Person:Alexander Montgomery (9)

Alexander Montgomery, of Amherst County, Virginia and Orange County, North Carolina
  • HAlexander Montgomery, of Amherst County, Virginia and Orange County, North Carolina1705 - Bef 1768
  • WMary
m. bef. 1726
  1. Mary Montgomery1726 - 1808
  2. William Montgomery1727 - 1781
  3. John MontgomeryAbt 1729 - Bef 1784
  4. Alexander MontgomeryAbt 1740 - Aft 1808
  5. Ann Montgomery
  6. Elizabeth Montgomery
Facts and Events
Name Alexander Montgomery, of Amherst County, Virginia and Orange County, North Carolina
Gender Male
Birth[4] 1705
Marriage bef. 1726 to Mary
Death? Bef Apr 1768 Orange County, North Carolina[probate]
DNA[2] Haplogroup I-M253
Will[3] 27 Jul 1767 Orange, North Carolina, United States
Probate? Apr 1768 Orange, North Carolina, United States
Burial? Wilcox Family Cemetery, Orange, North Carolina


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Good summary of Alexander and his children
Transcript:Will of Alexander Montgomery, Orange County, NC, 1767
Transcript:Indenture to Alexander Montgomery and wife Mary from Martha Montgomery widow, Orange County NC, 1769
Image:New file.pdf
Image:Will of Alexander Montgomery (9), Orange County NC, 1767.pdf

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Some genealogists identify Alexander Montgomery's father as John Montgomerie of Argyle, Scotland, who died in Monmouth County, NJ about 1721. Alexander himself may have been born in Argyle, as some genealogists indicate that he entered America through New York, presumably immigrating with his parents. Others show him first in New Castle County Delaware, and give that area as the place of birth for his children. These various views may all be true, with him migrating first to America through New York, moving south to New Jersey with his parents, and then moving on to Delaware. These views may also be unfounded, as direct evidence for them is not commonly reported. Direct evidence for his birth in Scotland, immigration through New York, then New Jersey, and/or living in Delaware is needed. The current working assumption is that he probably settled initially in Delaware, eventually moving westward through Pennsylvania, and down the Valley of Virginia, before crossing eastward across the Blue Ridge to settle near Rockfish Gap, in what was then Albemarle County, and is now Amherst County. While an unusual migratory path, others such as Person:Michael Woods (1), settled in Albemarle about 1733 are known to have followed very similar path. Woods researchers believe that those following this path were part of a group of Scot-Irish settlers who settled initially on/near the Nottingham Lots of Old Chester, moved westward to the Cumberland Valley, then followed the valley south into Virginia, before turning east near Staunton to settle on the eastern side of the Blue Ridge in Albemarle/Amherst/Bedford Counties.

Alexander Montgomery of Orange County NC is commonly described as coming there from Amherst County, VA. This belief is at least partially substantiated by the fact that he left a bequest to one of his sons for property in Rockfish Gap, Amherst County. [5]

After his death one of his children deeded land they inherited from him, back to his wife, identified only as "Mary". From an undocumented (see caveats in Note 2, below) source:

Alexander 2nd received 170 acres of land in Orange County, North Carolina, from his father’s will. On 3 Jun. 1769 Alexander and wife Martha deeded this land to his father’s widow, Mary Montgomery.

The documentation for this transfer describes her as Alexander's widow, not the mother of this particular child. It may be that Mary was his second wife, and may not have been the mother of any of his children. Some give his wife as Anna Sutherland b: 1705 in Isle Of Islay, Argyll, Scotland. The basis for this is unknown.

In general, it seems safe to accept the view that Alexander of Orange County came there from Rockfish Gap in Amherst County, VA, and almost certainly came to Orange County in the company of a number of other families (e.g., Dobbins, Maxwell) who also seem to have ties in that general area.

