Person:Andrew Edmiston (2)

m. 1730
  1. Col. William Edmondson1736 - 1822
  2. Samuel Edmiston1738 - 1808
  3. Lt. Robert Edmiston, Sr.AFT 1739 - 1780
  4. John EdmistonAFT 1741 - Bet 1815 - 1816
  5. Mary EdmistonAFT 1742 -
  6. Elizabeth EdmistonAFT 1743 -
  7. Andrew Edmiston1750 - 1780
  • HAndrew Edmiston1750 - 1780
m. abt. 1772
  1. Martha Edmiston1772 -
  2. John Edmonson1774 - bef 1836
  3. Margaret Edmiston1778 -
Facts and Events
Name Andrew Edmiston
Alt Name Andrew Edmondson
Gender Male
Birth? 1750 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage abt. 1772 to
Death? 07 Oct 1780 Killed in Battle at King's Mountain, Washington County, Virginia


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Andrew Edmiston was the son of John Edmiston and Margaret. He served as a Captain at King's Mountain under his brother then Major William Edmiston, in Campbell's regiment. There were apparently no issue from this marriage. His name does not appear among the signatories of the Ebbing Springs Call which probably indicates he was not an adult at that time. He was killed at King's Mountain....

Colonel Campbell's Virginians, who fought so nobly and persistently throughout the action, met with severer losses than any other regiment engaged in this hard day's contest. Of the killed were Captain William Edmondson, Lieutenants Reece Bowen, William Blackburn, and Robert Edmondson, Sr., Ensigns Andrew Edmondson, John Beattie, James Corry, Nathaniel Drvden, Nathaniel Gist, James Philips, and Humberson Lyon, and private Henry Henigar. Lieutenant Thomas McCulloch, and Ensign James Laird, who were mortally wounded, died a few days thereafter. Captain James Dysart, Lieutenants Samuel Newell, Robert Edmondson, Jr., and eighteen privates wounded,* of whom were Fredrick Fisher. John Skeggs Benoni Banning, Charles Kilgore, William Bullen, Leonard Hyce, Israel Hayter, and William Moore, who recovered. The names of the other ten disabled Virginians have not been preserved. Draper, 1881:304

Wife and Childen

Most lineages listed at Ancestry [1] give Andrews DOB as between 1740 and 1750. At a minimum, these DOB's would make him 30 years of age at the time of his death, and we would have expected him to have taken a wife at this time. Some lineages identify his wife as "Ann". This may be based on a deed record transcribed by at least one genealogist as:

p. 123 1784 Dower of Ann PATTERSON laid off in lands of late husband Andrew EDMISTON, dec. USGenWeb citing Washington Co. Va. Deed Bk. 1 part 1 1778-1797

This is consistent with Andrew (2), killed at King's Mountain, and suggests that his wife Ann had remarried following his death to a Patterson. However, the above transciption may be question, as it is in some disagreement with a transcription made by Summers, who gives it as:

Page 123, Jas. Berry, Jos. Cole, and Jas. Kincannon to Ann Patterson. Assignment of dower in the lands of her late husband.Summers, 1929:1285

Summers gives no date for this record, but all surrounding dates for other records are for 1789 and (less commonly) 1788, and not 1784, making the first transcription suspect. More critically, the wording in Summers transcription is considerably different from that cited above...and Summers does not identify Ann's late husband by name. That may be an error on Summers part, but it is also possible that the first transcription has become corrupted with "Andrew Edmiston" inserted as an inference. Transcriptions. Most likely, Ann is indeed Andrew's wife, but the original records need to be examined to verify the transcriptions.

Some genealogists identify children for Andrew, viz:

  • Martha Edmiston b: 1772 in Washington Co, VA
  • John Edmiston b: 1774 in Liberty Hall, Washington Co, VA
  • Margaret Edmiston b: 1778 in Washington Co, VA

A will for Andrew has not been located as yet. However, there is a reference to his estate:

Page 207 - John Edmonson, Jr., heir to Andrew Edmonson, decd'...Commissioners Certificate...on the north side of the south fork of Holstein River...Beginning corner to John Edmonson, Sr. & John Edmonson, Jr. lines...on the north side of an Island corner to Robert Edmonston & John Edmonstons land...January 27, 1783 - John Edmonson, heir to Andrew Edmonson, decd...150 ac on the north side of the south fork, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1772...August 23, 1781 Source:Robertson, 1998

This indicates that a John Edmondson, Jr. is heir to Andrew Edmondson. This could be the John Edmiston b. 1774, identified by some as a son of Andrew, he would have been under age at the time the survey was finalized. That probably indicates that he's not the son of Andrew, but another kinsman. Additional work is needed to confirm the identity of Andrews wife and children. See Rambling Roots for one example where John is identified as Andrews son.

Personal Data

Personal Data
DOB:c1753-c1760 He did not sign the Ebbing Springs Call, meaning he was probably under age 16, and probably not an adult at that time (1773). many Genealogists, however, give a DOB of c1748., and even as early as 1740.
POB:Borden's Grantbased on DOB, and where his parents were living at that time.
DOD:7 Oct 1780Source:Moss, 1990
POD:King's Mountain, SCSource:Moss, 1990
Name DOB POB DOD POD Spouse DOM POM Dispersion and Notes


Hard data for Andrew is quite limited.

Summers 1903:327 lists him as an ensign among those killed that day.


  1. As of 31 March 2009