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Well with my first tree, to test the waters here, I am researching my maternal lines. The lines include the FETZERs that are in Loudoun County, Virginia, then back to Shenandoah County, Virginia. The COLVARDs from Ashe and Wilkes Counties, North Carolina. The EDMONSONs from Loudoun County, Virginia, then Washington County, Virginia. The RAYs from Ashe and Wilkes County, North Carolina. Other lines that are included collaterally with my primary lines are the BOWERS, DICKSONs, KOONS, HARDINs, and BAKERs in North Carolina; the PRESTONs, GRAYs, ALDERSONs, CRAIGs, ORRs, PATTERSONs, BUCHANANs, MOOREs, THRASHERs, COLEs, MONTGOMERYs, CARSONs, DAVISes, GLASSCOCKs, ROSENBERGERs, STICKLEYs and WISEMANs from Virginia. If you think that we have any connection please feel free to contact me and lets exchange information. Happy hunting.