Person:Andrew Donnelly (2)

Col. Andrew Donnelly
b.1745 Ireland
  • HCol. Andrew Donnelly1745 - 1824
  • WJane McCreary1750 - 1784
m. 10 Sep 1766
  1. Mary DonnellyBet 1767 & 1770 - 1851
  2. Jane 'Jennie' DonnellyAbt 1768 -
  3. Catherine 'Katie' Donnelly1768 - Bef 1774
  4. Charles Donnelly1769 -
  5. Elizabeth DonnellyAbt 1770 -
  6. Nancy DonnellyAbt 1774 -
  7. Catherine Donnelly1774 - 1858
  8. Sarah 'Sallie' Donnelly1775 - 1821
  9. Andrew Donnelly, Jr.1778 - 1849
  10. John Donnelly1784 -
Facts and Events
Name Col. Andrew Donnelly
Alt Name Andrew Donnally
Gender Male
Birth? 1745 Ireland
Marriage 10 Sep 1766 Botetourt County, Virginiato Jane McCreary
Death? 1824

Andrew Donnelly was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 385.--25th January, 1770. Robert Hall and Isbaella ( ), of Orange County, North Carolina, to Andrew Donnaly, £70, 150 acres by patent, 3d November, 1750, to James Hall, deceased, father to Robert, on Stewart's Mill Creek. Teste: Richard Holeman, James Paris, Edward ( ) Long, Chas. Lewis, Hugh Hicklin, James Bodkin. Delivered: Andrew Donnerly, December, 1775.
  • Page 254 - Andrew Dannelly, 116 acres, Cowpasture River. March 10, 1775. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 88].
  • 1783 - Andrew Donnally Granted 900 Acres in Greenbrier County. [Source: Greenbrier County Deed Book 1, page 38].

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 120.--16th November, 1779. Andrew Donarly, of Botetourt, and Jane, to Leonard Bell, 150 acres by patent dated 3d November, 1750. Teste: Hugh Hicklin, Ralph ( ) Laferty, Robert Stuart, John ( ) McCaselon. (Note: this record appears to be misleading. It appears that the patent in 1750 was to Andrew Donnelly, but in looking at the record of acquisition above, the patent on 3 November 1750 was to "James Hall, deceased, father of Robert Hall").

Fort Donnally

Andrew Donally built Fort Donnally in 1767 in the part of Augusta County, Virginia that became Greenbrier County in 1778.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 219.--24th February, 1770. Patrick Davis and Esther to James Millican, £30, 44 acres by patent dated 10th September, 1767, on Cowpasture River. Teste: Charles Lewis, Charles and Andrew Donnelly. Delivered: Andrew Donnelly, December, 1775.
  • Page 308.--15th February, 1779. Charles Donnelly's will (of Cow Pasture)--To wife, Mary; to daughters, Jean Bleake, Mary Brown; to other four children, viz: Andrew, Charles, Ann, Catherine; to sons, Andrew and Charles Donnally, Jr. Executrix, Mary and Col. Andrew Donnally and son Andrew. Teste: James Bleke, John Gay, Wm. (mark) Gillespy. Proved, 17th June, 1783, by Blake and Gillespy. Gay is since dead. The two Andrews qualify. (Note: Charles Donnelly appears to be a possible uncle of this Andrew Donnelly, more research necessary).
  • Page 383.--25th October, 1781. Jane McCoy, of Greenbrier, widow and sole executrix of James McCoy, to Andrew and Charles Donnerley, patented 10th August, 1759, to said James on Stewart's Creek. Teste: Hugh Brown, Andrew Sitlington, Nathan Crawford.
  • Page 308.--16th June, 1783. Mary (mark) Donnelly relinquishes her right to administration on her husband's, Charles Donnelly's, estate and nominates Andrew Donnelly, of Greenbrier, and her son, Andrew Donnelly. Teste: James Bleake, William (mark) Gillespey.
  • 7 Jan 1785 - Writ to Augusta from General Court Andrew Donnelly vs. Adamjah Mathews - both of Greenbrier, 1784
  • Page 6.-(undated, appears to be abt. 1785)-Test: Joseph Poythress, William Banks, John Cowordin, Andrew Donnally, Samuel Vance.
  • Page 522.--__ March, 1786. Recorded. Andrew Donnelly's appraisement by John Dickinson, Andrew Sutlington, Alex. Crawford. (Note: this may possibly be a nephew of this Andrew Donnelly? More research necessary).
  • 8 April 1791 Andrew Donnally, now of Augusta, gave consent for his daughter Mary Donnally to marry Reuben Slaughter.

