - bef 1752
  3. Samuel Kerr1715-1723 - before 1790
  4. William Kerrbet 1716-1720 - 1784
  5. Andrew Kerr1718-1722 - 1782
  6. David Kerr1719 - 1804
  7. Eleanor Kerrabt 1720 - abt 1781
  8. Leticia Kerr1723/24 - 1775
  9. James Kerr1726 - 1811
  • HAndrew Kerr1718-1722 - 1782
  • WRachel UnknownBef 1723 - Abt 1762
m. Abt. 1740
  1. David KerrAbt 1740 - 1812
  2. Jane 'Jennet' KerrABT 1746 -
  3. Capt. John KerrABT 1748 - 1772
  4. Ann KerrEst 1753-1759 -
  5. Margaret KerrABT 1755 -
  6. Samuel KerrEst 1756-1759 -
  7. Joseph KerrAbt 1760 - 1829
  • HAndrew Kerr1718-1722 - 1782
  • WMary Hamilton1725-1745 - ABT 1805
m. Aft. 1762
Facts and Events
Name Andrew Kerr
Gender Male
Birth? 1718-1722
Marriage Abt. 1740 prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Rachel Unknown
Marriage Aft. 1762 Prob. North Carolinato Mary Hamilton
Death? 1782 Rowan, North Carolina, United States

Andrew Kerr was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

Andrew Kerr received a patent for 230 acres, prob. from William Beverley "on Middle River Shanando; cor. said Allison's other land", on 5 Sept. 1749, as listed in the disposition, below. (Note: the original acquisition transaction is apparently not listed in the Chalkley's transcription, and may have been not included in his transcripts).

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 150.--__ February, 1762. Andrew Kerr (Carr) and Rachel ( ) to John Allison, £45, 77 acres, part of 230 acres patented to Andrew, 5th September, 1749, on Middle River Shanando; cor. said Allison's other land." Delivered: Jno. Allison, February, 1768. (Note: this John Allison was most probably John Allison, who married Lucy Kerr, daughter of John Kerr and Lucy Pickens. John Kerr was Andrew Kerr's brother)
  • Page 391.--17th August, 1762. Andrew Ker and Rachel ( ) to Timothy Coil (Coul), £42, 153 acres on Middle River, patented to Andrew, 5th September, 1749, Wm. Ker's line. Acknowledged and privy examination. Delivered: Timothy Coil, November, 1764.

Records of Andrew Kerr in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 459.--20th August, 1752. James Edmiston, son and heir and administrator of David Edmiston and Isabella Edmiston, relict and heir and administrator of David Edmiston to Hugh McClure, 350 acres in Beverley Manor, from Beverley to David, 24th July, 1740. Teste: Anrdew Kerr. Teste: John Henderson, Adam Thompson.
  • Page 520.--__ ____, 1753. William Kerr to Edward Rutlidge. Flag Spring on Middle River. Teste: John Hind, Andrew Kerr, John Pickens, Wm. Kerr.
  • MARCH, 1758 (B). - Alexr. Wright vs. Andrew Kerr.--June 14, 1754. To Rutherford, on faith. Henry, on sacrament
  • Page 353.--20th May, 1761. John Kerr and Lucie ( ) to John Allison, £2, 10 acres on east side Shanandoe betwixt land of said Ker and Allison, part of 400 acres; Andrew Ker's line. Teste: Andrew Russell, Edward Rutledge, William Ker. Delivered: John Allison, February, 1768.
  • 17 February 1762: Commission for examination of Rachel, wife of Andrew Kerr. (Note: There is a Joseph Kerr, b. 1762, d. 3/24/1829, buried in Thyatira Church Burial Ground, Rowan County, North Carolina, that is most probably the same Joseph named in Andrew's will)

Information on Andrew Kerr

Andrew Kerr is most probably a son of James Kerr, who died in Augusta County, Virginia in 1770. He is mentioned in early records of Augusta County in " Augusta Co, Virginia Baptismal Records, 1740-1749", and it is described as "a record of baptisms by the Rev. John Craig, D.D., 1740-49, pastor of Augusta Church for thirty years":

Name of Father Name of Child Date of Baptism Place/Notes

KERR, Andrew John Mar 27, 1748 N/A

  "       Andrew          Jennet                     Aug 24, 1746             N/A

In addition, he is mentioned in land records as having adjoining property to his brother, John Kerr (listed below). Andrew Kerr left records in Augusta County, Virginia, then was listed as one of the early settlers in Rowan County, North Carolina in 1754. His first wife, Rachel appears to have died in 1762, most likely after complications of childbirth, as a son, Joseph Kerr was born in 1762. Andrew married, 2nd, Mary Hamilton sometime after his first wife died, but no records of any children of his second marriage have been located to this point.

Records of Andrew Kerr:

Bean, E.H. (1914), Rowan Co. (N.C.) Records Early Settlers: Kerr, David, 1758. First Kerr was Andrew in 1754.

8 August 1769 - Rowan County, North Carolina Deed between Andrew Kerr and his wife Mary Kerr, and John Foster

1782 Rowan County, North Carolina Will of Andrew Kerr, named wife MARY, daughter Ann and sons Joseph and Samuel.

From TNGenweb - Tennessee's Land Disputes with North Carolina Duplicate Entries In May of 1784 North Carolina passed another act relating to its western reserve. This one stated that if an entry had been made in John Armstrong’s office and the enterer afterwards discovered someone else had already entered on that same piece of property, it would be permissible for that second person to take his original entry number and apply it to an entirely different piece of land.37 As an example, an entry was made out to Andrew Kerr in May of 1784 and assigned entry number 2222. Kerr entered on 5,000 on the east side of the Mississippi River.38 (This is in what is today extreme West Tennessee.) When the grant was issued, it was based on an entirely different parcel. It was for 5,000 acres, just as in the first entry number 2222, and it even mentioned number 2222. But, this time the property was in Greene County on the north side of the Tennessee River on Swift Creek, in what is today EAST Tennessee.


“#2222 Andw. Kerr, May 21st 1784 5000 acres lying on east side of Mississippi joining James Stewart's entry on the third little Chickasaw bluff said bluff... running out from the river for complement. Warrant issued 12 January 1785.”39


“State of North Carolina No. 108 Know ye that we have granted unto Andrew Kerr 5,000 acres of land in the County of Greene upon the north side of Tennessee River on Swift Creek beginning at a dogwood and white oak dated November 1st 1786.[Signed] J. Glasgow, Sec. Rd. Caswell. Warrant No. 2222, surveyed by J. Taylor, John Ray, Wm. Moore, Quinton Moore, and Willm. Buckingham chain carriers.”40

In other words, with this law speculators who had overlapped their entries in their rush for the land got a second chance to locate somewhere else, even though the Hillsboro office had been closed.

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