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The following table gives locational information for various "Edmondson's", included in the Tapestry area. The emphasis is on where they lived their adult life, which may be multiple locations. Where they lived as children, or in old age, may or may not be indicated. Modst of the individuals shown here are in the "King's Mountain" line. Exceptions include David Edmiston (1) of the "David Turk" lineage, and William Edmiston 9 who may be the immigrant ancestor of the Kings Mt. line, but may also be a confusion with William Edmondson "the Irish Hammer", and unrelated to the Kings Mt. line.

Person Note Old Chester Old Augusta SWVAElsewhere
Person:Andrew Edmiston (2) Killed at Kings Mountain to 1780 -
Person:David Edmiston (1) David Turk Edmiston - 1740->1761- -
Person:John Edmiston (5) Wounded at Kings Mt to 1785may be the John Edmiston of Davidson County TN, but probably not.
Person:John Edmiston (1) before 1740 1740-1771 1771?May have moved to SWVA in old age
Person:Robert Edmiston (2)One of Allison's Three Brothers, who settled Augusta about 1740Before 17401740-1750-
Person:Robert Edmiston (5) Killed at Kings Mountain 1770-1780
Person:Robert Edmondson (6) Wounded at Kings Mt 1770-c1783to Cumberland Plateau in TN, died 1788
Person:Samuel Edmiston (2) Va State Representative to 1803 -
person:Thomas Edmiston (2) 1773-1822Lived and died in Washington County VA
Person:William Edmiston (3) s of Robert Edmiston (2) 1740-1770 1770-
person:William Edmiston (5)
Col. William Edmiston At Kings Mountain
1740-1770 1770-1822
Person:William Edmiston (9) Immigrant Ancestor of Kings Mountain line?, possible a confusion with a descendant of William "Irish Hammer" Edmondson
Person:William Edmondson (13) Killed at Kings Mountain c1770-1780

Southwest Virginia

Person:Andrew Edmiston (2) Person:John Edmiston (5) Person:John Edmiston (1)
Person:Robert Edmiston (5) Person:Robert Edmondson (6) Person:Samuel Edmiston (2)
person:Thomas Edmiston (2) person:Thomas Edmiston (4) Person:William Edmiston (3)
Col. Wm Edmiston (5) Person:William Edmondson (17)