Information on Andrew Donnelly

From "The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography", Volume 27, by Virginia Historical Society, pg. 45:

Col. Andrew Donelly settled in the western part of Greenbrier and built a fort which he successfully defended against the Indians in 1778. He was county lieutenant of Greenbrier in 1781 &c., and died about 1825.

Defense of Andrew Donnally's Actions During the Attack on Fort Donnally

GREENBRIAR COUNTY, February 18, 1779.
The Following persons are all those who were present, immediately under the command of Col. Andrew Donnelly, when the Indians attacked his house and fort on the 29th of May last, do, in justice to that gentleman's character (basely aspersed by the malicious reports of those who, from their not being present, could not, and from their want of candor, would not be faithful reporters of the truth) solemnly declare, that on that trying occasion he behaved himself with proper resolution and firmness, nor gave the least occasion for being suspected of pusillanimity or want of courage. Your inserting this in your Gazette may obviate the design of those who have raised so malicious a report, and oblige the friends of truth and justice, as well as your humble servants: John Williams, Lieut., R. Williams, Ensign, William Cutlar, James Miller, James Sconce, William Blake, John McFerran, John Lockridge, James Hugart, James Donnelly, John Flinn, D. Williams, William Hugart, Thomas Cooper, N. H. Cavendish, James Jordan, Thomas Ellis, John Fenton, J. Hugart, W. Jamaison, S. Greer, W. Gray, Philip Haman, T. Hugart.


Family Group Record FamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19

Husband's Name Andrew DONNALLY (AFN:1488-RKP) Pedigree

Born: 1745 Place: , , North Ireland Died: 1824 Place: , Kanawha, Wv Buried: Place: , Kanawha, Virginia Married: 10 Sep 1766 Place: , Botetount, Virginia

Father: Mother:

Wife's Name Jane MCCREERY (AFN:1488-RLW) Pedigree

Born: 1750 Place: Bull Run, Augusta, Virginia Died: 1784 Place: Charleston, Kanawha, Wv Married: 10 Sep 1766 Place: , Botetount, Virginia

Father: John MCCREERY (AFN:1L6W-G9V) Family Mother: Agnes CRAWFORD (AFN:1L6W-GB3)


1. Sex Name F Jennie Or Jane DONNALLY (AFN:1L6W-LQ8) Pedigree Born: Abt 1768 Place: , , Virginia

2. Sex Name F Elizabeth DONNALLY (AFN:1L6W-G52) Pedigree Born: Abt. 1770 Place: , , Virginia

3. Sex Name F Sallie DONALLY (AFN:C6KW-69) Pedigree Born: Abt 1772 Place: , , Virginia

4. Sex Name F Nancy DONNALLY (AFN:1L6W-G68) Pedigree Born: Abt. 1774 Place: , , Virginia

5. Sex Name F Mary DONNALLY (AFN:13S8-PCP) Pedigree Born: 1767/1770 Place: , , Virginia Died: 4 Aug 1851 Place: Charleston, Kanawha, Virginia Buried: Place: Old Donnally Cem, Charleston, Kanawha, West Virginia

6. Sex Name F Catherine B. Katie DONNALLY (AFN:1L6W-K35) Pedigree Born: 1768 Place: , , Virginia Died: 1858 Place:

7. Sex Name M Charles DONNALLY (AFN:1L6W-NVF) Pedigree Born: 1769 Place: , , Virginia

8. Sex Name M John DONNALLY (AFN:1L6W-G8N) Pedigree Born: 1784 Place: , , Virginia Died: Abt 1834 Place:

9. Sex Name M Andrew DONNALLY (AFN:1L6W-K5K) Pedigree Born: 17 Oct 1778 Place: Fort Donnally, Greenbier, Virgin Died: 21 Jun 1849 Place: , Kanawha, Virginia

10. Sex Name F Catharine DONNALLY (AFN:1488-RM4) Pedigree Born: 7 May 1774 Place: , , Va Died: 9 Jun 1858 Place: Charleston, Kanawha, Wv Buried: Place: Springhill Cem, Kanawha, Wv