Alexander made his will in 27 Jul 1767 in Orange County, NC. It was proven the following Apr 1768. His date of deathis sometimes given as "1767/68", which might suggest an "Old Style/New Style" date, implying that that he died between January and March of 1768 [6] It may also be that the use of "1767/68" simply reflects that we don't know his exact date of death. (probably the latter as the Gregorian calender was adopted in 1752--Scot 13:14, 22 February 2012 (EST))


At least one child of Alexander (John) remained in Amherst County, dying there in 1784. Some of John (93)'s children remained in Amherst County, but others moved to Kentucky, and beyond. Two of Alexander's children [Mary (52) and William (22)] moved on to Kentucky. Alexander (27) moved to Southwest Virginia, settling in the Castle's Woods area, near his fatherinlaw John Walker (81) of the Wigton Walker line. Nothing is known of the children of daughter Elizabeth (47) and her husband William Maxwell. William is presumed to be kin, probably son of, Bazaleel Maxwell (possibly Person:Bazaleel Maxwell (1)), who lived in the same general area as Alexander (9)'s kinsmen. If Bazaleel of Orange County is indeed Bazaleel (1), then he left North Carolina at some point to settle in Garrard County, Kentucky. It may be that son William Maxwell went there as well.


Composite descendancy for Alexander Montgomery.  Color coding shows where the individual "flourished". Line thickness indicates relative degree of acceptance.  James Montgomery=Rebecca Davis is not mentioned in Alexander (1)'s will, but often appears in lists of his children.  Absence from the will makes a father-son relationship seem unlikely.  Numbers in square brackets indicate WeRelate index numbers.
Composite descendancy for Alexander Montgomery. Color coding shows where the individual "flourished". Line thickness indicates relative degree of acceptance. James Montgomery=Rebecca Davis is not mentioned in Alexander (1)'s will, but often appears in lists of his children. Absence from the will makes a father-son relationship seem unlikely. Numbers in square brackets indicate WeRelate index numbers.

Research Needs

Records for Alexander Montgomery (and other Montgomeries) need to be collected
Chalkey's Chronicles, etc for Augusta
Albemarle/Amherst Records
Records in the Carolina Cradle
Data needs to be collected for the Montgomeries in Monmouth County, NJ to
Determine whether there is a reasonable basis for saying that
this is where the immigrant ancestor first settled
Alexander went from here to New Castle
Whether there is a connection to the Borden Family in Monmouth County, that might suggest a tie to Benjamin Borden of Borden's Grant
Alexander's immigrant ancestors were in fact Quaker
Whether there is a kinship connection to the Porter and Houston lines that have similar migratory traditions of ancestors settling in New York, and moving south
Whether there is a Burnet/Barnett connection in this area that would be consistent with Montgomery connections with them in NC, and in Scotland.


Father: John MONTGOMERIE b: 28 MAY 1668 in Dundonald, Ayrshire Scotland

The following children are listed as a first marriage and are included in Alexander's will Children:

Alexander MONTGOMERY b: Abt 1726 in New Castle,DE
Mary MONTGOMERY b: 1726 in New Castle,DE
William MONTGOMERY b: Abt 1730 in New Castle,DE
John MONTGOMERY b: 1732 in New Castle,DE
Ann MONTGOMERY b: Abt 1734 in New Castle,DE
Elizabeth MONTGOMERY b: Abt 1736 in New Castle,DE

The following children were listed as specific to Mary as a second marriage, but are not listed in Alexander's will While there='s no question that Mary was Alexander's wife at the time of his death, what is the evidence that the children he did list were by a previous marriage? Why are these children excluded from his will? Marriage 2 Mary Children

Michael MONTGOMERY b: Abt 1738 in New Castle,DE
Jane MONTGOMERY b: Abt 1740 in New Castle,DE
James MONTGOMERY b: Abt 1742 in New Castle,DE

Note 2

Source:"Branches of Montgomery and Longs by Isla Montgomery, crediting the research of Ruth Chambers Little of Tappannoch, VA Intermediate

With some typo corrections:

There is much speculation concerning our oldest know Montgomery ancestor (Alexander ca. 1700-1768). Some believe he immigrated from Ireland with the Barnetts with whom some of the Montgomerys internarried. Isla believes that Alaxander son of John was born in Ireland. In the "Bicentennial History of Lee County Virginia" one descendant states that Alexander landed in New Castle, Delware but there appears no evidence to support this.

Another chain of thought is that they immigrated to PA along with some Scottish families and together they formed a community of Abington and in 1695 a Presbyterian Chruch called the Abington Church.

