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Source:Kemper, 1920


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Peaked Creek Presbyterian as established by May of 1746 when a petition was presented to Augusta County courts for a road in the vicinity of Elkton, in a westerly course to the "New stone Meeting House." The petition was signed by John Stephanson, (among others) who owned land near Cross Keys in present Rockingham County. The Massanutten Meeting house, as it was later known as, was located one-half mile east of Cross Keys, seven miles south of Harrisburg, and two and one half miles south of the base of Peaked Mountain, its namesake. The church lay within the watersheds of Cub Run, Mill Creek, and Williams Run. Mill Creek was also known as Stover's Mill Creek in colonial records. [1]Court records show that a permanent stone structure had been established by may 1749.


Kemper, 1920, identifies the following presbyterian families living within the bounds of the Peaked Mountain-massanutten Church between 1745 and 1773:

FamilyLocationCommentProbable person link
John Craig and Sarah his wife on lower Cub Run
William Craig, and Janet his wife with their son John Craig
Robert Hook and Jean his wife,2.5 miles south of Cross keys
John Stephenson and Sarah his wifeon Mill Creek where that stream is crossed by the present [in 1920] Keezeltown RoadDaughter Mary married Person:Archibald Houston (2)Person:John Stephenson (37)
Archibald Houston and Mary his wife with their family of 12 childrennear the headwaters of Mill CreekPerson:Archibald Houston (2)
William Williams Near present Goods Mill on Mill Creek
Mathew Thompson, Sr and Mathew Thompson, Jron Stony Lick Branch (now Williams Run near North River
Robert Scott on North River bear present Port Republic
Samuel Scott and William Beard and Mary his wifeon Cub Run near the base of the Peaked Mountain
Patrick Frazier and Thomas Hewitt at the head of Stony Lick Branch, one mile southwest of Cross keys
Robert Frazier on Stony Lick Branch
James Wyatnear head of Mill Creek
James Laird, his wife and sons James and David, and daughter Mary, at the head of Cub Run and at the base of Lairds Knob
Robert Shanklinon Stony Lick Branch.


  1. Other signatories of the 1746 petition included: JOhn Craig, William Craig, Robert Hook, William Williams, David Chambers, Mathew Thompson, Sr, Mathew Thompson, Jr. and "eight others who signed in German".