Alexander is first located in Albemarle County, VA, in 1745, just one year after it was taken from Goochland County. He purchased 840+ acres in 1745, from John Chiswell. In June 1747 received a patent for 405 acres. He gave hs son William 208 acres in Feb. 1752. One day later he have Jon 306 acres. In Aug. 1759 he sold 260 acres to his son-in-law, Robert Barnett. He was likely married twice He lived in Orange Co., N. C. in the 1750's where he was a miller. He made his will in Orange Co. July 27, 1767, proved April 1768.


  1.   Seaman, Catherine Hawes Coleman. Tuckahoes and Cohees: the settlers and cultures of Amherst and Nelson counties 1607-1807. (Sweet Brier, Virginia: Sweet Briar College Printing Press, c1992), 119-120.

    The Montgomery Settlement
    Alexander Montgomery. Sr. had purchased his land from Chiswell by 1745 or earlier. Members of his family Included himself and his wife. Margaret, and his sons Michael. Thomas. James, and John, and daughters Abigail, Elizabeth, and Sarah, named in his will of 1764 (Amherst Will Book 1 :115). The witnesses to his will were Alexander Reid, Samuel Shannon, and James Reid who were probably his neighbors. Alexander Montgomery, Sr., had purchased 260 acres near the "Blew Mountains" from John Chiswell in 1745 (Amherst Deed Book A:50]. and bought an additional 640 acres from him in 1747 (Amherst County Deed Book A: 10). Alexander Sr. sold some of this land to a Robert Barnes on August 4, 1759. Reference to this and later transactions is found in Amherst County Deed Book D: 178.
    Alexander Montgomery, Jr. .sold his part of the land given to him by his father, and went to North Carolina. His brothers Thomas, James and John apparently remained in the area longer as they were involved in a number of land exchanges (see Table 8-1, below).
    Apparently many of the Montgomery's left the area. Only three wills appear in the will books: Michael Montgomery; James Montgomery who died by 1778 (Will Book l :412): and John Montgomery who died by 1784 (Book 2 :176).
    James Montgomery (d. 1778) died Intestate, his administrators including "Ro. Wright. Jas. Wright and Geo. Blaln" fBook 1 :412). His inventory was appraised at £1.040-19-0. Later in Book 1 :464. the Administrator's Account is made by Wright: and reference is made to "trustees of Rockfish congregation" account of David Montgomery^; John Montgomery (Smith); cash of James Montgomery, son of Thomas; and David Montgomery. Jr. John Montgomery (d. 1784) in his will mentions his son Alex "where he lives in Washington County;" his son Joseph who received 215 acres on Buck Creek; and sons William. John, James. Nathan, and daughters Anne and Mary who received 600 acres in Kentucky, the rest of "Kentucky land to sons, Jno. Jas. & Nathan." Men who conducted the inventory of his estate included William Harris. Jr.; James Woods; Lee Harris; and Josiah Jopling (Book 2 : 209).

  2. Montgomery Surname DNA Project [1], last accessed Aug 2017.

    [Note: Haplogroup I-M253 is also known as I1.]

  3. Transcript:Will of Alexander Montgomery, Orange County, NC, 1767.
  4. Some genealogists link Andrew to a family that immigrated to America in the early 18th century (possibly earlier), settling in Monmouth County NJ. This particular family were apparently non-conformists, and suffered financial reverses due to that non-conformity. The family was originally located at Brigend, Argyle, and this is the basis for saying that Alexander was born in Brigend. It is not clear, however, whether Alexander is in fact descended from this family. More exploration of this possibility is needed to confirm or refute.
  5. This is also partially substantiated by the fact that a number of his children married persons with similar ties to Amherst or adjacent Albemarle County. Soninlaw Hugh Dobbins (married daughter Ann) appears in records for Albemarle County during the 1740's. Bazalelle Maxwell movedfrom Albemarle County to Orange Count NC, where his son William married Alexanders daughter Elizabeth. John Walker (85) is found in records of adjacent Augusta County; his daughter Martha married Alexander son of Alexander (9) of this article.
  6. that is during the period when the date would be recorded in old style as between January and March of 1767, or in new style as in January to March of 1768.